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Found 1 result

  1. Here are a few images I have taken from the Skywalk at Bandra, near Kalanagar, as the cars from the Parx Supercar Show came in. Parx Supercar Show - View from the Skywalk Now, the story behind it. I used to turn up with my best/biggest camera (first, a Canon PowerShot A85, then a Canon PowerShot SX30) at every car show, when the cars were parked, and take a few photos of each car, but after my trip to Meilenwerk in Stuttgart, and the visits to the Porsche and Mercedes museum, the novelty of seeing stationary cars up close wore off- unless a new car joins the party, or is launched. So this time, like last year, I thought I'll catch them on photo, instead of video, while they are in motion, at the turning point of the course. So I headed to the skywalk at Bandra, instead of Mantralaya, where they start and finish. The map suggested a route into Bandra-Kurla-Complex, which is reasonably supercar-friendly, but it wasn't so, when I walked all the way from Bharat Nagar to the skywalk at Kalanagar. Another enthusiast with a far superior camera told me that they'll turn here itself at the skywalk. And he was right. Taking photos was incredibly difficult, due to the difficulty in taking telephotographs. Timing kept going off, and also focus, and the bright sunlight overhead only made things tougher. My Canon PowerShot SX30, bought for taking telephotographs, was out of its depth in image quality, as these photos will suggest- I could take much better photos on my Nokia N8, at a smaller size, as my Meilenwerk and (coming soon) Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museum photos will show. I saw very few supercars, and wasn't aware of any incident. The cars were often lost in the traffic. This time, there were no instances of stupid, crazy driving by cheap car drivers, but plenty of sunroof gazers were visible. Very surprisingly, there were only three individuals on the skywalk watching the rally, not counting me, a massive drop from the thirty-plus crowd at Sahara Star last year. Most of the cars were there from the previous lineup. To sum it up, it was a slighty-better-than-average experience (last year's was much better), taking photos was a lot tougher than getting a decent video (like last year) and I need a DSLR with a massive resolution- from which I can then crop for faraway subjects.