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Found 18 results

  1. Electric vehicles (EV) have been in a zone of misconceptions and myths for a while now. The last 100 years of living with gas guzzling and polluting vehicles have made people think that electric mobility is a far-fetched idea whose time is yet to come. These are Upcoming Electric Cars in India Mahindra eKUV100 Rs.8.25 Lakh Nissan Leaf Rs.30.00 Lakh Mahindra XUV300 Electric Rs.18.00 Lakh Tata Altroz EV Rs.14.00 Lakh Haima Bird Electric EV1 Rs.10.00 Lakh ORA R1 Rs.7.00 Lakh Nissan Note e Power Rs.20.00 Lakh Hyundai Kona Electric 2021 Rs.23.75 Lakh Maruti WagonR Electric Rs.8.00 Lakh Renault Zoe Rs.8.00 Lakh Tata Tiago EV Rs.6.00 Lakh Tata Sierra Rs.14.00 Lakh Maruti Futuro-e Rs.15.00 Lakh Renault K-ZE Rs.10.00 Lakh
  2. Images of the Renault Duster facelift have surfaced online and they show off both the interiors and exteriors of the upcoming car. The car in these images is also void of any camouflage or body disguising panels, so we get a clear look at what the facelifted SUV looks like. The new Duster features refreshed styling, safety upgrades, and it will also come with BS6 engines. the interior too, sport a more premium look. What do you think of the refreshed Renault Duster? You can read more here - and here - Image Source
  3. I have come across some discounts being offered by KUN Renault in Chennai on a number of its demo cars. These offers are only valid on these select cars, for which you will be the first registered owner. Anyone interested in any of these cars can get in touch with the dealership directly. Hope you guys find these deals useful.
  4. I have come across a video of the new Renault Kwid facelift spied testing on Indian roads. The updated hatchback's design has been inspired by the electric Renault KZE that was unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai motor show. Renault is expected to launch the Kwid facelift by the end of 2019 in our market. What do you think of the refreshed hatchback? You can read more here -
  5. Renault Duster has launched its new edition, Renault Duster Sandstorm @ 10.90 lakhs only.. Here are some of its pics....
  6. Renault unveiled the Kwid amidst much fanfare and the car community went bonkers with the features and the price that its offered at. "Its a hatchback that has spawned its cross version before the hatch" this is what it seemed from the launch pics. If Renault plan a future full blown SUV spawned of the Kwid, here is what it would look like.
  7. The ALTO being the best seller for years had a free show across decades mainly because no one dared to play on this turf. Hyundai entered it with EON with a Sober engine and could not fight ALTO head on. Now we have a Alto Challenger in the pipe line which going by its specs looks promising. For Kayou, 1. Entry Hatch in a Crossover Guise - Indian always welcomes Higher GC cars. 2. CMF-A platform - Latest Technology , unlike Datsun GO, where they bring in dated models here. 3. Renault Design - Renault always great in this and comparing to Alto, this should be a looker. 4. AMT Promised. 5. No visible Cost Cutting. 6. Makes extraordinary sense of 2nd or 3rd car in the family. Against Kayou, 1. Renault AfSS Network - yet to grow. 2. No Diesel, though not a con, if had would been a bigger hit. 3. Yet to prove BR8 engine. 4. Tough to break "Entry Car- Maruti Car" Mind Set for first time buyers
  8. The Duster has got Renault great success in the Indian market. So now they are thinking of launching an MPV from the Dacia portfolio, the Lodgy. This 7-seat, three row MPV would be a direct competitor of the Maruti Ertiga, the compact MPV which has opened up an all-new segment in the Indian market. It could be launched here in 2014. The Lodgy would relatively be easy to manufacture in India as it borrows a lot of its mechanicals from the Duster. It will be powered by the venerable Renault 1.5 diesel K9K that is now the staple engine for most Renault-Nissan products in India. However, keeping the practical characteristics of the Lodgy in mind, Renault is likely to offer just the 84bhp version of the K9K motor, which would be less expensive and more fuel efficient than the 110bhp option that comes in the Duster. The Duster’s 1.6 petrol engine is likely to power the entry level Lodgy. If it is priced between 7 to 10 lakh rupees, Renault will have another winner on its hands in India.
  9. I have always loved the Duster for its macho and butch looks. And I think it has awesome street presence as well. But I always wished that it came with 4x4 to go with the looks. Looks like things might changed. Renault is looking to launch the 4x4 Duster in India next year in March. Renault apparently exports the Duster from India under the Dacia name. The 4x4 is said to come in only the 110 bhp avtaar and a 6 speed manual tranny. The 4×4 system on the Renault Duster is a selectable system with a knob on the dashboard, just below the AC controls, to the left of the gear lever, allowing the driver to switch between two-wheel drive (2WD), automatic four-wheel drive (where the Duster decides when to transfer power to the rear wheels depending on wheel slip and traction conditions) and 4×4 lock mode – where the Duster can be locked in 4×4 mode for off-road use on sand and snow. Source:
  10. Folks as promised the Ownership Review of the Koleos. March 5, 2013 - Took delivery of a Peral White Koleos. That time it had only one fully loaded model - Automatic AWD. Car details - 2000cc, 150bhp@4000rpm 320nm@2000rpm torque Details About the Buy - Was shifting from a Skoda Laura TDI AT(2011). My dad who was going to primary use the car wanted a urban SUV more for city use and vacation use off and on. History of the Car - Renault Koleos is a car developed by renault in collaboration with Samsung Motors in Korea. Its produced at the Samsung Renault facility in Korea and also sold as a Samsung Motors QM5. However, there are quality, equipment and standard differences between the QM5 and Koleos. It also draws engine and technical part influences from the tie up with Nissan and shares a lot with the X-trail and Quanshi. The original Indian model, i.e the one available prior to the 2014 facelift was a fully imported model as a CBU. Deriving its produced as a french bound car not the QM5 bound. Note - I was against the idea of buying and using the Koleos after the Skoda for obvious reason. Cost - After discounts and deals the car cost roughly 27 lakhs on road. After Spending a lot of time with the car, I actually started liking the car and it grew on me. Till date the car as clocked 17k KMS on the ODO and done trips to Goa and Mumbai numerous times. Coming the the advantages and disadvantages Advantages/Pro's - Fully Loaded with all necessary features Cleverly designed - Mature, solid and Classy looks Rides a good wave of torque Very good cruiser Neat Sound system - BOSE powered Fantastic Ride. Can give tough competition to the likes of a X5, Q7, Q5, ML Handling - Its a master in this field, as good as a sedan. Minimum Body Roll Quality and Finish is great, not as flashy as people expect the stuff is solid and well come together Comfortable seats and enough of Space Easy going in and coming out. Ingress and Outgress is much better than the rest AC is very effective Steering weights up well and inspires confidence Disadvantages/Con's - Gear box is awfully slow and outdated Renault doesn't have the image of the 30 lakh car producer in India Misses the aggressive looks( popular demand, I'm happy with the classy looks) Some features such as hill decent control and electronic hand brake missing in the Indian version No HID lamps, only Projectors Report - Right from the day i drove the car to this day, I say, the SUV lacks the punch. It doesn't have the engine or gear box to cut through speed, go vroom through, but thats how the car is made. Its a fantastic cruiser. It takes its times to reach 3 digit speeds but handles even higher 3 digits speeds conformably while cursing. I have personally cruised at speeds over 140km/h and the car has been fantastic. No straining, no rattle, no vibrations. Renault has made a very good cruiser which is meant to be driven with a light foot but a heavy foot. You of flat down and it will disappoint very being of the living, but you drive it as light with a tap and cruise it, it will amaze you. That is really good even in the city. It manages to be calm and not seem over powered in the city. It handles the road, turns and traffic. Handling in fantastic, its a beauty to put through corners and turns. You hardly make out its a big SUV, it seems as a small toy car, which has minimal body roll. Can put a lot of sedans to shame as well. Goa and Mumbai trips were amazing in this manner, the engine will cruise and the handling makes you be able to cruise constantly. The steering weights up well and inspires the desired confidence making it even more worth the drive. Ride is another strong point, bumps, potholes, speed breakers anything and the Koleos loves soaking it up. Nothing comes through. Without being shaky. ICE is amazing as well, bose system with USB and AUX. FE is good with the AWD on auto it gives about 11 in the city and 14 on the highway. Views - The car is not for the people for want to show the world, speed or have the macho look. Its for the people who understand a car and the way it works. I agree the gear box is slow and needs a change, the 2014 one has the extra torque to cover that up but it still needs to change. On the other side, its made in such a way that you ride the torque in a linear manner not power, so the gear shifts are adequate for the torque. I would only advice the people who really know what they are buying and who know what and how a car works to buy this. Its not for the masses, its for the passionate. As i see it, its not competition to the fortuner/santa fe, its a cheap rival of the q3, x1 and volvo. From the handling to the service and to the ride, its all on the mark. I do miss the punch and power at times, but that when i realise its not a DSG and a sedan its a 2 ton SUV which is at home cruising and building speed, not punching.
  11. Guys, I have a FIAT punto emotion pack D 2009 model and i am happy with the cars performance. However i want to move from hatchback to sedan. Recently FIAT new Linea was introduced and by looking in the pictures it seems promising and value for money as well, though i haven't seen it in reality. The diesel emotion will cost around 10lacs but i got a used Renault Fluence Diesel of Sep 2013 at around 10lac as well (the new model on road comes at around 18.5 lac). This car ran around 7000 KMS. Fluence was always in my mind because of looks n space,but it will be always out of my budget. Now Guys is it a good idea to go for this used Fluence? I haven't visited the dealer to review the car but i saw this in pictures and it looks brand new. I have no idea about the after sales service of Renault cars and also the spare parts price of Fluence. Also don't know about the readability of this car. I can only see that more and more Renault cars are coming in the used car market after 6 month to 1 year of usage!!! Why? i dont know. Experts please advice. Also If anyone in this forum owns Fluence or any other Renault car, please let me know your experience with the car's performance, Renault's ASS and Spare parts cost / availability. Thanks All. -Raj
  12. As I had posted earlier regarding my bad experience with Renault. Now since I'm no longer interested in buying Duster from that dealer or anywhere else, I now want to know how to cancel the booking and how much will I be refunded and in what time bracket as the salesman has quoted that there will be a 30% reduction which turns out to be around 15,000 as I had booked the car for 50,000 and I feel that's too much of a penalty just for cancellation of a booking. Please reply as I don't know about it.
  13. Hi Guys, I booked a Renault Duster on the 30th of October 2013 from RENAULT THANE under the offer of 30,000 Exchange Benefit - 4 yr Warranty - Road Side Assistance - Gang of Dusters Membership. He asked me to submit my old car by 31st of October which was not possible as within 12hrs. decision couldn't be made. He later called me up and said the offer is over and I wont get any of those despite me booking the car in offer period. I sold my old car later on 12th of November and found on 14th the same offer has restarted in Newspaper. I had to give him the full payment but didn't give as now since I waited this long I wanted a car with a manufacturing year of 2014 since only one month was left in 2014. I told the same to the sales person and he said that the new lot will arrive in mid March or April. Just to confirm the same I called Renault Andheri and they said that it will come by end January. I had to bow down to his demand and promised him to give full payment by Tuesday 3rd December. Hearing this he yesterday i.e. 30th November gave me call at 7pm saying that Renault is hiking car prices of Duster by 30,000 - 40.000 and only way you can save yourself the money is by making the full payment by tonight (which bank is open at 7pm). I said that I couldn't do it and he replied by saying "sorry sir then its out of my hands now".I did the same as earlier and called the Renault Andheri showroom and the sales person there said that "the customer who has booked a car at earlier price is given a weeks time to do the payment at earlier price after the announcement of the price hike". As a matter of fact my sales person gave me 2 hours to do the same. Now neither I can buy a 2014 manufactured car, nor get away from paying the increased price. So here I think I ended up being a loser. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW.
  14. It is said that dressing well is a necessity if you want to travel Business Class; & the perks of travelling in style Makes you arrive in style; Introducing a new dimension of Business class travel; The very STYLISH; The Very SEXY; Renault Scala; They say LUXURY must be COMFORTABLE & being comfortable is a STATE OF MIND; But whatever they say, there is no substitute for S P A C E; The Scala provides LUXURY IN SIMPLICITY The INVITING REAR SEAT; The Decision; My Current daily commute is/was the Fiat Punto 1.3 MJD It was aprox > 80k kms on the Fiat Punto MJD & it had served us exceptionally well especially with its confident inspiring highway manners, ride comfort & decent space at the back considering it was a hatchback, but it was time for a change & so was on the lookout for replacement. Sold for Rs 3.3 L Other Considerations; Renault Duster 85 PS (Diesel); The delivery period for the 85 Diesel was going overboard i.e > 3 months & so had to drop the idea of the Duster. Also the issue with the rear space/legroom put me off Pre-Requisites for the new buy; - Efficient Diesel Engine (Because my running would be atleast 20-25k kms/Annum) - Going to be chauffeur driven > 95% of time - Back seat space/comfort - Rear Arm rest ( mentioning this as was sorely missed in the Punto ) - Good Highway manners ( as dad will be chauffeured to factory @ Gujarat, Pune ) The booking & delivery Experience; The car was booked at Gen Next motors , Thane. The car was available in stock so the delivery was very quick indeed i.e. 7-8 working days. (this includes the loan procedure) GenNext Motors offered accessories worth upto Rs 25,000 Free on the Scala which include; 1) Map My India GPS 2) Illuminated Scuff Plates 3) Rear Parking Sensors 4) OE Matting 5) OE Mud Flaps The Delivery (23/11/12); Picked the car up from the stockyard @ Panvel 1st pictures; My T-Fort playing the role of a Support Car during the delivery; Registration; On the day i took the car for registration to Silvassa i got allotted the number 1164. I happily accepted the number & made a temporary sticker of the same & returned to Mumbai. The next day was a weekend, & on Monday i got a call from the RTO & DNH that the number i allotted which was 1162 is not changed to 1172. Was strange but anyway had to accept it, so did. However was running around on the old number till the new RC book, & IND Plates arrived Tyre Upgrade; The very next day of delivery & 300 kms later the tyres were upgraded from; Stock Bridgestone : 185/65 R15 to ; Make : Michelin Primacy LC Up-Size : 195/60 R15 & immediately the outcome Positives; - Better Ride quality / comfort - Improved Handling - Improved high speed stability (which was lacking in the Bridgestones especially > 120 km/hr - Marginally improved braking (> 2-3 %) - Wider track hence Better looks - Boosts the confidence of my driver & also mine while being chauffeured (mind games) Negative; - None, except while explaining my driver to take it easy on bumps, potholes as don’t want a popping side wall air bubble / cut may have dip his morale, lol Total cost after Buy Back – Rs 8000/- (i.e. 2k / tyre) More on this in the ride & handling section. 2000 km : 1st Service In almost under 15 days for the 1st service as had crossed the 2000 km mark; Also the fitment of accessories was to take place. The free goodies; - Map My India GPS - Illuminated Scuff Plates - Rear Parking Sensors - OE Matting - OE Mud Flaps 7500 km Report on; Engine/Performance; The engine feels like a N/A & this i say not in a negative way but with its low end ability & negligible turbo Lag this motor is a boon for stress free driving. This motor churns out a minimal of aprox 85 hp but the pulling power is astonishing aiding the cruising ability. Yes, the motor does get a bit gruffy when you revv it but overall pretty silent. As the meat of the power is in the strong low to mid end, so no point in doing 0-100 runs or red-lining as the juice wont be worth the squeeze. Refinement/Damping; Pop the hood & u see no damping, seems Renault is pretty confident of the refinement levels of the K9K. Gearbox/Gear shifts; The Gear Ratios are laid out very well to aid driving/cruising. Ample torque available from the low-mid end. Gearshifts are precise and good to operate. To be frank it is FUN to play around the gears as the shift quality is good. Also i believe the Renault engineers could have made the shift quality even better & paralleled the Skodas shift quality (Benchmark in my eyes – have been a Laura user i.e. before Cruze) but it seemed they left working on the shift quality halfway. Also note the Renault gearshifts cant adopt to the quick/fast gear changes. Gives a sound when you want to operate them in a rush. Fuel Economy; The Scala has been fairly economical till now. Highest FE clocked an practical runs (100-120 km/h) NH driving is 18-19 km/l On an daily commute in the city have consistently clocked 15-16 km/l The Worst economy got till now was in an spirited run on an highway clocking high 13s km/l Also recently did a short economy run on EE Hwy (Aprox 40 kms) with very careful throttle inputs (non practical) & managed to get an staggering 26 km/l All in all an extremely FE car & i am satisfied with it. Braking; A lot has been criticized about the braking on the Scala / Sunny & all those claims are true but to a certain extent allow me to speak in favour of the Scala a bit. More than the braking i feel the problem lies in the setting of the brake pedal / sensitivity. To elaborate more on this is that the pedal has almost no feel when pressed up to say 20% of travel & post that it starts reacting but taking its own time still & when the mind is convinced it is a do or die u depress the brake pedal further & there finally it has the bite. So overall i blame the brake pedal for being lazy / in sensitive but if you master this art i feel the braking is very soothing for the rear passengers. Post the Fitment of wider PLC Rubber i think it is definitely confident inspiring under hard braking but the difference is hardly 2-3% which is critical nonetheless. Ride & Handling; The ride quality is truly impressive. It drives flat on the rough patches very well. Much of the credit has to be given to the suspension of this Renault which has been truly designed in favor favor of the poor Indian road conditions. Negative - As soon as you hit a bad bump/badly laid out pavered blocks/ pot hole the suspension sounds creep into the cabin making you feel you have committed a sin. ^ The above could have been reduced with better sound dampening Handling is very predictable now thanks to the confidence inspiring Michelins for being Wider, Softer & Stickier than the Bridgestones. The suspension now gives in before the tires thanks to the soft setup. Also there is noticeable body roll. Have done many number of trips to Gujarat, Pune (more like a passenger though i.e. back seat) and it feels safe; ^ @ NH8 - From one of my trips to Gujarat (DNH) But all in all the handling is very good and more of a cruiser on the Highways than a Scorcher. Interior; I think the interior is well laid out everything is pretty neatly designed and the color chemistry used is a fresh change over the common beige. Space – This is the one and main reason for the purchase. Haptics; Haptics refers to the science / sense of TOUCH & FEEL. Normally cars plastic (Dashboard & trims) is based on 3 principles; 1) Conventional Polypropylene Compound 2) Polypropylene Compound With additives ( Scratch Resistant ) 3) TPO Skin overmolding ( Where a soft rubber skin – leather like is crafted on the hard poly propylene compound to give the entire interior / dashboard soft touch feel) – Common to premium cars BMW, Porsche etc ... The plastics quality in the Scala belongs in the 1st category i.e. the conventional PP Type. I say this as the plastic quality on the interiors is not at all inviting to touch, leaving that aside it has already developed a scratch above the glove box. Scala in a nutshell ; What i Like: 1) ABS + EBD in RxL Model ( technically BASE Model of Diesel) 2) Fantastic Rear headrests (cushioned to perfection , just like a pillow) 3) One Touch down & UP window ( Drivers side ) 4) Steering mounted steering controls (specially having “Source” button, no need to reach out to switch ON) 5) Steering “Not” adjustable for REACH – I say this in my interest as i am going to be 95 % of time sitting behind so which directly means the driver will not push seat back because the steering will not get pulled for reach ) 6) The chrome door handles feel upmarket & are of supreme finish. 7) Big Boot has quite an appetite & can swallow quite a bit of luggage. 8) 2+2 year / 80,000 km warranty What i Dislike: 1) Even after setting the seat to the lowest position still it is too high for my liking 2) No cushioning on the front center arm rest 3) The Roof Antenna is too long for today’s standard ( makes it look like an RC car) 4) Mediocre engine performance above 120 kph, literally feels out of breath 5) Only 2 keys given by Renault out of which only one is with the integrated buttons & other one with no keyless entry buttons looks pre-historic ( 2+1 would have been ideal) 6) Rear seat storage pocket only on the passenger side & missing on the drivers side, WHY ? 7) Headroom ( Rear Seat) is tight at the rear for any one who is >= 6 Ft Overall this review pays more emphasis on the Scala as a practical, economical, stylish & S P A C I O U S Business sedan to be chauffeured in. Thank You !!!
  15. Keeping its worst ever pace, Indian car market in June 2013 dropped 5.2% from last year ending an awful first half down 10.1%. Launching the locally produced SUV Ecosport, Ford finally attacked this market, almost doubling share.
  16. I was recently wondering about which car will a man with 8-9lacs to spare buy? I shortlisted two options. First is the Renault Duster and the other was Honda Amaze, particularly, because these two cars have set the market on fire since their announcement. Renault Duster made available in both petrol and diesel options. The petrol driven Renault houses a 1598cc I4 DOHC engine that produces 100.3bhp at 5850 rpm and a maximum torque of 145Nm at 3750 rpm. The diesel powered Renault Duster is powered by 1461cc Turbocharged Diesel I4 SOHC engine that is able to deliver two different power figures: 108.3bhp and 83.5bhp power and a torque of 248Nm and 200Nm respectively to the wheels. Duster has two transmission options- five-speed manual and another six-speed manual (108bhp). In singularity, the Duster looks a very good product, and it is, but when we look out in the market, with a view to buy a car, we just don’t see just one car. We browse and then compare our options. Well, while we are at it, why should you be worried about it, we can do that for you. Now, we compare Duster with Amaze The Looks: The exteriors of the both the cars are good, Duster at one side gives you the feel of a sporty off-roader, Amaze shows your love for the finer details in life. The exteriors would always command for a look from the people if you sit in any of the cars, as they are both extremely stylish and good looking cars. When we take a look at the interiors, we are actually disappointed watching the Duster losing the battle to Amaze. The black touch to the interiors gives a sporty look to the car, but the plastic is not very impressive. While on the other side, Amaze is all through a premium looking car, also inside out. Honda stands firm on the premium brand image it owns and maintains and gains a brownie point against Duster here. Fuel Economy: The 1.5 diesel powered engine introduced with Duster in India is tuned to two different states putting out two different power outputs (83.8bhp and 108.5bhp).Renault Duster is capable to deliver 20.46kmpl for mileage for the 83.8bhp diesel engine and 19.01kmpl for the 108.5bhp powertrain. Impressive for an SUV, but in a country, that puts fuel efficiency as one of the major deciding criteria, Renault loses again to the latest weapon in the Honda arsenal; the i-VTEC engine providing more than 25 kilometers per liter. Power: The torque produced by the 85bhp Duster is good and its actually enough at least for city driving. The problem with automobile companies all over the world has been, ‘with great power, comes lower fuel economy’. But surprisingly, both the cars we are talking about right now, seem to have balanced the two ends very well. The power of Amaze, I mean, whom we are kidding, we are talking about Honda, what was the last time, someone complained about an engine from Honda. The i-VTEC is a modern marvel and the power of Amaze is Amazing.
  17. Renault has launched the Duster SUV. The India-bound Duster is slightly different from the one that was showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this year. The India-spec SUV’s lower-part front bumper gets a black finish, as opposed to the body-coloured one seen earlier. The wing mirrors are part-black, part-body-coloured, while the car seen at the Expo had a part-chrome, part-body-coloured setup. Other trim bits such as the headlights, grille and alloys are the same. The Duster comes in eight trims and three engine options, which include a base 1.6-litre petrol at a starting price of Rs 7.19 lakh, and the 1.5-litre diesel that currently powers the Fluence. The diesel engine is available in two states of tune — an entry-level 84bhp version and a top of the line 108.5bhp variant. The 108.5bhp motor is the ‘Step 4’ version of the K9K engine. The base RXE petrol variant is priced at Rs 7.19 lakh while the up-market RXL petrol costs Rs 8.19 lakh. The base diesel RXL with the 85bhp motor is priced at Rs 8.99 lakh, the RXL Diesel (option pack) is priced at Renault Duster prices (Ex-showroom, Delhi) RXE Petrol: Rs 7.19 lakh RXL Petrol: Rs 8.19 lakh RXE Diesel 85bhp: Rs 7.99 lakh RXL Diesel 85bhp: Rs 8.99lakh RXL Diesel pack: Rs 9.99 lakh RXL Diesel 110bhp: Rs 9.99 lakh RXZ Diesel 110bhp: Rs 10.99 lakh RXZ Diesel pack: Rs 11.29 lakh
  18. We all know the buzz created by Duster in Indian automobile market. As Duster has earned Brand Renault a limelight, which was missing in the past due to not so exciting product linup. Small car is bread and butter segment for every company in India. So to take advantage of current buzz should Renault bring in Clio or any small car. (Stripped down Pulse wont work according to me as it is quite Old and also It may kiil existing Pulse). We understand it takes long time to launch new car, but still if they can, should they launch hot hatch Clio?