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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! Before 2 month during my dad's visit to Pune, rear (tubeless) tire of my Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXI was puncture & as my dumb driver was driving it, he noticed it only when tire was flattend & the side wall has arround 1 inch cut! They repaced the tire with stepny & came to pune. In pune we visited MRF's Showroom & that guy told thar puncture or tear on side-wall can't be repaired & at that moment I need to buy another tire & my only 10k Km used tire without a single puncture beacame waste! Yesterday when I visited the garage saw that tire & suddenly Idea of restoring or recycling it came into my mind! so I want to ask you that Is there any way to restore the tire? After restoring it can I resale it? & for how much? Can I sell it in current condition?to whome? for how much? It's MRF ZV2K 15 inch radial tubeless tire used for 20 months & is stoked for 2 months, It's in mint condition except that 1 inch torn section on sidewall! Please reply!