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  1. 8 inch rims

    kind of it man....gimme some genuine stuff which can actually be of some use to me
  2. 8 inch rims

    Can you please tell me where I can buy an 8 inch rim and high performance tires to go along with it????
  3. i need information!!!!

    hey thank you guys for pointing out the mistake....tht was supposed to be 5-10 hp per 100cc.....i apologise for the dumb thing i hav typed.
  4. urgent help.ford fiesta

    that sounds bad.My advice is to get rid of it.and buy a new better car man
  5. i need information!!!!

    thank you....i really appreciate it..
  6. i need information!!!!

    that was just my ideal requirement.......i know it is too much.....n pretty difficult to find them....but that was just for thew start
  7. hello there....I am part of the team in my university to go for formula student competition in uk.....i need information regarding places in the country where i can find 600cc engines.....the engine must be able to deliver 5-10 hp per cc....so i need to find places or people who can help me out with this...i will give further details after i get your replies....
  8. guys i need help!!!!

    thank you for your reply..i just want to know how to get into contact with the people you have mentioned in the reply i.e.coimbatore lot.j.anand and n.leelakrishnan.please let me know of any means of which i can get into contact with them
  9. guys i need help!!!!

    ppl i need help frm u guys..........i wanna get practical experience in motorsports(de technical part) can ya suggset me any private racing teams in the country that take in ppl lyk ma 4 an internship or atleast study ?????pls gimme a reply if ya can help me.......