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Found 2 results

  1. Just look at this amazingly awsome machines! Do they look any similar to there Indian cousins like Tata 207 or Mahindra Genio? The answer is no! If you ask me, I'll definatelly prefer them over likes of Pajaro Sport, Endevour or Fortuner! the answer being simple that they are lot more practical! There was a time when the only functional & affordable SUV/MUVs were Tata Sumo & Mahindra Bolero! of course there were some cheap fun like Maruti Gypsy or Mahindra Classic, but those were for purists! Those were weekend cars & not everyday cars! At that time Tata tried to introduce this segment with sierra! But this segment was too ahead of time & it's refinement & proper packing was a big issue! But to my surpries, no one ever think about this segment in next 20 years! & it was ford who thought of reintroducing this segment with Ecosport & now everyone is crazy for them & Market is soon going to be flooded with new entries in this segment! Similarly, Premium Pickup trucks is the segment which is highly niche in India! Yesterday, I saw a customized bolero camper in Mahindra's new "Live young, Live Free!" & It was looking super-cool! then I remembered likes of Ford Raptor & LR defender concept! & it realised to me that this segment has lots more potential! Another incident : before 6 months, I purchased a treadmill & bought it to home in a Tata Ace! & as a security, My parents told me to come with the driver & during the whole 110 Km journy, the only thought in my mind was, how cool it'ld be, if we had a Tata Xenon or Scorpio Getaway! Just like smaller SUVs, various attempt were made to established this segment in India! Like Tata mobile, tata xenon, Mahindra Bolero Camper or Mahindra Getaway! But again there was the same problem lack of refinement & lack of proper packaging! With our journy toward Nuclear Families & more practicality, I think this is the future! But, we Indians have very rigid mentality & it's really hard to change our concepts! So, According to my sixth sence by the 2020 or 2025 we will surely be mature enough to praise this handsomes & they'll creat a similar buzz like compact SUVs are making today! Share your views on it!
  2. Tata Motors is working on a new premium small car that to rival premium hatch offerings from Maruti, Hyundai, Ford etc.. The new car which is likely to be built on the refurbished Indicaplatform codenamed 'X0' will be one of the company's biggest launches when it is unveiled in 2015. Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym, who played an important role in introducing cars such as the Spark and the Beat for General Motors in India, is aiming to deliver a modern, contemporary vehicle that appeal to the youth. One person close to the development said the company can introduce a new product quickly and cheaply by using the existing Indica platform. "A common man does not see the platform; he or she is attracted by the style, design and features. The new X0 intends to deliver just that with almost 75% change in body in white (body panels)," the person said, requesting anonymity as he is not authorised to talk to the me dia. The exact product specification in terms of design, cost and time, called final data judgement (FDJ) in industry parlance, is likely to be frozen on March 31. Vendors will then be asked to work on the project. The small car is expected to be powered by a 1.05-litre three-cylinder diesel engine and 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine. To offer a wider price range, Tata Motors may include other higher capacity engine options as well. The new hatchback will be positioned in the 40,000-units-a-month hatchback market, which makes up 20% of the overall passenger vehicle segment. It will also see competition in the form of Hyundai's new small car (BA) and localised Skoda Fabia, among others. Source: http://economictimes...ow/18357920.cms