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Found 1 result

  1. The reason for my writing this because I can't see nice and capable vehicles pushed into margin by M&M just because of their obsession with SUVs. Mahindra's ignorance towards VERITO and VERITO Vibe is killing nice reliable vehicles which can do wonders for the company. It seems like M&M is not at all interested in VERITO range and it looks like they have stopped promoting it completely. Though I may be very inexperienced to judge about reasons for Mahindra's ignoring VERITO range but personally I feel VERITO range should be given a chance by Mahindra due to it's inherited capabilities which other cars in similar VFM Segment are lacking. Renault Logan now Mahindra Verito when launched didn't turned head interms of it's looks but people accepted this vehicle whole heartedly for it's reliability , fuel economy , cabin space , boot space, highway cruising ability , wide back seat, comfortable front seat etc.... VERITO has cabin space and back seat comfort similar to HM Ambassador. Except for the looks the VERITO is very capable vehicle and has all the right elements to stand against other compact / VFM sedans / Hatchbacks such as Indigo CS , Swift Dzire (Tour Edition) , Swift Dzire , Indica, Wagin R etc.... I have not mentioned other compact sedans such as Hyundai Xcent, Honda Amaze , Tata Zest etc.. as they are more advanced and premium cars for comparing with VERITO. Though Dzire is also premium compact sedan but it is preferred by Taxi segment for it's reliability and fuel economy , low cost of ownership. Low cost VFM reliable Sedan / Hatch VERITO range still has lots of potential to be offered as economical Sedan / hatch within price range below 5 Lakhs where there is lots of scope as there are many people who have budget upto 5 Lkahs and are looking for a reliable vehicle with feature as mentioned above. Taxi Segment There is also a big TAXI Segment where VERITO range can do wonders. With the spread of fast communication technology and it's accessibility in the hands of large population by way of "Smart Phones" the call taxi business is growing faster than expected in every metro cities and they are providing very efficient mode of comfortable transport to commute within city. I frequently take services of OLA or UBER taxi and I have seen lots of Dzires , Indigo eCS , Indica eV2 , Wagon R etc... but they don't use VERITO or Verito VIBE which is equally capable to perform the task. Tata Motors have kept Indigo eCS and Indica eV2 in certain price bracket where people are looking for a practical , comfortable and economical car than gizmos and looks and it looks like TATA Motors is doing good with various versions of Indigo eCS and Indica eV2 . The same is case of Maruti Suzuki as there are lots of Dzires, Wagon R preferred by people and Taxi segment for it's best in class fuel economy and low cost of ownership. M&M have similar vehicles and can follow Maruti and Tata and can introduce VERITO and VERITO VIBE with killer pricing to perform in the segment where they can target a big chunk of population as well as can rule the Taxi segment. WHAT'S your opinion ? Is it OK if Mahindra ignores a sedan and hatchback which is capable to target a big chunk of population and focus only on developing SUV type vehicles ? OR Is Mahindra is making mistake by completely ignoring the only products they have viz. VERITO and VERITO Vibe to establish some space in segment where many car manufacturers are flourishing