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Found 11 results

  1. Suzuki Swift scores 0 stars in Latin NCAP. So now everyone is going to put the blame on Maruti Suzuki because they didn't make a safe car. But it was our mistake too because you guys asked for more fuel efficiency so Suzuki tried to decrease the weight of that car and made it fuel efficient. But we never thought about safety right? We just wanted the touch screen display in in the center console, we just wanted the rain sensing wipers and automatic LED headlights but did we never thought about safety. We were like f*ck safety we just want a cheap car which is fuel efficient and have white colored lights that's it! By this blog I don't want to create any offense I just wanted to tell people that we have to give priority to safety over any other stupid features while buying a car.
  2. As we all know, Maruti Suzuki is all set to launch its new Maruti swift in February 2018. Please explain what is extra in new Swift. Should i wait for new swift or can buy an older version?
  3. Got my new Swift DZire ZXi last month (sorry for posting this late ) In late June we found that another car was required for our local needs. The car would have been used by mom who's office is just 1 km away. So we focused on getting a petrol car. The cars infact the Hatches which we had in mind 1. Hyundai i20 i20 was a very capable car but was expensive even keeping the goodies the offer 2. VW Polo Polo, a tough build car was our second option. No one except me liked the cars looks so the idea was dropped 3. Nissan Micra Micra was a good car but my uncle owns a sunny, and the brake and build quality issue put it down In these three cars, we chose to go for i20 Sportz Line in 1.2 kappa petrol But later, when my dad saw the expensive price tag, he told me to search for sedans as he can go more for a sedan. The choices in the segment were 1. Honda Amaze This car was a very efficient car with a promising engine. The car was very loud and the interior quality and looks were extremely cheap 2. Toyota Etios My dad travels to our office in a Etios cab and liked the car because of its large boot and spacious interiors. But the taxi operator told that the car was the worst car he ever got from toyota's stable. Plus the visible cost cutting let it down So the last car was Swift DZire This car was the one which everyone liked. The only problem was the small boot but lived with that the car has got the best interiors in the segment and was better build than compitation While booking, my dad thought to took the car to his office which was 50km one way. So we got confused either to go for VDi or ZXi. ZXi was around 20000 cheaper and had all the accessories. And even if we would have chosen the VDi trim, we would have got alloys which cost 20000-30000. So finally decided to go for ZXi Delivery period: The waiting period was a week or two but we delayed the delivery due to some reasons. Hospitality: The people there at the showroom were very friendly and treated us well (in fact better than BMW's ) The D-Day Some of the pics at the delivery are attached Will write more about the first month service
  4. Hello everyone, So, Finally I am all ready and excited to buy my first car. I need guidance on which one to select. The cars I have in my mind are : swift ZXI Swift ZDI i10 grand Ford ecosport Trend Petrol ford ecosport trend Ambience The budget I am going with is 5 - 7 lakh. Swift, I am aware is a stable option, as this car has proved itself in the whole world (and not just Indian market). I am confused about Ecosport and Grand i10. My focus is to own an amazing car with reasonable cost of ownership. (.. Again I have heard Ford cars go heavy on pocket when it comes to maintance etc...) 1- My current driving will not be more than 10kms every day. 2- I can go for ZXI, but I have heard ZDI has a lesser depreciation than petrol model. 3- Shoudl I go for a diesel model or a petrol one ? Please suggest. Thanks.
  5. Hi Friends! Although I like and own a Swift for its perfect value for money appeal, I do have a question to ask all my fellow mates. This is regarding the new shape Swift and the dents commonly seen on its boot. It so happened that I tried to close the boot of my Swift a couple of days back and incidentally ended up denting the boot sheet metal; the portion of boot above the rear number plate. On closer inspection, I realised that the same is constructed of very thin sheet metal which can easily get dented by simple pressing by bare hands. Since then, I started observing all new shape Swifts on the roads and their boots and found out that quite a few of them had a dent at the same spot. Maybe their owners committed the same mistake that I did. I just saw a straight out of the showroom condition Swift with a similar dent yesterday as well. I am also sure that Maruti service stations must be getting a lot of cars with similarly dented boots. If that is the case, is Maruti proactively taking steps to get rid of the problem by maybe installing an internal reinforcement or by using heavy duty sheet metal. Please share in case you've had a similar experience with a Swift's bootlid. Also, is there anything that can be done to prevent the incident from reoccurring? Are there any materials available in the market which can be glued/ welded to the sheet metal to provide added strength? Thanks!
  6. Hello Mates! I had been planning to buy a diesel hatch as a replacement for my Santro Xing which although, is 7yrs old now but has never troubled me ever. It was this trouble free nature of this lady that I decided to retain it and also go in for a diesel hatch anyways. Easier said than done, I realized selecting the right car can be a real pain with so many options available in the market. I also did not want to spend anything over 7 lacs (on-road) for a hatch and wanted the best bang for buck. The car would only be used for our neighbourhood runs to carry errands. After careful deliberation, I zeroed in on the Swift VDi. Have booked it through DD Motors, Delhi and the experience has been pretty good till now with no reasons to complain whatsoever. Pearl Metallic Arctic White was the color of choice for the simple reason that its really easy to maintain. The dealership has specified a delivery within 15 working days which came as a big surprise as I thought there would be a huge waiting period on the Swift Diesel. I have only paid the booking amount of 20k till now and would be paying the rest while taking delivery of the car. I also plan to add certain accessories with the most important one being the entertainment system. The total planned expenditure on the same is around 40k all inclusive. Have been thinking of getting either of the Sony XAV 701BT/ 601BT head units but anything better within the price range would be welcome. Plan to add a 4 channel and a mono sub sometime in future. Would post in the pics of the Newbie soon…
  7. I bought a new swift zdi on march 15,2013. i'm satisfied with the sound quality which is offered by my company fitted stereo,But it lacks Bass , i wanted to put up a 12' inch subwoofer with an amp for deep an rich bass, i usually listen rock songs sometimes classic oldies. My budget is around 10-11k for both, (subwoofer and amplifier) Please suggest for which model/company i would go for! regards. Abhinav
  8. Everyday I’m faced with the choice of choosing between my old flame, the Maruti Swift and my new love affair, the Honda Amaze. Call me shallow, but I can’t resist picking up my latest fling, for a delightful and comfortable drive. Each and every time I drive it, I discover something new and fall in love with it all over again. I believe it’s truly amazing car, not that I’ll ever forget the great times with my old flame. Maruti Swift wasn’t about the engine or the specifications or its features for me. It was the drive that mattered, always. I found it comfortable even though it was just Maruti, the brand that isn’t exactly associated with comfort. The drive was always smooth, allowing me to cut and swerve as I pleased. The spacious hatchback was compact enough for me to swiftly meander my way through traffic, stop and go smoothly between heavy traffic and also speed away in a flash as soon as there was the opportunity. The pickup is indeed great and with the mileage of 17kmpl, it proved to be a good car and a good drive. My only problem was when the engine got a little too irritating and loud. It wasn’t flattering to the smart and good looking car I was driving in, looking pretty smooth myself as I sped by many an onlooker. I’d suggest a few improvements for the future models, a better music system, an improved engine and maybe a bit more comfort. I make these suggestions only because it was when I drove the Honda Amaze that I realized what I was missing. At such a great price for a sedan by Honda, I thought it must be cramped for space or have some noticeable fault. However, this new creation by Honda has made it possible for a sedan to retain the compactness of a hatchback, allowing similar maneuverability as the Swift on busy roads. But this compactness doesn’t let it compromise on the space in the car. This sedan built over a small car platform has some pleasant surprises to offer. Keeping up with the Honda reputation, the seating, leg space for both front as well as back passengers and the overall comfort is remarkable. As highlighted by the advertising of the Honda Amaze, the interiors are surprisingly spacious and is equipped with all the necessary comfort features like power steering, a powerful AC, power windows, central locking and of course a good music system! Also equipped with the i-DTEC engine, the engine is by far better than my old Swift’s. Giving a mileage of 25kmpl, it made me realize that the 17kmpl I was living with was almost a shame. This isn’t the best part for me though. The best things about this car for me are the seriously comfortable seating and driving, making me one with the road and giving me a true Honda experience along with the sexy looks of a sedan, which I believe make me look even smoother…I didn’t even know that was possible!
  9. Hello guys, My Swift is getting kinda old now.. already done 63k kms by now. Its going to be time soon for my next service schedule in about a 1000 odd kms and I wanted to know what all should be maintained as a checklist for a car that is this old. Following is the list I have: Spark plug replacement Engine Oil (part of any regular service) - but should I switch to synthetic? Brake oil flush and change Calipers and drum check Gear oil flush and change Fuel filter change (does this apply to a petrol car?) Air filter change Coolant flush and change (from reservoir and radiator) Timing belt change? I've heard they wear out cuz of the heat in around 4-5 yrs and should be replaced.. Accessory drive belt.. same like above - 100k or 5 yrs whichever comes first. Apart from this, I've had my suspension changed at 40k under warranty.. the guy at the service station was kind enough to help me avail the benefits of my extended warranty so thats pretty new. I'm yet to check what all got done in my last service of 50k.. trying to find the bill.. But, given that the car has done quite a few kms by now, is this list good? Am I missing anything? Also, what kinda service schedule should be maintained here on? Is 10k a good interval or should it be taken more frequently for its age?
  10. Hi guys, I've been noticing lately a noise from the front-left of my car. Its a squeaking noise, as if like a continuous kooch-kooch which increases as the speed goes up. Apart from this, there is also a squeal when I hit the brakes. I don't know whether these noises are inter-related. But it has now become quite audible and bothersome. I had brought up this point during my last service to which the MASS said it may be due to a bad alignment. It did wear off after that, to resurface after a couple of days! A re-check turned out to be normal. I lived with the noise for a while but now its just bothering. Have any of you faced a similar situation? Can anyone (mech-head) predict the reason for this? One, I feel is the suspension, but it was changed only 7k kms ago. I plan to service my car in the next week (regular service) to get this sorted. But any opinions welcome...
  11. Hyundai is readying the replacement for the i10 and proof of this comes from the first-ever spy pictures of the car being tested on Indian soil. Though heavily disguised, it looks longer and wider than the current car and the silhouette of the grille behind the cladding suggests the new i10 follows Hyundai's ‘Fluidic’ design theme. Other clues pointing to this are the swept-back headlights, the low, elongated chin and the rising shoulder line. Top-end variants could get alloy wheels and rear parking sensors as well as fog lamps as standard equipment.