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  1. F*c*i*g B@$^@*D$ peeled off the 200 sticker from my bike :X :X :X :X :X MF...both mine and my friends bike ( Gtg to the Showroom 2mrw for this...
  2. hmmm ...I travelled about 88kmz totally yesterday ... Was just out the whole day with my friends Everybody were like the bike is so smooth and superb horn and exhaust note And looks superb:P
  3. Everything Back to Normal!!! SOme oil prob in the disc...Eerything's back to normal Love P200
  4. F*** 200...Got so pissed when i coludn take it out!!! Got scared that the prob would increase!!! :X (
  5. I must be the most unluckiest person :( Got the bike today!!! After tht guy left took the bike to put pooja in a temple.... Din even reach the end of my street some serious noise started coming from somewhere in the front!!! IT stops when i go abpve 40 (checked this when i went to put petrol) So drove2.5kms to the bunk and back home!!! Its just lying in my Parking lot!!! Taking it to the Probiking Showroom 2mrw!!!
  6. Thats the same reply two of my friends got from their parents!!!
  7. If i put 150's it will spoil the look ( Anyways all the more lucky to have a grab rail like that Well the bike's arriving on Wednesday Exam gets over on tuesday!!! Going to enjoy Riding my new bike Thanks ye Mates for ur help
  8. Booked my P200 this friday (7th March) Went for the blue one Delivery is on or before 22nd of march Asked for 9500 as the number but lets see Thanks for all your help
  9. AMDfreak


    I would like to know why ppl are asked to ride below 60kph when they buy a new bike for the 1st 500-750kms??? Say take the eg of P200
  10. And Any idea when the R-15 is expected to be released???
  11. One major drawback in the bike is that the GRab Rails just S***k on the P200 When i went for the test Drive while coming back tht guy Drove it and I wasnt able to catch the Grab Rails AT ALL!!!( IT just kept slipping... Miracle i din fall!!! Any idea as to whether anything can be done???