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  1. hehhe nono im professional animator and graphics desginer so its different field dude its ma job and motosports iz ma hobby ma passion
  2. actually im on da job now days em working in iENGINEERING USA iT firm soo thatz y
  3. em owner of XtremeRacingzone Organization and Pakmotorsports Motorsports org from PK... but now out of motorpsrts stuff from last few months newayz most welcome ova here : our org members and peopls spootted cars on the roads n send all pixx around pakistan to ME so i uploadd on my gallerzz
  4. check Karachi Cars Gallery thn u hav great idea about racing scene in PK... 1st Karachi 2nd Lahore 3rd Islamabad
  5. u heard wrong true Underground Racing scene in Karachi not in Lahore every sunday saturday night all racers g2g @ Sea beach side locations for racingz blokin roads n stuff..... Real Racing scene in Karachi! @Karachi Tracks, Marina club, National highway, Devils Point DP, CreekCity, hot rod sexiest UG scene @ CreekInn Area 51 Karachi.... every Saturday and Sunday after 4-5 PM PK theez pix belongs to PK Note From Admin: Please go through the rules and regulations of the forum. Use of SMS/chat language is prohibited. FuelRunGod2008-02-11 04:55:54
  6. Exotic Cars in Pakistan Karachi Cars Lahore Cars Islamabad Cars Karachi Motorsports Shows Coverage 15th Dec 2007 AUTOCROSS Event Coverage 2007 VCCCP Event Coverage Superbikes in Pakistan Pakistan BikerBoys Stunts Lahore SBK's Islamabad SBK's Karachi SBK's Showrooms in Pakistan Porsche Showroom Lahore Porsche Centre Lahore Porsche Showroom Karachi Audi Showroom Karachi BRABUS Mercedes Showroom Islamabad Enjoy Paki Motorsports Stuff!