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  1. Hii, Kunal I don't think i20 petrol is too underpowered. Its very well refined, Less noisy. My friend owns a i20 sportz petrol and i have driven it many times and find it very well. It clocks 50-60 kmph in 2nd gear as compared to my XUV which clocks 60kmph in 2nd gear. So its not too underpowered. As you R not an enthusiast so its fine. But as your budget is 8 lacs you can go for the i20 crdi which is I THINK the best diesel engine in INDIA. And SKODA RAPID base model is not good for you as it has less features as its base so don't stick to it. And as U said SWIFT is less spacious and less VFM. don't look at JAZZ as its looks were very bulky. in my opinion. GO FOR i20...
  2. First of all i20 is a great choice. If you drive in city then go for automatic but my cousin is owning a i20 sportz auto and he's got problem with its acceleration. So go for the diesel as its a great CRDI engine. Also the hyundai only offers the i20 sportz automatic not the asta , So go for the i20 Asta Diesel. It has more features than the sportz. Also you will get more F/E than the AT. Diesel 17+ petrol AT 11+
  3. I'll suggest u the Verna because as u have said the vento's clutch is really very hard. But as F30 said it have the best slick shifting gearbox which u hadn't liked. And also Verna has great features and quality interiors. Built quality in vento is a lil better than Verna. The verna has a 6 speed gearbox as in vento it is 5 speed. Verna is a bit more refined too. Vento's engine is a bit noisy. The CRDI motor is much better than the vento's diesel. Also the verna gives more F/E than Vento. Looks in Verna is great to watch. Maintainance of Hyundai is less than VW's. The Vento has a lil better rear seats. The seats in Vento have just a lil bit better thigh support. But the Verna has a very spacious cabin. So, Go for the Verna and enjoy driving.. Best Of Luck
  4. I think the i10 asta is a good buy. You have less members(3) so its good. The i10 is also a spacious hatch. But a lil more money go for the i20 asta. Its loaded with features, very spacious--like a sedan, looks are great, Best for city driving.
  5. No verna is not high on maintainance.... Hyundai is second after maruti in maintainance.
  6. First of all My uncle is not gonna wait for ecosport. Yeti's AFSS is very high so its not in our list and it doesn't have a third row. Now we are confused bout Storme and XUV 500
  7. Tata safari storm is more equiped and it has more features than others but it looks are not bad at all. He is now telling about increasing his budget to 15 l + 5 l so 20 lacs. So endeavour and pajero are now in the list. Yeti is good but but maintaining a skoda is not very easy. santa fe is also very good but budget is low but he is going to book it.
  8. Ertiga V di should be your choice. Because it will give you more space for your family members and more for your luggage also.It has very good f/e also. My friend owns a ertiga diesel and he recieves 13 kmpl in city and 17 on highways. Ertiga is a bit pricey but its good for you and your loved ones. Dzire is just less featured and less space is at the rear. The performance is a bit soggy on bag roads. SO GO FOR ERTIGA.
  9. i also have an i20 asta diesel and i've fitted it with products listed below---- 1.mud flap...really very important 2.floor mats.... 3.seat covers genuine leather 4.sun film light coloured........ 5.door visors listed items are all hyundai genuine products........i prefer genuine products bcoze they are more reliable, lated for more years than aftermarket..................they also have guarantee
  10. Elantra is a great car I had booked a elanta diesel and i think its the best car in the segment..........it offers great features and the driving dynamics are all great................i've done a test drive on that car soo confident with this car....................
  11. You Want a comfy SUV so you should go for Innova but XUV is also a good pick, XUV offers luxury in very low price. It also has very great feature list. So I will prefer XUV W8 Note from ACI-Support: Avoid the use of excessive dots "....." within sentences. Before hitting the "post reply" tab, review your post for any errors.
  12. Hi, My uncle wants to buy a SUV and he is asking help from me......so can anyone tell whats the best SUV in indian market within Rs.15 lacs we have shortlisted some--------1.Mahindra XUV 500 W8 2.Tata Aria Pride 3.Renault duster RXZ 4.Mahindra scorpio VLX with airbags He prefer a car thats easy to drive, refined, good f/e, should have safety, features should be worthy...............................Looks......................... :) :)
  13. To PrancingHorse, you've told me about micra diesel but i don't like its styling, cabin feels very outdated to me..................and it doesn't have so much of features....................i'm going with the i20 asta diesel........its very well packed car.........
  14. thanx guys for your replies..............i20 asta diesel is great car but lil worried about the AFSS
  15. Hi Blossom, If your family is small 5 members than go for the Hyundai verna crdi ex or for the fully loaded sx but you'll need 50k more and if your family is more than 5 than go for the Maruti ertiga ZDi because your budget is 10 lacs and Zdi will cost around 9 lacs............ Both cars are well featured, VFM, Low To Maintain, Spacious, AFSS is also good................I'm telling these cars because the Skoda rapid has very high maintainance car even all skodas have high maintainance and dzire is a bit boring car outside and inside...............GOOD LUCK...... Maruti desire's waiting period is about 5-6 months.............. that very bad
  16. Hi, I want to buy a diesel Hatch Around 7-8 lacs........My choices are the i20 Asta, VW Polo Highline, Maruti Swift ZDi.. My Priorities are---------it should be spacious, comfy, low maintainance, good mileage, should have safety features........... Maintainance-Low Mileage-Good Safety-Important min 2 airbags, abs.... Running-Monthly- 2000 kms I'll Keep this car for around 3-4 years.............You can suggest me another cars...............