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  1. The new Honda CRV is all set to hit Indian shores early 2013. Looks good and overall seems to be a nice car too. But it lacks the all important thing..a diesel engine. The current CRV hasnt been moving of the shelves in recent times and sales are next to nothing. And here comes an all new model which Im sure will be more expensive. Last I knew the CRV touch almost 30 lakhs on road Mumbai. What do you think the pricing will be now? Is it good time to launch a petrol softroader when petrol prices are going sky high? Here is Autocar Indias review of the car as well,2013-honda-cr-v-review-test-drive.aspx
  2. I have always loved the Duster for its macho and butch looks. And I think it has awesome street presence as well. But I always wished that it came with 4x4 to go with the looks. Looks like things might changed. Renault is looking to launch the 4x4 Duster in India next year in March. Renault apparently exports the Duster from India under the Dacia name. The 4x4 is said to come in only the 110 bhp avtaar and a 6 speed manual tranny. The 4×4 system on the Renault Duster is a selectable system with a knob on the dashboard, just below the AC controls, to the left of the gear lever, allowing the driver to switch between two-wheel drive (2WD), automatic four-wheel drive (where the Duster decides when to transfer power to the rear wheels depending on wheel slip and traction conditions) and 4×4 lock mode – where the Duster can be locked in 4×4 mode for off-road use on sand and snow. Source:
  3. Folks as promised the Ownership Review of the Koleos. March 5, 2013 - Took delivery of a Peral White Koleos. That time it had only one fully loaded model - Automatic AWD. Car details - 2000cc, 150bhp@4000rpm 320nm@2000rpm torque Details About the Buy - Was shifting from a Skoda Laura TDI AT(2011). My dad who was going to primary use the car wanted a urban SUV more for city use and vacation use off and on. History of the Car - Renault Koleos is a car developed by renault in collaboration with Samsung Motors in Korea. Its produced at the Samsung Renault facility in Korea and also sold as a Samsung Motors QM5. However, there are quality, equipment and standard differences between the QM5 and Koleos. It also draws engine and technical part influences from the tie up with Nissan and shares a lot with the X-trail and Quanshi. The original Indian model, i.e the one available prior to the 2014 facelift was a fully imported model as a CBU. Deriving its produced as a french bound car not the QM5 bound. Note - I was against the idea of buying and using the Koleos after the Skoda for obvious reason. Cost - After discounts and deals the car cost roughly 27 lakhs on road. After Spending a lot of time with the car, I actually started liking the car and it grew on me. Till date the car as clocked 17k KMS on the ODO and done trips to Goa and Mumbai numerous times. Coming the the advantages and disadvantages Advantages/Pro's - Fully Loaded with all necessary features Cleverly designed - Mature, solid and Classy looks Rides a good wave of torque Very good cruiser Neat Sound system - BOSE powered Fantastic Ride. Can give tough competition to the likes of a X5, Q7, Q5, ML Handling - Its a master in this field, as good as a sedan. Minimum Body Roll Quality and Finish is great, not as flashy as people expect the stuff is solid and well come together Comfortable seats and enough of Space Easy going in and coming out. Ingress and Outgress is much better than the rest AC is very effective Steering weights up well and inspires confidence Disadvantages/Con's - Gear box is awfully slow and outdated Renault doesn't have the image of the 30 lakh car producer in India Misses the aggressive looks( popular demand, I'm happy with the classy looks) Some features such as hill decent control and electronic hand brake missing in the Indian version No HID lamps, only Projectors Report - Right from the day i drove the car to this day, I say, the SUV lacks the punch. It doesn't have the engine or gear box to cut through speed, go vroom through, but thats how the car is made. Its a fantastic cruiser. It takes its times to reach 3 digit speeds but handles even higher 3 digits speeds conformably while cursing. I have personally cruised at speeds over 140km/h and the car has been fantastic. No straining, no rattle, no vibrations. Renault has made a very good cruiser which is meant to be driven with a light foot but a heavy foot. You of flat down and it will disappoint very being of the living, but you drive it as light with a tap and cruise it, it will amaze you. That is really good even in the city. It manages to be calm and not seem over powered in the city. It handles the road, turns and traffic. Handling in fantastic, its a beauty to put through corners and turns. You hardly make out its a big SUV, it seems as a small toy car, which has minimal body roll. Can put a lot of sedans to shame as well. Goa and Mumbai trips were amazing in this manner, the engine will cruise and the handling makes you be able to cruise constantly. The steering weights up well and inspires the desired confidence making it even more worth the drive. Ride is another strong point, bumps, potholes, speed breakers anything and the Koleos loves soaking it up. Nothing comes through. Without being shaky. ICE is amazing as well, bose system with USB and AUX. FE is good with the AWD on auto it gives about 11 in the city and 14 on the highway. Views - The car is not for the people for want to show the world, speed or have the macho look. Its for the people who understand a car and the way it works. I agree the gear box is slow and needs a change, the 2014 one has the extra torque to cover that up but it still needs to change. On the other side, its made in such a way that you ride the torque in a linear manner not power, so the gear shifts are adequate for the torque. I would only advice the people who really know what they are buying and who know what and how a car works to buy this. Its not for the masses, its for the passionate. As i see it, its not competition to the fortuner/santa fe, its a cheap rival of the q3, x1 and volvo. From the handling to the service and to the ride, its all on the mark. I do miss the punch and power at times, but that when i realise its not a DSG and a sedan its a 2 ton SUV which is at home cruising and building speed, not punching.
  4. Nissan today launched the 2013 Micra at an event in Mumbai. An additional variant known as the Micra Active was also launched at the same time. The new Micra starts at Rs. 4.79 lakhs and the Active starts at Rs.3.5 lakhs. All prices are Ex Showroom Delhi. The Micra was first launched in India in 2010 and has sold over 43,000 units acoording to Nissan. During the presentation we were even shown a slide depicting all the previous gen Micras. Apart from that was a detailed presentation on the Xtronic CVT transmission. Info presentation on the CVT Xtronic box Previous generation Micras Some key points on the new Micra: The Micra is the first in its segment to come with Xtronic CVT technology The 2013 new Micra will compete with B+ segment rivals while the Active will go head on against the B segment counterparts. The 2013 Nissan Micracomes with the CVT gearbox has a claimed fuel efficiency of 19.34 km/l. Available in 6 colours. Driver Airbag standard across all variants of the Micra. (Good one Nissan) ABS+EBD+ Brake Assist standard on all variants except XL The new Micra now comes with LED tail lamps and a redesigned front end and grille. The top variant diesel comes with side airbags as well Head to the next post for detailed pictures of the new Micra models
  5. The gorgeous Evoque may have stolen its thunder but the new freshened up Freelander 2 takes care of that to some extent. The new Freelander 2 has new colours, exterior design features, upgraded equipment levels. The exterior design details have been revamped including a more contemporary lights front and rear using the LED technology and a new signature graphic in the front running lights. The XS model gains all-new 17-inch alloy wheels and an enhanced bodystyling pack. The new colours are Aintree Green, Havana and Mauritius Blue. The grille and fog lamp bezels now sport a bright finish and there are paint detailing changes to the front grille surround, insert bars and fender vent to harmonise the different elements.The interiors see the bigger changes including a brand new centre console. A new instrument cluster with a 5-inch screen displaying primary vehicle-related information, such as temperature and fuel levels, gear positions and Terrain Response mode, now sits between the dials across the Freelander model range, complemented with steering wheel toggle switches to operate the clearest of drop down menus and vehicle set-up details. Cabin space and safety are improved with the introduction of an intelligent electric parking brake which adjusts brake force according to the slope the vehicle is parked on. The system takes into account whether the brakes are hot or cold. If hot, the system 'wakes up' periodically to ensure clamping force is not lost as the brakes cool down. Despite being operated by a single switch, the electric parking brake may still be used as an emergency brake, automatically selecting the most stable braking method by employing skid prevention techniques. An additional safety feature ensures the brake cannot be released unless the driving seat is occupied. Another new feature for Land Rover Freelander 2 is rear view camera capability. The view from the back of the vehicle is displayed on the Infotainment screen with dynamic lines representing the boundaries of the vehicle and your predicted path as you reverse. The system also incorporates 'Hitch Assist', a graphic superimposed on the camera showing the position of the tow ball. Engine wise the petrol has been changed but has no relevance to the Indian market as the diesel is sold because diesel engines are of high importance in our market and though the petrol will be a good addition to the range do not have high hopes to get this engine in India. The new Freelander 2 will come next year as Land Rover has just launched the new Range Rover in our market and we expect this to come in the starting of the next financial year. When it comes to price do not expect a massive price change and Land Rover would like to keep it competitive as possible ro compete with the Audi Q3 and others. (Source :
  6. Rolls Royce has said that it will be introducing a new model called the Wraith at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. They say it will be the most powerful model they have ever produced. The Wraith which will be the Ghost coupe, Rolls Royce claims that we should "expect the boldest design" and "the most dramatic performance". The Wraith name was first used by Rolls in 1938. Insiders have previously revealed the Wraith will produce as much as 600bhp from its highly tuned twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine. Torque will rise by a proportional amount over the engine’s state of tune in the Ghost saloon, but insiders insist the famed Rolls refinement will be retained. The Wraith will have a wheelbase around 180mm shorter than the Ghost’s 3295mm, with an overall length of around 5200mm expected. The kerb weight is tipped to be around 2300kg. Rolls has said it will release a series of teaser images of the Wraith in the build-up to its Geneva launch on 5 March.
  7. Looking forward to buy a new car this month. Cruze was my choice or wait for New octavia 2013.
  8. are undisguised pictures of the facelifted Tata Nano which will be launched sometime this year. Though its nothing very major here is whats new : Chrome strip on the rear of the car to add a dash of premium-ness to the Nano’s backside The glove boxes atop the dashboard(first seen on the Nano Special Edition) now become standard The facelifted Nano also gets dual speakers that are integrated into the dashboard of the car Honeycomb grille above the rear bumper of the car Integrated Stereo Source:
  9. Volvo has confirmed its new V40 Cross Country will make it to Indian shores by March 2013. This new contender in the premium crossover/soft-roader market will compete with the likes of the BMW X1 and Mercedes B-class. In my opinion it looks the best of the lot. I love Volvos a lot personally. This looks awesome Full story here: http://www.autocarin...ndia-bound.aspx Link to Paris Motor Show Gallery: http://www.autocarin...ew-gallery.aspx
  10. It's a height now! Hundai is ready with one more vehicle from fluidic design language! But the Good news is, along with 1 lt. Kappa engine, this time they are going to introduce it with 3-cylinder 1.2 lt. diesel engine! It seems that, this time they had copied some elements from Mitsubishi, as It has Striking Similarites with 2009 Colt! Do share your opinions on it!
  11. Volkswagen has unveiled the CrossBlue SUV concept at the Detroit Motorshow. It will be a seven seater SUV when it goes into production and will rival the likes of the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot. It will replace the elderly and slow-selling Routan MPV, fitting into the range between the Tiguan and the Touareg, a car considered too expensive to successfully compete against more affordable competition.At 4987mm long, 2015mm wide and 1733mm tall, the CrossBlue is bigger than a Touareg. It uses VW’s MQB architecture, and the production car is likely to be closely related to the next Tiguan, with transverse engines. It will be built in the US alongside the US-market Passat. The show car has a plug-in diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, with a 2.0-litre engine and a pair of motors, one driving each axle – combined they produce 302bhp and a 0-100kph time of 7.2secs. From the picture the concept looks to be of Mercedes GL proportions size wise. Will definitely be a good seller if it is launched in India, A seven seater makes a lot of sense.
  12. The Italian racing car makers, Abarth makes its way into India in 2013, via Fiat. Fiat Chrysler India has recently announced that all Abarth models will be sold through their specially nominated Fiat dealers in India. Despite a difficult economic situation prevalent across the globe, the Fiat India has announced its optimistic plans for the future wherein they hope to see enhanced sales. Fiat Group is also bringing in the Fiat brand into India in the coming year and Abarth is also scheduled to be launched around the same time. Initially, the company will be offering 500 Abarth and Grande Punto Evo which will be sold through Fiat dealerships. The 500 Abarth possesses a 1.4 liter 16 valve, 136 bhp turbo petrol engine. It weights 1035 kgs and almost matches power to weight ratio of a BMW 325i. There is also a Sport mode which enhances maximum torque peak from 19 kgm to 21 kgm while power is also increased correspondingly. Prices and other details will be announced closer to launch dates in India. (Source :
  13. There are lots of launches which happen at these International motorshows and there are alot of cars that are relevant to our country and which can come here soon. Since the Geneva Motor Show begins soon, here is a small list of cars which I though will hit our shores soon. What do you think? The facelifted Chevrolet Captiva The Mercedes CLA Fiat Crossover makes a lot of sense in India The Grand Cherokee from Jeep. This should be here soon A performance Polo. This should make petrolheads happy Any other cars ?
  14. The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is here and will be open to public from 7th to 17th March 2013. This time its sure to be loaded because there so mant launches that are going to take place. I am especially just waiting for the Ferrari F150 to break cover. Meanwhile here is a preview to what you can expect to see. More pictures to come as an when new cars get unveiled EDIT: Here is the link to the full report and picture gallery:,geneva-motor-show-2013-show-report-gallery.aspx
  15. Spy pictures of the next Force Gurkha have surfaced. The new car which should be launched in 2013 was spotted near Pune. Based on the old Gen Mercedes G Wagen, the test car had G inspired round headlamps, bonnet mounted indicators, roof rails and a snorkel. The new Grukha is expected to come with the Mercedes 2.2 litre FMTech engine from the Force One SUV which is BS IV compliant. The Gurkha is a true blue offroader so one cant expect too many goodies but should definitely come with air conditioning. Pricing is not known but it can be expected to be priced in the Mahindra Thar territory. I love the Gurkha personally. It just has so much character. Another reason is that Im extremely fond of the G Wagen. Pics source:
  16. The 2013 Cartier Travel with Style Show Concours d'Elegance Show was held in Mumbai at the Taj Lands End Hotel. on the 10th and 11th February. It was the first time I attended this show and I have never ever seen a collection of beautiful classic cars and bikes before like this. Hats of to the owners who have kept their prized possessions in pristine condition. I took loads of pictures so feast your eyes...Here you go
  17. Honda has taken the covers off its latest NSX concept car at the Detroit show.. Essentially a lightly tweaked version of the NSX concept shown at last year’s Detroit show, the new car gets a proper interior for the first time. The cabin looks near production ready, Although is expected to be tweaked as the NSX is further developed. A styling highlight are the big carbonfibre struts which run from the dash into the centre console. The NSX will not go into production for at least two years, and will be built in the US, where most of the car’s development will also be carried out. The car will use a mid-mounted V6 coupled to an electric motor to drive the rear wheels, and electric motors driving the front wheels to give four-wheel drive. Honda's Super Active All-Wheel Drive system will also be fitted. More pics and full story here:,new-honda-nsx-revealed.aspx
  18. The thrillingly close season of 2012 began so unpredictably with seven different winners in as many races was a testament to the highly evolved and ever-changing nature of tyres from Pirelli in only their second season in-charge as the sole supplier since coming back to the sport. 2011 was more of a learning year for the Italian outfit. Built keeping in mind the ban of blown exhausts last year, the tyres featured a brand-new squarer profile with less rounded shoulders for a wider and more even contact patch with consistent degradation on offer. In contrast to 2011, the differences in time between compounds were reduced as well. The blown diffuser outlaw has certainly aided mid-pack teams to reel in on the established ones. But as the season went by negative degradation made the races easily covered with a single-stop and the closely packed grid started peeling away as the top teams emerged back on top consistently. To get the glimpse of 2013, Pirelli have sent out their newly-developed tyres to get tested at the free practice session for Brazil last November. The teams examined what had been the existing hard compound in 2013 structure and came up with a positive feedback. The mid-corner traction was improved and the grip levels got higher likewise. Last week in Milan, Pirelli announced its plans for the forthcoming season. Jamie Alguersuari and Lucas Di Grassi took up the lead roles in testing and developing the compounds while driving the 2010 Renault R30 over 7,000 km combined on tracks such as Jerez, Barcelona, Paul Ricard and Spa. Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery said that the new tyres are still a 2011’s evolution. The Cinturato wet tyres have a revised rear construction and P Zero dry tyres will be more soft and aggressive and enhance performance figures by half second a lap. This behavior is largely down to its structural proportions as the sidewalls are made flexible and the shoulders are reinforced. The shoulders would stick firmly on the tarmac and warm-up quickly increasing ‘thermal degradation’ (molecular deterioration of materials) and improving traction. This degradation factor is emphasised as it would extend the operating window leaving races to decide on strategies. Each compound varies about 0.5 second per lap encouraging overtaking maneuvers. Pirelli put all its efforts to up the number of visits to pitbox at least by more than two during races. The major change to the barcode embedded compounds was the hardest tyre choice sidewall-marked orange rather than silver and it would be as fast as the mediums we have had in 2012. Thanks to Pirelli for helping ladder series as they also revealed that they will reward this year’s GP2 champ with a F1 test session. Former Ferrari F1 driver Jean Alesi has been named as a brand ambassador. Tyres played a pivotal role in being the game changer and we can certainly expect more of it in 2013.
  19. Audi has unveiled the rival to the BMW M6 GranCoupe, the RS7 at the Dtroit Motor Show 2013. The new RS7 comes with a new 552bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine. The RS7 is the sixth RS model in the Audi range. Power for the RS7 Sportback comes from the same 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine used by the recently unveiled third-generation RS6 Avant. It produces 552bhp at 5700rpm and 76.45kgm of torque between 1750rpm and 5500rpm - some 138bhp and 20.46kgm more than the less highly tuned version of the same V8 in the S7 Sportback.Because Audi’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is unable to handle the heady torque loading of the engine, the RS7 Sportback receives a standard eight-speed automatic ’box. It operates in combination with the latest evolution of the Audi’s Quattro four-wheel drive system, offering the choice between D (drive), S (sport) and M (manual) modes. Audi is yet to confirm a kerb weight for its latest RS model but claims it delivers 0-100kph in 3.9sec and a top speed limited to 250kph. Buyers can raise the top speed to 280kph with an optional Dynamic package and to 305kph with a Dynamic Plus package. Underpinning the RS7 Sportback is a heavily reworked version of the standard A7 Sportback’s chassis that features widened tracks and air suspension. Audi will also offer its new performance model with an optional steel-sprung suspension in combination with Dynamic Ride Control as part of a package known as Sport Suspension Plus — a move that is reflected on the new RS6 Avant.
  20. Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has replaced its existing scooter range with all-new 2013 year models of the Activa, Aviator and Dio. The company revealed its new scooter range after inaugurating the new Honda Technical Centre (HTC) at Manesar earlier today. The new scooters come equipped with Honda Eco Technology (HET), which has been co-developed by Honda’s R&D divisions in Japan, Thailand and Manesar, India. The company says HET improves combustion, reduces friction and optimises the transmission to enhance fuel efficiency by 11 percent. Honda says this platform can be used to develop a range of two-wheelers from 110cc through to 1200cc. Prices (all Ex Delhi) Activa RS - Rs 47,188 Dio RS - Rs. 44,701 Aviator RS - Rs 48,211 Aviator Deluxe RS - Rs 53,531 HMSI says the 110cc Activa RS, which develops 8bhp and 8.74Nm of torque, will deliver 60kpl, up from the existing Activa’s 54kpl. The 2013 Activa gets a new colour – wild purple along with the four existing colours – black, red, grey and pearl white. The scooter comes with Combi-brakes, anti-theft key lock shutter and 18-litre under-seat storage facility. The 2013 Aviator gets the same engine along with a new Royal Gold metallic colour along with the three existing black, white and red colours. This scooter gets 12-inch wheels, ABS body parts and 190mm front disc brake. The third model, the 110cc-engined Dio scooter also produces 8bhp and is available in a new pearl yellow colour along with red, white and grey. It comes with tubeless tyres, Combi-brakes and a viscous air filter as standard equipment.
  21. Here are pictures of the new Mercedes GL (codename X166) being tested in India sent by a reader of Autocar India As seen from the pictures, the GL spotted is the GL 350 BlueTEC diesel version. The distinct front bumper and additional trim-bits on the exterior point it to be as an AMG sport version of the GL. The AMG Sport package consists of 21-inch alloy wheels, perforated 19 inch disc brakes, custom front and rare AMG bumpers, flared wheel-arch extensions and illuminated running boards. The GL 350 BlueTEC is powered by a 2987cc turbo-common rail diesel motor which is good for 255bhp and 63.2kgm of torque mated to a 7-speed G-Tronic automatic gearbox. Initially, all GL will be imported as completely built units. Like the smaller M-Class, Mercedes plans to assemble the GL in India from SKD kits imported from the USA by end of this year.
  22. Busworld 2013, an exhibition dedicated only to the Bus and Coach industry is going to take place at the Bombay Exhibition Centre at Goregaon in Mumbai from the 1st to 3rd of February 2013. Should be good visit for bus enthusiasts for sure Venue: Hall No. 1, Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai Source:
  23. The annual Parx Super Car Show is an event every car enthusiast looks forward to. Last year saw a huge turn out of exotic machinery at the show. The Super Car Club has now announced the dates for next year's event and it promises to be much bigger and better than ever before: Show dates are : January 26, and 27 2013 3 days should make this an awesome event . The count of cars increases year after year. The details of the venue and the final agenda will be announced as the event draws closer Keep watching this space.... Pic source: Supercars & Exotics in Mumbai
  24. BMW is putting up a big show T Detroit this year. First up it has revealed the M6 GranCoupe just as Audi has taken the covers off the RS7. The M6 GC distinguished by an aerodynamic body kit that includes a new front bumper, revised side skirts and a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) diffuser. There's also a CFRP roof, a four-tailpipe exhaust system and 20-inch alloy wheels. The interior is virtually identical to the standard model but is equipped with Merino leather seats, an M steering wheel and an Alcantara headliner. Customers can also order M multifunction seats, GPS navigation and a Bang & Olufsen audio system. Power comes from a twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces 560 HP (412 kW) and 680 Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque. It is connected to a seven-speed M Double Clutch Transmission which enables the car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and hit an electronically-limited top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) or 305 km/h (189 mph) with the optional M Driver’s Package.
  25. Its time to choose the Autocar India Bike of the Year 2013. Given below are nominees. Make your choice and also mention the reason for your choice: Bajaj KTM 200 Duke Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Honda CBR150R Kawasaki 2012 Ninja 650 Ducati Monster 795 Harley Davidson Super Glide Custom Harley Davidson Street Bob Harley Davidson Fat Bob Honda 2012 CBR1000RR Honda VT1300CX Fury Suzuki Intruder M800 Ducati Streetfighter 848 Ducati 1199 Panigale Husqvarna Nuda 900