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Found 4 results

  1. Rolls Royce has said that it will be introducing a new model called the Wraith at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. They say it will be the most powerful model they have ever produced. The Wraith which will be the Ghost coupe, Rolls Royce claims that we should "expect the boldest design" and "the most dramatic performance". The Wraith name was first used by Rolls in 1938. Insiders have previously revealed the Wraith will produce as much as 600bhp from its highly tuned twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 engine. Torque will rise by a proportional amount over the engine’s state of tune in the Ghost saloon, but insiders insist the famed Rolls refinement will be retained. The Wraith will have a wheelbase around 180mm shorter than the Ghost’s 3295mm, with an overall length of around 5200mm expected. The kerb weight is tipped to be around 2300kg. Rolls has said it will release a series of teaser images of the Wraith in the build-up to its Geneva launch on 5 March.
  2. There are lots of launches which happen at these International motorshows and there are alot of cars that are relevant to our country and which can come here soon. Since the Geneva Motor Show begins soon, here is a small list of cars which I though will hit our shores soon. What do you think? The facelifted Chevrolet Captiva The Mercedes CLA Fiat Crossover makes a lot of sense in India The Grand Cherokee from Jeep. This should be here soon A performance Polo. This should make petrolheads happy Any other cars ?
  3. Tata has finally unveiled its first AT vehicle by showcasing the Aria with a 6 speed autobox at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be launched in India later this year. Here is one pic for now directly from Geneva A couple of more pics source: indianautosblog
  4. The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is here and will be open to public from 7th to 17th March 2013. This time its sure to be loaded because there so mant launches that are going to take place. I am especially just waiting for the Ferrari F150 to break cover. Meanwhile here is a preview to what you can expect to see. More pictures to come as an when new cars get unveiled EDIT: Here is the link to the full report and picture gallery:,geneva-motor-show-2013-show-report-gallery.aspx