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Found 40 results

  1. Just read on ACI about BMW getting the 3 Series GT to India and some spy shots of the car testing have surfaced. The car was apparently shot in Pune and most of the car is in camo. Here are the pics Pics source: Autotracker FB page
  2. Hello All I am new to this forum and in a bit of a soup at the moment. I am from Delhi and looking to buy a new car for about 25 Lacs. I can stretch to 26 lacs max. Note: These are on road costs. I have always loved driving and currently drive a Ford Fiesta (Classic now). I will be buying in the month of July and have shortlisted a few cars. Also, I am 25 years old, single and will be using the car for my self, driving to office everyday in gurgaon and ocasional long trips to Chandigarh with Mom dad, but very less often. In all, I know i want a Diesel, irrespective of my daily running. 1. VW Passat High-line: I visited a local showroom that had this car on display. They had both the Comfort-line and High-line on display, and some how the high-line with its black interiors felt more premium by leaps and bounds than the beige comfort line. I never thought i'll feel so for black interiors. Anyway, the car has the best interior in the segment. It also had a lot of party tricks like auto park assist and ventilated seats with massaging (Yes!). It has a 170 HP engine that is good and frugal. Only problem is that its a big car and i'll be driving it on daily basis. Does that look good ?. Another thing i forgot to mention is the top class driver visibility. The car gives such a good view upfront, something that you hardly get in a luxury car. I hated the Jetta (No offence!) after sitting in the passat. Actually I had gone for the Jetta to VW Showroom . We worked out the on road cost for highline and came to about 27.xx Lacs after 2.5 lac discount (2012 model). 2. Skoda Superb: Again, I will be driving so idea of a limousine like superb dosent sound very attractive. Also Passat has better engine and more classy interior. So SUPERB but No SUPERB. 3. Mercedes A class (UPCOMING): This the car that convinced me to spend 25 lacs but I was put off by the recent scoops of a underpowered 110BHP Diesel. Also India spec car does not have AMG pack as reported by some websites. The BUMPERs are not AMG on the display cars I have seen. Anyway, I believe in brand value and am open to the A class depending on pricing and test drive experience. I am open to it as dont need too much space. BTW I am 6 feet tall, still I struggle for good outside visibility. So I use the seat Height adjustments very generously. 4. Volvo S60: Havent seen the car yet, but had a talk with a sales representative, He is giving the S60 D4 kinetic for 25 lacs ex showroom, after discount. was put off by the idea of thin sales network and really old inventory. But still its a strong contender that I am willing to consider. I am not looking for SUVs as they are too big for me. I am yet to see the BMW 3 and AUDI a4 but I'm sure they will be out of my budget (anyone!) as I dont want the base models, still can anyone give me more detail on this. Anyway, I am open to a discussion if anyone finds any other car more suitable. Please help me here. Thanks
  3. BMW seems to be on a roll. First it was the news of the Mini going CKD with the Countryman and today they launched the facelift 7 Series in India at an event in Mumbai. The facelift 7 Series will be sold in petrol and diesel in the following variants : 730ld (diesel) 740li,750li and 760li (petrol). An important thing to note here is that the 730ld diesel variant will now be assembled in India as a CKD. The other 3 petrol variants will be imported as CBUs. The new car gets revised detailing on the nose, new fog lamps, a more upright kidney grille and the option of adaptive full-LED headlights. At the rear, it gets a thick chrome strip running across the bootlid. With regard to design, the carmaker hasn’t tampered much, the new model getting a better rear seat experience and added equipment. On the inside, the front seats are now smaller, making for a better view ahead for rear seat passengers. It also gets more sound insulation to improve cabin experience. The rear seats also get 9.2-inch screens and a personal iDrive controller. New equipment comes in the form of new digital displays for the dials which change colour as one toggles between the different driving modes. There’s also the option for a 10.25-inch LCD display for the iDrive system and 3D navigation maps as well. The 730Ld comes with a 258bhp, six cylinder, twin-turbo commonrail diesel engine mated to an eight-speed gearbox. It covers 0-100kph in 6.2 seconds. The new 7-series also comes with an optional BMW night vision package. Prices for the 7 Series are as follows: (Ex Showroom all India) 730Ld : Rs. 92,90,000 740Li : Rs. 1,12,70,000 750Li: Rs. 1,29,10,000 760Li : Rs. 1,73,00,000 Deliveries for the new car begin 1st May 2013. Here are all the pictures from the event:
  4. Front : 225/45 R18 Rear : 245/40 R18 Michelin Super Sports; These are the current best tires in the Michelin stable (Road tire); OE Fitted on cars like : Ferrari 599 GTO, BMW M5 etc Speed Rating : Y (>300 km/hr) Other options considered; 1) Michelin Pilot Sport 3; No stock in my size 2) Yokohama Advan Sport No stock anywhere Also considered as these were in stock; 3) Dunlop Direzzas - Were more than a year old (Manufacturing) 4) Potenza RE 050 ^ The above two available were 245/40s (square setup) - Was available for 21.5k/ Tire Note : OE Good Year Runflats were costing aprox 25k/Tire Eyeing the Michelin Pilot "Super Sports"; Ever since id seen these tires on an M5 i have had a soft corner for them. I got a quote in India for the SuperSports of Rs 1,75,000/- ^ That was way to steep IMO. So i did a quick research on the same on TIRE & found out they were costing aprox < 1000$ Which made me wonder why not ship them in from the US I mailed tire rack and i asked them for a quote for a quote. I got an quick response from them within a couple of hours that the tires were available with them in STOCK & with shipping to India would cost 1431 U$. Promised delivery time 3-4 business days Which was aprox Rs 75,000 for a set (staggered) I thought of going ahead with the quote from & ordered them online where i had got an quote of Aprox INR 75,000(U$ 1431) The import duty & clearance charges had to be paid on delivery (which i was expecting it to be aprox (6k/tire) Payment; I did the payment through credit card during mid week (Wednesday night IIRC) & that day itself i was informed the tires were shipped through FedEx priority & i had received the docket number to keep a track. Delivery; 3 business days i.e. on a Monday afternoon i had received the tires at my door step. ^ now that was bloody impressive. Packaging - Surprisingly the tires came in naked, just strapped together. I was expecting some corrugated box packaging Duty; The duty with octroi which was to be paid was amounting to aprox INR 30,000 The split up of the duty is as follows; BCD (10%) + CVD (12%) + CESS (0%) + EDU. CESS (3%) + SAD (4%) + OTHER (0%) = TOTAL DUTY RATE (28.85%) Octroi : 6k (For the set of 4) Service Charge (by FedEx) = Rs 800 So all in all the net landed cost for the " staggered setup " was aprox Rs 1.05 Lakhs (for the set) Saving of atleast Rs 70,000/- as compared to local quotes Fitting was done at SUPER TYRES, Mulund (W); The tires took time to get on the RIMS. The compound was "unusually soft" (as noted by the worker) & was a task for the people @ Super tires to get used to. However after the 1st tire was in they kinda mastered the art. + the 245s(for the rear) snapped on in a fairly shorter time. ^ Fitting cost with balancing : Rs 800 Key observations post Fitment & after 500 kms of running in; 1) Ride quality; These Michelins are super soft & the way the car rides on smooth roads is of a different level altogether, also on the rough patches (not that i have tried going at high speed over the rough roads but still) the ride quality has increased to a great extent. 2) Increased traction; The stock RFTs in the 225 setup were struggling for traction off the line and somehow i felt betrayed when i got Good Year as OE when globally Conti Sport Contact 5 & Potenza s001 were offered as OE too. The supersports are doing the job really well. Thanks to the staggered setup the rear 245s are coping well with the launches & pedal to the metal action in the first couple of gears. Have a strange feeling that my sprint to the 100 has become better by a margin. Mind you the car still wheel spins in Sport+ mode (on concrete roads) but on tarmac it is crisp nonetheless. 3) Handling; The car feels very confidence inspiring now. Also another point here about the car not the tires is that sometimes it is so engaging to drive that one doesn’t even have time to look at the speed on the HUD display. I can now really throw the PSS-shod F30 into the corner and it would stick and rotate with minimal push. On the other hand, the OE Goodyears felt unstable, like it was bouncing or hopping, which was unsettling during hard braking. So in short the PSS do what you expect a high performance tire to do i.e. keep the car steady and controlled, letting you properly set up for your turn-in. 4) Bounciness / flat rear end; I had reported in my review of the F30 that the rear isn’t as flat/planted as desired. However now, thanks to Wider, stickier rubber at the back this has reduced to a certain extent. 5) Better Braking; Yes, noticeable improvement in the braking. Somehow i feel post fitment of the PSS, the Michelins allow harder brake pedal pressure before the ABS to kick in. 6) Stance Correction; The wider track offered by the rear 245 setup looks much more better & much deserved for the large 18"ers Was wanting to go for the 255's at rear but would have needed 8.5J rim width so couldnt have gone wider than the 245s. However the car is now standing with a more commanding stance. 7) Weight Reduction/Lighter Tires; The OE stock Good Year 225/45 R18 weighed 27 lbs/tire Squared setup set weight ( 27 x 4 ) = 108 lbs In comparison the Super Sports (new setup); Front – 225/45 weigh 22 lbs/tire , Rear 245/40 weigh 24 lbs/Tire Staggered set Setup weight (22x2+ 24x2) = 92 lbs Total weight reduction = 16 lbs (7.25 Kg) This reduction of unsprung weight has definitely helped handling
  5. The BMW 5 Series F10 is heading for a facelift if this spy pic is to be believed which has been spotted cold weather testing in the Arctic circle. This comes at a time when Mercedes has also given a facelift to its E Class. External wise, the bumpers are more heavily structured and the lamp graphics revised, but the existing bodywork is largely untouched. Changes are mainly to the bumpers, headlamps and tail lamps. Inside, BMW plans to provide the 5-series with the latest version of its iDrive multimedia system and a configurable instrument display. On the engine front, the twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine in the 535i is set to gain an added 14bhp, lifting its reserves to 316bhp in the new 540i model. The twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine in the 550i is also expected to get added firepower. Insiders at BMW have already confirmed a 43bhp increase to 444bhp. Note that this info is for engine options in the international market only. The facelift 5 Series will be publicly unveiled at one of the upcoming Motor Shows and is expected to come to India in mid 2013. We will only know of any engine upgrades at the time of launch Source:
  6. BMW and its Chinese partner Brilliance Auto are reportedly setting up a new sub-brand for the domestic market. According to reports from Chinese media, vehicles sold under the new sub-brand will be based on the previous generation 3-Series’ platform. The same reports also mention that the BMW-Brilliance joint venture has registered a new brand name called “Zhi Nuo”, which translates into English as “The Promise”. However, neither BMW nor Brilliance haven't confirmed these reports. But why would BMW want to create a sub-brand for China? Well, it doesn't It has to, as regulations are becoming stricter for foreign manufacturers in the biggest car market in the world. For the last ten years or so, overseas automakers have been forced to collaborate with a local manufacturer (most of the time state-owned) in order to get permission to sell their cars there, with production facilities split 50/50 between the two parties. If they refuse, the government would impose sky-high tarrifs making their cars impossible to sell in China. Now, the Chinese government is stepping up the game in order to make its own car makers more competitive. China is pushing for the creation of sub-brands within the existing joint ventures because the sub-brands will be 100 percent Chinese and will have all the rights on intellectual property. Nevertheless, the cat and mouse game continues, as foreign automakers are not so foolish to give the Chinese their latest technology. They are putting on the table older platforms in order to comply with the government’s requests and remain on the market. For BMW the situation is simple: if it sets up the sub-brand, it will be granted permission to build a new plant with Brilliance in Shenyang. Expect the new sub-brand to be launched at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show which is proposed to take place during April 21-29! It will be Interesting to watch some cheaper options from BMW & they may bring those products to developing counties like India! Do share your views on it! (Source -
  7. BMW today launched the facelift X1 in Delhi. The new model will be available in 3 variants. Power comes from a 2.0 diesel putting out 181 bhp and 380 Nm of torque. The sprint to 100 comes up in 7.9 seconds and goes onto a top speed of 205 kmph. Mated to the engine is a new 8 speed AT gearbox, it promises better shifts and better fuel efficiency. The petrol model has been discontinued Prices for the X1 are are follows BMW X1 sDrive 20d : INR 27,90,000 BMW X1 sDrive 20d Sport Line : INR 32,50,000 BMW X1 sDrive 20d xLine : INR 32,50,000 Read the Autocar India Review here: http://www.autocarin...test-drive.aspx
  8. As if the 5 Series GT wasnt ugly enough here comes the 3GT. The more practical (yet less attractive) version of the 3-Series is about to make its official debut and most likely will be presented at next month's Geneva show. Continuing the trend started with the 5-Series GT, the smaller 3-Series GT will use the same engine as the regular 3-Series and will be available with both RWD and xDrive AWD systems. The new model adopts a slightly raised seating position and comes with a two-tier rear hatch design which although looks a bit better than the one on the 5-Series GT, it's still not an attractive styling but at least it's more practical. Source: Worldcarfans
  9. Here are a couple of leaked pictures of the new BMW X5. If these are authentic you can see what can be expected in terms of looks. The front-end styling borrows heavily from the current 3-series, including the narrowed headlamps and prominent kidney grille. The large air vents at each corner of the front bumper are lifted from the recently unveiled 4-series Concept Coupé, while the rear lights are the same units fitted to the current X3.The interior is not revealed, though is likely to go further upmarket and will be offered with a third-row seating option. Engines have yet to be confirmed but the lineup is likely to include a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, which will compete against the new four-cylinder. The new X5 is expected to hit Indian shores in 2014
  10. BMW is putting up a big show T Detroit this year. First up it has revealed the M6 GranCoupe just as Audi has taken the covers off the RS7. The M6 GC distinguished by an aerodynamic body kit that includes a new front bumper, revised side skirts and a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) diffuser. There's also a CFRP roof, a four-tailpipe exhaust system and 20-inch alloy wheels. The interior is virtually identical to the standard model but is equipped with Merino leather seats, an M steering wheel and an Alcantara headliner. Customers can also order M multifunction seats, GPS navigation and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. Power comes from a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces 560 HP (412 kW) and 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque. It is connected to a seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission which enables the car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and hit an electronically-limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) or 305 km/h (189 mph) with the optional M Driver’s Package.
  11. Seasons Greeting from BMW; Have a BLAST this holiday season & ROCKET into the NEW YEAR, the BMW way PS - Do notice the "M" powered jingle bells track being played in the background
  12. Mr. Gautam SInghania who recently won the "All Star European Drifting Championship" in Malta is drifting in three different cars: Nissan S13, Lancer Evo and BMW E46 at Thane. Check out the video... [media=] [/media]
  13. BMW is set to add another petrol model to give company to the 328i. The 320i petrol. This will be a base variant and can be yours for Rs. 28.5 lakhs (ex showroom Mumbai) which makes it Rs 8.5 lakhs cheaper than the 328i. Some noteworthy points of the 320i petrol Simplified iDrive The 8.8-inch widescreen infotainment display will be replaced with a smaller 6.5-inch screen The audio system will include a single-CD player with Aux-in and USB capability and no in-car data storage No reverse camera Faux leather upholstery 16" inch alloys The 320i will be powered by a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder petrol motor with 181 bhp mated to an 8 speed gearbox with some tweaks to the ratios. The 320i will rival the C200 CGI from Mercedes and the Audi A4 1.8 TFSI.
  14. It’s a muggy, damp afternoon in Cochin and the sky is sweating bullets. Black moisture-laden clouds hang low, there’s a constant drizzle and the tarmac is a slimy mix of oil and water. Not the best conditions to unleash a 450bhp-plus rear-wheel-drive M car with only decade-old technology. Still, one afternoon’s all we have to play with, so there’s nothing to do but go for it. First impressions aren’t great. I yank the door open and am confronted by a weathered and partially sun-bleached cabin. A slightly musty odour emanates, and then I see the odo – it reads 70,000-plus kilometres. This 2004 car is no spring chicken. The engine bay is much more interesting. Opening the thermocol-light carbon-fibre bonnet is like looking into the weapons bay of an F22 Raptor – this car’s seriously packing it. There’s no pansy-looking plastic cover to spoil the view. And then spotting the long, canted-over – and frankly massive – straight-six gets me grinning like a gibbon. BMW’s garden-bench-sized S54 straight-six is so tall, the engineers had to push it over just to fit it under the hood. A large strut brace spans the suspension towers, and catching a glimpse of the twin fuel rails and individual throttle butterflies – one for each cylinder – gets me thoroughly excited. This was one of the first engines in the world to breach the 100bhp per litre mark, and this 3,246cc motor (in an unmodified state of tune) put out an eye-popping naturally aspirated 343bhp; a big deal at the time. The S54 that sits deeply nestled in the engine bay however isn’t stock or naturally-aspirated; far from it. Sitting on the right is an evil Vortech V3 supercharger, which, when perfectly tweaked or tuned, has the potential to spin 480bhp out to the rear wheels. Designed by VF Engineering, this system runs at a boost pressure of 5.5-6.0 pounds per square inch and uses an air/water intercooler for a compact construction. “This car needs a lot more work and fine tuning, but you can get a feel of just how quick it is,” says Pistol Pete, better known as Peter Chacko of Pete’s Automotive products, the company that carried out this modification in Cochin. Read the whole story here http://www.autocarin...ark-knight.aspx Modifications VF Engineering Stage 2 Supercharger kit tuned to around 480hp* Powerflex bushes Tarox front 12-pot kit Brembo rear-brake kit KW Sport suspension package Vosteiner carbon fibre bonnet, rear valance and rear spoiler Tyres 245mm(f), 285mm® *Claimed And here are the pictures
  15. BMW today launched the 6 Series Grand Coupe in India at an event in Mumbai. The event began with a speech from Mr Phillip von Sahr, President BMW Group India. Some high points from his speech: CKD production in India will be increased. The new 7 Series will be introduced in India in 2013. The 7 Series will be locally assembled in India starting mid 2013. BMW has confirmed the entry of the 1 Series in India by end 2013 and it will be locally produced. Expect the new X6 and X1 to be introduced in the next 3 months Prices across the BMW range will be increased at the beginning of next year P.S. BMW has also confirmed the Mini diesel for India in 2013 Post the speech was a fashion show where renowned designer Manish Malhotra showcased his new collection which was was followed by the unveiling of the 6 Grand Coupe. The Grand Coupe has been launched at an all India ex showroom price of Rs. 86.40 lakhs. It will be available diesel as the 640d and will be a CBU. Deliveries begin November 2012 Here are some pictures from the event. Detailed pictures of the 6 Grand Coupe will follow in the subsequent posts: