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Found 40 results

  1. Hi guys, I am Aryaman Bhatnagar I am a second year mechanical student. I am passionate about automobile designing.I am sharing few of my designs that I made on PTC Creo Parametric would appreciate reviews or suggestions Thank You
  2. Hi guys, I am Aryaman Bhatnagar I am a second year mechanical student. I am passionate about automobile designing.I am sharing few of my designs that I made on PTC Creo Parametric would appreciate reviews or suggestions Thank You
  3. Hi guys, I am Aryaman Bhatnagar I am a second year mechanical student. I am passionate about automobile designing.I am sharing few of my designs that I made on PTC Creo Parametric would appreciate reviews or suggestions Thank You
  4. I have cine across some images of the new yet to be launched BMW 5 Series sedan. The images show off the front and rear design. There is a new grille, new headlights, more aggressive front, and rear bumpers and new taillight design, besides this the overall design of the car looks similar to the current model. What do you guys think of this new design? IMAGE SOURCE
  5. The BMW 3 series has been leading the pack in the sub 50 lakhs category for a while since its launch. But now with the launch of the all new Jaguar XE with its subtle changes on the exteriors and with its new interiors that are just as brilliant as its competitors I’d like to ask this question yet again - “Does the Jag have what it takes to rule the segment?”. I didn’t want to bring the Mercedes C class as the car is just not sporty enough for my liking. I feel the driving dynamics offered by the Jaguar and the BMW in this segment is far better than the mercs ( for someone who loves driving the car). So what are your thoughts regarding this? Or is there any other car that is worthy for the title? PS : How does the service networks and its service plans compare against each other?
  6. Joe_M

    BMW X7 India

    BMW's brought its range-topping X7 to India with a pair of six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines under the hood. The diesel is the familiar 3.0-litre unit developing 265hp and 620Nm while the petrol unit also displaces 3.0-litres and is good for 340hp and 450Nm. And there is plenty of goodies inside as well... 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with gesture control, multi-zone auto climate control, BMW's Laserlight headlamps, a three-piece glass sunroof and more. Click here for more details >> The model you see here is the M50d - the iteration with a 400hp/760Nm quad-turbocharged version of BMW's straight-six diesel. This variant though is only arriving later in the year.
  7. My professor recently brought BMW x6 from Navnit Motor’s Andheri showroom. BMW and Mercedes are both epitomes of luxury vehicles and a best seller among top German brands. The engineering and finesse of both vehicles are supreme in many aspects and they are rivals since more than a century. If you can afford to keep both then you are indeed lucky. But if you can’t and need to choose one of them? Which is better; it is almost like having a choice between Coke and Pepsi! You may compare and rate both vehicles and buy the one that suits your wallet and your needs.
  8. The BMW i8 and the Audi R8 are the flagship models for the German automakers from Munich and Ingolstadt, respectively.Both cars play in the supercar segment, but with a different approach. The i8 is a progressive hybrid sportscar, while the R8 has gained a supercar status thanks to its high-powered V10 engine, and its supercar-like design. Both are supercars built by companies at the top of their games, but they take extremely different approaches to how they make their performance. You can checkout BMW i8 at any BMW Authorized Showroom in Mumbai. I am not sure about Audi R8.
  9. It’s Obviously x5. I myself own one bought it from BMW Authorized Showroom Mumbai, and i am quiet happy with it. The major considerations when deciding between the BMW X3 and the BMW X5 is size. The X5 offers optional third row seating, allowing seating for up to 7, while the X3 can comfortably seat five. Cargo space is also a factor, the X5 is taller, wider and longer, providing additional interior space as compared to x3. This is why x5 is better than x3.
  10. On the off chance that BMW plans for a genuine M7, it won't be hugely celebrated sticker and identification pack as the brand has acquainted M Performance models to satisfy a specialty, and these models convey the genuine execution guts of a performing machine. We don't know how BMW will top the current M760i M Performance display, however,the car as of now packs a 601-pull 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 matched to an all-wheel-drive framework, really a genuine M vehicle. Such an auto likewise costs a cool $154,795. The Automaker has applied to trademark the name "M7" in US and may hit the Indian Roads or any Authorized BMW showrooms in Mumbai in late 2020.
  11. Hey Guys, I am buying BMW x1 from BMW Navnit Motors Mumbai. Any expert advice or suggestion that i should consider before buying ? Also, I am selling my old BMW 3 Series 320d Sport Line Sedan bought in 2014. I have listed the price and everything with these dealers from where i am buying new, here are the details :
  12. Hi, I am looking to sell BMW 3 Series 320d Sport Line Sedan. Here are the pricing details : Exterior colour Melbourne Red Metallic Mileage 52300 KMs Transmission Automatic Fuel Diesel Registered May 2014 Registration MH48 Mfg. Year 2014 City Mumbai Serious buyers please fill this form for test drive :
  13. Hello everyone, I am suren from Hyderabad n new to the forum .am starting this for starting a discussion on the pros of buying, owning n restoring 15 yr old cars n why people should not be scared of owning these luxurious cars.i am restoring a 735il BMW E38 it's part of the limited edition batch of total world production of 391 cars only during 1998 - 2001.i am more of a person who believe s in used cars r value for money.the choices u make should suite your needs.anyway back to the car I got to be lucky to get my hands on this facelift bond ,transporter movie car which was tucked away and did only 49000kms when I took delivery n drove it from Chennai to Hyderabad .there were abs n traction lights on I drove without them ..scary but after a few miles was confident about the build of the car n drove on .the car being a 3500cc V8 engine has 235 bhp n to my surprise delivered a 11kmpl for the approx 900 KM's used only 1 full tank umm don't get Ur Cal's right this has a 85 litre fuel that the car has reached Hyderabad have started restoring the ultimate driving machine.this car has a BMW M options to get the tech to u the basic 7 series comes with a 2.92 final drive ratio the sport comes with a 3.15 and my car has paid option final drive ratio of 3.46 and with a high stall tourgue converter gearbox which gets a quick 0- 100 n 1/4 mile around 8 secs n 15 sec n delivery of full tourgue at lower rpm throttle.will keep updating more meanwhile n like minded people who care about these value Buster's fell free to ask.
  14. Hi, I am planning to drive my BMW X1 December 2016 model, all the way from Bengaluru to Leh via Srinagar route around end of May 2017. If anyone has done drive by any BMW car, please share the experience and advise on dos and don't. It it will be great help to me for planning. thanks Hemant
  15. Guys, I am planning to buy a change for the Koleos. Looking at a price range of 50 - 55 lac(55 being max i can stretch) Usage will be around 1500 kms a month. Occasional highway trips. Looking at both petrol and diesel options. As of now havent short-listed any. What would youll suggest ?
  16. Guys, I am planning to buy a new car, changing the Koleos. Budget - 50 - 55 Lac. 55 is max, putting the extra five over 50 is also stretching it a bit too much. Looking for a sedan this time round. Self driven. About 1500kms a month. Once a month used on the highways. Looking for - Driving dynamics, Engine, Handling. Not shortlisted any as of now, but I am pretty interested in the New C class(both petrol and Diesel). What else can you'll suggest ?
  17. Hi, Im new to this forum. Seeking advice on buying a luxury sedan around the 50 lac range. Already own the new honda city and fabia, now looking for a replacement for my ford endeavour. Looking for a diesel vehicle with the good rear comfort, safety, good ride handling and latest technology. Have shortlisted the new benz e class, bmw 5 series, jaguar xf and the volvo s80. If there are better options, please add those too.
  18. Have a look at this video. A cool idea from BMW India! Nice move? What you think?
  19. Hello, I'm Viswadeep from Coimbatore. I want to stick sun film for my BMW 520d but unfortunately none of d sun film dealers were able to remove the doorpad of the car. When I asked in the BMW company, he himself told that he deals with sun film of a brand cald Vkool. He told the cost would be around Rs18000 to Rs96000 depending on the customers wish. Is it worth to go with the company? Is the film worth the cost? or should i go with other sun film dealers who deal with 3M which costs only Rs 5800? and how can i differentiate on Vkool brand better dan 3M? Kindly help me with this..
  20. Hello , I'm Viswadeep from coimbatore and I've been reading your article for last 5 years and am a huge fan of yours. I'm planning to buy a car for 50 lakhs and I've a confusion between BMW 520d and Jaguar XF 2.2. I'm slightly leaning towads BMW as it has adjustable dampers, but my friends say that Jaguar has a better brand value than BMW. I'm 6.2 feet tall and my priorities are space, power and ground clearance more importantly as roads are not good in my place. Kindly suggest me the best between the two.
  21. BMW is on a testing spree and it seems like October is their favourite testing season!! First we saw the two test mules, the 1 Series GT and the 1 Series based 7 Seater being tested. And now this!! The Next Gen X6, the Facelifted X3 & the new 4 Series Gran Coupe. The Next Generation X6: From the following spy shots it can be seen that BMW has becided to give the New Second-Generation X6 a more aggressive appearence than the outgoing model. And in order to improve interior space BMW has increased its size, rising from 4877mm to approx. 4910mm. Power is likely to come from a new range of twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-litre diesel and tri-turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engines, as well as a selection of upgraded 4.4-litre V8 petrols for both standard and M division cars. A hybrid version, combining the 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor, is also in development. But i am a bit sceptical about the M and Hybrid version of the next gen X6 hitting Indian shores. The new X6 is based on a shortened version of the same platform found on the new X5. Made largely of steel, this is said to bring significant weight savings, as will the new axle assemblies, which the X6 shares with the 5 Series. This test mule was captures at the Nurburgring. Final production model is expected to launch late next year. Here are a few pics: The Facelifted X3: The current X3 does not have any major flaws and infact is one of the best cars in its segment. But in the international market BMW is surely feeling the heat from its arch-rivals, the Audi Q5 and Mercedes Benz GLA both of which recently received cosmetic makeovers. Hence BMW has decided to give the current X3 a facelift!! The facelift includes new head lights, integrated fog lights, new tail lights and minor design tweaks on the exterior. The facelifted X3 could also bring along a few newer engine options. Here are a few pics: The New 4 Series Gran Coupe: A layman would easily confuse this one with the 3 Series, but the new 4 Series Gran Coupe will be posher and more dynamic than the 3 Series. With good amount of head room and decent boot size, BMW has made it a very practical option. Expect this car to make an international debut by around mid next year!! I am a little bit sceptical about this car making it to the Indian car market, but i hope it does!! Here are a few pics: Sources: &
  22. Dear Sir/ Madam, I purchased a BMW 520d from Navnit Motors, Andheri, Mumbai, on 5th Jan 2013. The Car is now 6 months old, and is driven around 1500 Kms. My ownership experience has been utterly miserable and would like to share it with you all. List of problems: 1> Within three weeks of ownership, the car developed a cracking noise from its suspension. Upon complaining, BMW acknowledged that it was a "faulty suspension" and hence replaced it. 2> Within 1.5 months, the car remotes started acting up! All of a sudden, both remotes would completely refuse to work. At times the car would just not unlock. Even if I used the manual key to unlock it, the engine would refuse to start. Upon being left alone for a couple of days, they would start working again. It reached a point where, every time I approached my car, I would pray in my mind, "God, I hope it starts"! Upon complaining several times, BMW Service centre repaired it. 3> Around mid May, the brakes of the car started making some weird noise. The car was sent to the service centre and they repaired it. 4> NOW THE NIGHTMARE. The car came back from Navnit motors service centre on around 22nd may, after brakes problem got sorted. THAT NIGHT I TOOK THE CAR FOR A SPIN WITH MY WIFE AND ANOTHER COUPLE. I WAS ON THE BANDRA WORLI SEA LINK (LONG OPEN STRETCH OF ROAD), AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THE BRAKES FAILED!!! A MSG CAME ON THE SCREEN SAYING “LOW OIL PRESSURE, BRAKES COMPROMISED (OR SO)”. NEEDLESS TO SAY, WE WERE AT A HIGH SPEED. THE BRAKES WERE BARELY WORKING AT 10% OF THEIR ACTUAL STRENGTH. FORTUNATELY, THE ROAD AHEAD WAS CLEAR SO I HAD AMPLE TIME TO STOP THE CAR. I DROVE MY CAR BACK HOME AT CRAWLING SPEED, WITH ALL FOUR OF US IN THE CAR THANKING OUR STARS THAT WE ARE STILL ALIVE! The next day, I called up Navnit BMW, and got my car towed back. They took about 3 days to respond with what had actually gone wrong with the car. Their reply was that THERE WAS A FAULT IN THE ENGINE, AND SO THE ENTIRE ENGINE HAD TO BE REPLACED. THEY SAID THE ENGINE HAD TO BE IMPORTED FROM GERMANY AND SO IT WOULD TAKE A FEW DAYS, AND SO THEY GAVE ME A LOANER CAR TO BE USED IN THE MEANTIME. THEY TOOK 50 DAYS (FIFTY!!!) to return back my car. During all this time, I wrote several times to BMW India as well as BMW Germany, saying that BMW should accept their moral responsibility, and acknowledge that they have given me a FAULTY car, and hence not just replace my engine but REPLACE THE CAR INSTEAD!!! But all my letters fell to deaf ears and the only response I got from either of them was to have patience. 50 days!!! Seriously! BMW thinks they can take people for a royal ride. In those days, two of my EMIs have gone through! Imagine paying for a car that you cant even see around you! In none of my letters did I ask BMW for any sort of monetary compensation. All that I wanted was something that I paid for! A reliable high quality product! I guess I was asking for too much from BMW. After all the ordeal I faced with the car, after putting my and my families life to risk, after making me wait agonizingly for 50 days for my car to come back, after making me pay two EMIs for a car that is lying in BMW garage, all they did was leave me with no choice but to accept my car back. As a good will gesture, they offered me dvd screens for the back seats, which I really am not at all interested in and hope they take it back!!!! Aah, and free door mats. I think that’s what BMW thinks of Indian customers. I am sure if all this happened in Europe or US, BMW would have to shell out a lot as compensation. But here in India, they think the can dump their faulty products and simply get away with it! If that’s not the case, then WHY WAS I GIVEN A CAR WITH A FAULTY SUSPENSION, FAULTY BRAKES, FAULTY ENGINE, FAULTY REMOTES??? No answers from them, just kept asking me to have patience! I was promised, in writing and orally by BMW CRMs from western region as well as all India, that the car, after being repaired, will be thoroughly tested and will be fault free. So much so that, one of them even said, “I will resign if there is any other fault in your car!” The car was delivered to my place two days back. At first, I didn’t know how to relate to the car, but with a heavy heart I thought lets move on. The VERY NEXT DAY, I REALISED, THE USB PORT IS NO LONGER WORKING. This is HOW DISGUSTING BMW INDIA IS!!! I AM COMPLETELY ASHAMED OF BUYING THIS CAR, AND AM SO SO DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF FOR MAKING THIS CHOICE!!! I feel so CHEATED!!!! HAVE COMPLAINED TO BMW AND THEY SAID THEY ARE SENDING THEIR STAFF TO MY PLACE TOMORROW TO “REPAIR” IT. I hope by sharing this with you all I make you aware of the “standards” of BMW INDIA (or the lack of it)! Every detail mentioned above is true and is documented with both, BMW and myself. If there is any way you can help me get justice, I would be eager to know that. Dealer: BMW Navnit, Andheri, Mumbai. People Incharge (and constantly contacted): Mr Laukik (Service Advisor, BMW Navnit) Ms Sonali Bandivadekar(Service CRM, BMW Navnit) Mr Ravi Bhagwat (BMW NAVNIT CRM) Mr Sameer Jain (BMW Western India CRM) Mr Karan Seth (BMW India Customer Support) Mr Stephan Rausch (BMW India Director – After Sales). Post Edited Mod Note: Sharing personal details & contact info. is not allowed on the Board.
  23. Just read on ACI about BMW getting the 3 Series GT to India and some spy shots of the car testing have surfaced. The car was apparently shot in Pune and most of the car is in camo. Here are the pics Pics source: Autotracker FB page
  24. BMW is currently testing an MPV which is said to be a 7 seater. It is said to be based on the 1 Series so that does make it too big in size. Since the 1 Series is coming to India this year, there is no doubt that the MPV makes sense for our country. So would you be interested in buying one if it is sold here? What do you think would be the right price? Pics source:
  25. Hello All I am new to this forum and in a bit of a soup at the moment. I am from Delhi and looking to buy a new car for about 25 Lacs. I can stretch to 26 lacs max. Note: These are on road costs. I have always loved driving and currently drive a Ford Fiesta (Classic now). I will be buying in the month of July and have shortlisted a few cars. Also, I am 25 years old, single and will be using the car for my self, driving to office everyday in gurgaon and ocasional long trips to Chandigarh with Mom dad, but very less often. In all, I know i want a Diesel, irrespective of my daily running. 1. VW Passat High-line: I visited a local showroom that had this car on display. They had both the Comfort-line and High-line on display, and some how the high-line with its black interiors felt more premium by leaps and bounds than the beige comfort line. I never thought i'll feel so for black interiors. Anyway, the car has the best interior in the segment. It also had a lot of party tricks like auto park assist and ventilated seats with massaging (Yes!). It has a 170 HP engine that is good and frugal. Only problem is that its a big car and i'll be driving it on daily basis. Does that look good ?. Another thing i forgot to mention is the top class driver visibility. The car gives such a good view upfront, something that you hardly get in a luxury car. I hated the Jetta (No offence!) after sitting in the passat. Actually I had gone for the Jetta to VW Showroom . We worked out the on road cost for highline and came to about 27.xx Lacs after 2.5 lac discount (2012 model). 2. Skoda Superb: Again, I will be driving so idea of a limousine like superb dosent sound very attractive. Also Passat has better engine and more classy interior. So SUPERB but No SUPERB. 3. Mercedes A class (UPCOMING): This the car that convinced me to spend 25 lacs but I was put off by the recent scoops of a underpowered 110BHP Diesel. Also India spec car does not have AMG pack as reported by some websites. The BUMPERs are not AMG on the display cars I have seen. Anyway, I believe in brand value and am open to the A class depending on pricing and test drive experience. I am open to it as dont need too much space. BTW I am 6 feet tall, still I struggle for good outside visibility. So I use the seat Height adjustments very generously. 4. Volvo S60: Havent seen the car yet, but had a talk with a sales representative, He is giving the S60 D4 kinetic for 25 lacs ex showroom, after discount. was put off by the idea of thin sales network and really old inventory. But still its a strong contender that I am willing to consider. I am not looking for SUVs as they are too big for me. I am yet to see the BMW 3 and AUDI a4 but I'm sure they will be out of my budget (anyone!) as I dont want the base models, still can anyone give me more detail on this. Anyway, I am open to a discussion if anyone finds any other car more suitable. Please help me here. Thanks