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  1. max i did on a track is 125 mph in a bmw 330ci on road 90 mph in a rental ford taurus.
  2. the front is taken from a chevrolet malibu
  3. i thought the lancer evoultions are the most stolen in USA. because a friend of mine has a evoultion and when he got a quote for insurance he was shocked. when he enquired about it the insurance agent said the evolution is one of the most stolen cars. almost all the stolen civics are modified immediately making them difficult to identify. no wonder almost all the modified civic i see in US are that generation civic
  4. damn i thought this is abt real human weight loss.
  5. dont even think abt it civic is way better than the corolla. it so boring to drive. but its my opinion
  6. oops! i forgot to read the article my bad
  7. the other 2 may be GM and Ford i wonder where is chrysler. i think the hyundai quality is increasing every year. i have a friend who reviews cars in USA he says the new GENESIS sedan is very good. he also said the plastics and other stuff used in it are very good. they are competing with every small to mid size Mercedes, audi and BMw in the US. the price 33,000$
  8. its pretty good mileage and a good review. its off topic but is it true that if u tighten all the bolts screws and stuff like that the rattles will stop ??
  9. how abt implementing a point based system like if u post scam msg once you get 5 points and if u post again you will get 10 points and the limit should be kept at 25 points if they get 25/25 points they will be banned. and the points should be visible to other members like should appear below their names. hey it worked on t-bhp i think it will work here to and also removing some really old or useless threads
  10. i hate our government why are they even letting letting other car manufacturers release new designs when theres no place for existing cars. i just want to go back to 90's and 80's where there are only some models available. its so good . i not saying not to introduce more cars. theres no infrastructure to support every thing. POLITICIANS AND DIAPERS NEED TO BE CHANGED FOR THE SAME REASON sorry for my rant. mods if its inappropriate pls remove it.
  11. i think the most sensible cars for lexus to introduce in india are Lexus IS 250 -- against 3 series and C class, Audi A4 Lexus GS -- E class, 5 series, A6 lexus RX -- montero, prado
  12. i actually test drove the US version . its not as good as the civic or other competition it has. in my opinion it looks as uglier version of toyota camry. what i found : Positives : good fuel economy, i thought of it as smaller version of camry Negatives : conservative styling, not so good to drive, seating position not so good abt the seating position i m 6"4 i found it a bit of a squeeze in there, but my friend who is like 5"7 he said its too far frm steering or to close to the pedals. i would chose civic over it every day
  13. my two cents apple mac book black nokia n 95 xbox 360 black ipod 30gb guess watch sony digital camera 8 mp bose ipod system thingy O 2 mini
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    to me every i series car looks the same like i20 bigger version of i10 and i30 bigger version of i20