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  1. Daytona

    hi friends

    Hi Reddy, welcome to the forum. thats quite a collection you have. great choice of cars man. would love to see some pix of them. Looking forward to chatting with you.
  2. Yeah. I am interested too. Do you have any manuals for a 1986 Accord?
  3. I test drove the Logan briefy. found it to be high on NVH - more road noise and engine noise than the Fiesta. ride is too good and the back seat - man you can have a party on it. Petrol is well priced but I think Mahindra Renault got greedy with the diesel - its a wee bit too expensive for what you get.
  4. Do you mean the Endeavour and the Montero?
  5. Yeah Roomy, I read the Ratan Tata interview as well. He really comes across as a visionary and I loved the frankness with which he speaks. Its so refreshing. However, quality and technology is a moving target. So though there is no doubt that the new Tata cars will be much better, can they stand upto the small car rush that VW, Nissan are planning? Life might still be tough for Tata Motors.
  6. I think this anti-diesel campaign is a work of powerful lobbies (some companies in the automotive industry have a roll to play here) whose interest is to see the promotion of petrol cars over diesel ones. Honda would be a company to hugely benefit by such a move but I dont think this campaign is their handiwork. Maruti? Now thats more like it!
  7. Couldnt agree wtih you more comfortdriver. I feel auto trannies will begin to slowly proliferate in most segments with diesel cars leading the charge. In fact, the impact of increased fuel consumption because of an auto is less in a diesel than in a petrol which will make autos much more digestible. New common-rail engines with good response and a strong mid-range lend themselves to an auto box. I read somewhere (in ACI I think) that GM is planning an automatic version of the Magnum. This trend will carry on to SUVs and even smaller diesels.
  8. The roll cage is the life saver. Never compromise on the construction / quality of the roll cage. Make sure the welding is perfect and use an extra thick section width just to be sure. FIA has the specs for this but its always better to overengineer
  9. Is this news confirmed? Read it on the ACI website. But if this were true this is another great acquistion by India Inc. The buyout of Corus, a possibly buyout of Jaguar and Land Rover and now an F1 team! There is no stopping Indian businesses from going out and buying anything. Cheers to that
  10. Ill make mine simple. Mitsubishi Cedia. A very under rated car that deserves to do better, especially since it is priced close to a City
  11. Am with you guys. Just cant get over the new CR-V. Took it for a long test drive the other day and was bowled over by its handling. Man, this thing hugs corners better than a saloon car. And you know what? Its exactly the same as the CR-V in the UK. Thats what I like about Honda. no skimping for third world markets
  12. The Corolla offered in India has a 1.8 l engine which I believe is also offered in most other countries possibly with more power on tap. From what I remember they do not offer a 2l petrol they offer that in diesel with the present day refinements and the fact that Toyota makes some of the smoothest diesels in the world it might be easy to be misled. Noise levels in Europe are much lower roads one the whole much smoother so one might feel suspension is better. In my opinion it is not a good comparison to test different cars in different environments because the results would not be accurate. Also one should realize that we are a fairly price sensitive market and Toyota will probably have struck a balance in cost/trim levels offered. As far as Skoda I am sure the power offered in the 1.9tdi must be far higher in Europe. Wrong on so many counts Toyota doesnt make the smoothest diesels in the world - the Europeans do! In fact, diesel powertrain is one area the Japanese are weak. Noise levels can be higher in Europe as the roads are made deliberately coarse for better grip. Of course we are a cost sensitive market which is why Toyota was forced to slash Rs 1 lakh of its Corolla by way of re-pricing and discounting. Goes to show the ludicrous profits the company is making Skoda does give a 90bhp diesel with the Octavia. Often bhp drops are in petrol engines on account of the low octane rating. One more thing. Do you have some sort of deal with Toyota??!! (just joking)
  13. Dont like buying second hand. Would rather have something fresh and new even if its cheap. Cant bear the thought of others having used the car before me. but thats just me
  14. I am sure 8,000 people who buy Indicas go in with their eyes open. We are all aware of the problems Tata cars are known to have (yes, I may have been lucky) but this is a call the person who buys an Indica takes. The end point is that - if the car is cheap to buy and run, I am willing to lump a bit of trouble
  15. Engine was a two-litre and trim levels were far superior. Where do I start? Gearbox much smoother in foreign Corolla Noise levels much better in foreign Corolla Suspension felt better in foreign Corolla My point is the Skoda Octavia is the same spec as that in Europe. why cant Toyota offer the same?