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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  2. Dear All I sent my ŠKODA Rapid to service centre for free monsoon checkup. The car was checked and returned. But I found that that the pickup of the car has diminished and fuel efficiency has increased fairly. As I needed more pickup I again sent it over there and after re tuning the car I lost both pickup and fuel efficiency. Then I took the car to another service centre and explained everything, but there also I did not get much improvement in the performance. When inquired about this issue both service centres said that ŠKODA has changed the software and that is the reason. I feel this may not be true. Do any one have similar experience or have any inputs on this issue, please post. Alsop how can I go legally, if the specifications of the performance after software update, has changed from the original specs as per the owner's manual Please reply
  3. I'm referring to the Autocar Comparison of the 4 diesel sedans here - City, Verna, Rapid and Vento. The comments in this article are quite stirring. While Autocar has crowned the City as the overall all rounder. Now, I agree that each one of us here would be looking for different things from the product they would choose to buy. But terming a very noisy, all aluminium diesel (I really have my doubts on this one. Can anyone pls explain how this is a good idea?), just a facelift - exorbitantly pricey, low quality plastics on dash and open wires in boot as a winner in this shoot out?? I just do not understand. Probably with the latest 2014 edition of the Verna, that sounds more like an all rounder save for the claustrophobic rear and less under thigh support there.. but that car ticks all the right boxes then. Quality, safety and good road manners coupled with reliability and good service should define a good product. Especially when you're in the market with about 10 lacs!! Agree, no one drives like a Schumaker in everyday traffic... Just because the Germans are quite understated and lack the gadgetry does not mean that they are no winners... I'm not taking sides here but rooting for something which offers fancy gadgets and bouncy rides along with undone parts (wires hanging in the boot and low quality dash) just does not make me comfortable enough to accept the verdict Autocar has posted. Any views?
  4. The Skoda Rapid with the new logo and lettering was caught testing in Pune. Globally, nearly the entire lineup of Skoda models (except for the Yeti) bears the new logo as well as the brand lettering, with the Citigo small car being the first vehicle. Now, with the spotting of the India-spec Rapid with the new logo, it is likely that Skoda India’s current range of models will soon wear the new branding. However, as is the case globally, it is unlikely for the Yeti and the pre-facelift Superb (sold here in India) to come with the new logo. Here are the pics Source:
  5. Hello I m going for a diesel sedan...and the final selection I have got to is new Ford Fiesta Diesel and Skoda Rapid Diesel. My usage is a mix of 80% city driving plus 20% of outstation driving. While I have been driving Ford Ikon for 10 years previously, I feel the new Fiesta is overpriced. I have liked the Skoda Rapid overall but am too much worried about the after sales services. Owners dread sending thier Skodas for Rapid...has this changed or still the same. Help me please with choosing between these.
  6. Yes you read it right but its not the company that is giving you a free car but a dealer in Gujarat whos offering a free Fabia if you buy a Rapid. However, the dealer Torque Auto will give you the Fabia 5 years later.But all taxes (including VAT, road tax etc.) and insurance will be borne by the owner. If you'd rather have cash instead of the car, Torque Auto will pay you Rs. 350,000 in the year 2018. You dont have a choice in variant either, it will be the base variant but you can chose a petrol or a diesel. Looks like this dealer must having lots of Fabias lying around since anyways it doesnt sell well at all. Any member from Gujarat has more info on this? Next is what? Buy Vento and get Polo free?
  7. I am buying a skoda rapid next month. Petrol or diesel is the question. Monthly running is 500km. Please help. Suppose I buy the diesel, and don't drive it much, what would be the negative impact on my car.