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  1. Post deleted: Double post. BornFree2012-01-15 17:35:15
  2. Then what about i20? launched in Dec 29? did that get into hands of aam admi for a month? no one is saying anything about that car bcoz it won nothing? Please tell me which other reputed award in the world says car should be in hands of aam admi? If rules have been made clear from before then how is it possible to change it in the last minute?
  3. Cars cant be sold without official price. If there is sale of cars in december then the price must have been announced. Price list was availble in showroom and dealers were taking booking money too with 1 lakh deposit also
  4. Linea had a soft launch in December 2008 as the main launch was getting postponed bcoz of terror strikes. Cars are in showrooms and pricing too is available. According to the SIAM sales report the Linea has sold around 130 cars in December 2008. Heard that Fiat is waiting for Italian team to return from the holidays before launching in formal way in India. but cars have been sold already in the last year.
  5. You cant import a second-hand car into India so that will scuttle your plans for Forrester. Suggest you go for CR-V or Outlander. that is closest to Forrester feel.
  6. Choose the Petra D. It is more reliable than the Ikon and less maintainance too
  7. Amby's should not be difficult to service as the mechanicals are simple and not built to fine tolerances. Try some of the ex-rally tuners who might have modified Amby's eons back.
  8. I agree. It's the boxy styling which makes the Logan look so downmarket that has been its downfall. Let us not forget that cars like the Dzire have put a spanner in the Logan's plans and I am sure the Dzire has stolen quite a few customers from the Logan. The ikon diesel has now come and my view is that Logan is expensive for what you get when you take these other cars into the gameset
  9. I think people on this forum like to criticise without knowing any facts. COTY eligibility rules have been in place for years! - all over the world! i20 MUST be included because if it is left out, it will be in contradiction to rules all over the world. How can anyone make the exception now!
  10. i20 has lots of firsts like folding mirrors and 6 airbags. This is a great move by Hyundai to offer lots of things in a premium hatchback that has not been there before.
  11. It is a stupid choice by Zigwheels and shows they cannot make up minds when they give a tie! how can small car like A-star which is so bad on passenger space and Honda City which is overpriced be winning?
  12. Including i20 is absolutely correct. this is the car of the year for 2009. It is a contest for the latest cars. all the other COTYs whether it is in Europe, Japan or America includes the latest cars even if they have not been on the roads when judging was done. Eligibility clearly states that cars should be on sale from Jan 1 to Dec 31. i20 went on sale before then so it is unfair to leave it out. Sticking to the rules is important.
  13. I am feeling that its quite shocking that VW introduces a new engine without telling publicly its customers. Such sneaky tactics is not good for a company that enjoys a high reputation. The CRDi is going to be superior to PD so I ask you all is it fair to the customers who paid same money for PD as CRDi?
  14. A-star for being economical and cheap but the City for its sheer technology. City gets my vote
  15. at 9 lacs for a 90bhp 1.3 litre diesel' date=' they already have[/quote'] Why are we always hung up about on-paper specs. what's wrong with 90bhp and a 1.3 engine? The whole car world is downsizing today - smaller capacities and turbocharging. So by this logic is the Octavia which also has 90bhp and costs 12 lakh a rip-off?
  16. Mumbai will take a long time to recover from this heinous terrorist act and I doubt we will see any big events in the city for awhile so I am not surprised that the Mika drive is cancelled. I am sure the citizens of Mumbai would be in no mood for any form of entertainment for awhile.
  17. Just because there is a Veyron on CNBC show does not make it good! Sorry but Sirish was PATHETIC with Veyron. Overacting, boring and trying to be cool. He butchered such a wonderful car. For me its Autocar on UTVi. It has the latest tests (City, Outlander) and I like the comparisons. the question and answer session is the most informative. the quality of shooting is not that good in Autocar show and that should improve. NDTV show is quite boring with too much attention going to styling
  18. I think this forum is de-generating into an ACI bashing topic. Lets get a few things straight; ALL car launches can only be attended by invitation. Journos like Jeremy Clarkson or even the reputed George Kacher are wined, dined and taken to good locations to drive the car. This is the only way a car company can practically give the first drive to the world press. German cars are expensive period. You pay for the quality. I would rather buy a 15 lakh Jetta than a crappy Sonata for 13 lakh? Does anyone disagree with me? So instead of telling that ACI is biased to German cars, can it have occured to people that the German cars are actually better than the others!! The main problem is that if somone's opinion doesnt agree with ACI then ACI is bad and biased! FRG and Hormazd do not get involved in this low intelligence thread. It is below your stature.
  19. Palio 1.6 can be found for Rs. 1.5 lakh spend the other 1.5 on making it pristine and on the fuel. It's quite a guzzler
  20. I agree. The transmission quality of UTVi is very bad. fuzzy and unclear. As for the Autocar show I think it rocks. It has left the others way behind on content and credibility. Every week there is a scoop after scoop - not bad for a start-up show on a start-up channel.
  21. I saw it too. C63 footage was good and the first on TV. If you want to check out the exclusives then this is the channel to go to. Genuine and honest info is also an asset of programme. Packaging needs to be improved. I found camera very shaky in some shots.
  22. Welcome Santosh. this is my first forum as well and though I am not regular on it. I like to browse through as there is lots of interesting stuff to learn. You are privileged to work for autocar. a lot many of us would give an arm and a leg for your job. hope you get to drive some hot cars and write about them.
  23. Dont touch Tata products! they are junk. poor reliability, poor service and disastrous resale. dont get taken in by the attractive price. you will end up with a lemon.