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Found 1 result

  1. Labeeb

    Road Tax

    We as Indian Citizens, has the liberty to travel across India in a Private Car registered in of the State. However, we still on some occasions had to face harassment from the RTO of another state, nowadays, mainly to Pay the Road Tax of respective state if you happen to stay back for more than a month in the neighboring state. Currently, the Road Tax ranges from 2 - 20% of Value of Vehicles among different states; so it is quite natural that, if a person has business interests in different states, he would take the registration in a state where the Taxes are low. In my view, the Current Road Tax Regime is altogether incorrect & it needs drastic changes. I think, the Road Tax has to be applied to the Diesel & Petrol Prices by charging not more than Rs.0.50 per litre of fuel. In this way, all the respective states where the Vehicle plies would get its own share of Road Tax & there would not be any issue with the Registration of Vehicles. Further, the Road Tax means a fee for the usage of roads; the more one uses, he has to pay more unlike the current regime. In this way, we may even be able to abolish a certain percentage of Toll roads. Please post your views.