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Found 13 results

  1. Toyota has introduced the Innova 50th Anniversary Edition for the Indonesian market commemorating it's 50 years of operations of Toyota in Indonesia. The special edition MPV is limited to just 50 units. In terms of exterior updates, the limited-edition MPV adorns a shade of pearl white with a golden accent that runs across the bonnet to the side panels. The front fascia of the MPV looks quite similar to the regular model, the only difference being the use of a different grille. While the 'V' Luxury trims gets a grille finished in chrome, the 'Venturer' gets a dark chrome coating & in addition there are new specially designed 18-inch six-spoke alloy wheels which come finished in dark grey. Inside, the MPV features a premium 'Noble Brown' colour along with a wood finish over the dashboard. It also receives 50th anniversary badging over the carpets, along with a JBL sound system & a 3-spoke multifunctional steering wheel.
  2. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  3. Car buying is not as easy as it used to be anymore. There are hundreds of options out there, with cars coming in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and configurations at every possible budget. Add to that the insatiable thirst of the Indian marketplace for big, imposing cars, which are also somewhat affordable and what we are left with is finally a narrower field of vision. Some of the largest and most rugged SUVs in India can be found for sale within 35lacs. To help you choose your next car, we came up with this Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs Volkswagen Tiguan comparison test. But why these cars only? Toyota Fortuner is an established name in India. The direct rival in its path, in terms of rugged design and utility is the Ford Endeavour. And almost out of nowhere, Volkswagen has provided us with the Tiguan which might be the most sensible choice as your daily car. Or, is it? We don't know yet, but we WILL know for sure how each car stands out in different categories which will help YOU make a better purchase for yourself, if not THE best. The new Toyota Fortuner makes the most sense, the earlier Fortuner was good, so this must be great too, right? Yes, and no. See, the problem is that the previous Fortuner was a great car, for its price. In a segment which was dominated by Honda CRV and Hyudai Tucson at one point of time, Fortuner stood out like a body-builder on steroids in a room full of skinny teens. Its road presence, and the overall package made people overlook its shortcomings like slow speed ride quality and the interiors, which were more like the Toyota Innova, which at the time came at under 15lacs and was a budget minivan. It was tough to call it a premium package, even at that price. And that is exactly why the new Fortuner has come into being. In the looks department, Toyota decided to look towards its Lexus brand for inspiration. If the curves of the older Toyota Fortuner reminded you of the Toyota Corolla, the creases of the new one would remind you of the Lexus RX, somewhat. The Toyota Fortuner now is even more imposing than before and boasts a more striking design, busy and not so easy on the eyes. Now that you know that you will turn heads in the Fortuner, let's head over to the more important bits. It is impressive on the outside, but what about the Fortuner's interiors? Interiors are good, but again, not for the price. With the top-of-the-line Fortuner closing in at roughly 32lacs, we expect a little more than exposed wires in the glove-box and a lack of use of metal components. The interiors sure feel luxurious and upmarket, but a little more attention to detail would not have bothered anyone. Toyota Fortuner's specifications: So, what do you get mechanically for that price? The Fortuner is available with a 2.7-l petrol and a 2.8-l diesel engine. The 2.7-l petrol unit is capable of 164bhp and 245Nm of torque. The larger diesel mill produces 175bhp and a whopping 450Nm of torque. It is worth mentioning here that only the 2.8-l diesel unit is available with 4x4. Manual and Automatic versions are available for both, petrol and diesel. The prices for all the three SUVs would be listed together towards the end of the article. The Ford Endeavour has no chance to survive in front of the Fortuner, or does it? Ford could not win a court-case against a spice-powder manufacturer for the name Everest, yeap, that is what the Endeavour is called in other markets, then how can we expect it to win against the segment leader, the Fortuner? Here's the deal. This is where things get real. The forums are all tilted towards the Fortuner, however, when it comes to driving off the tarmac, the Endeavour will DESTROY the Fortuner. Ultimately, these are Sport Utility Vehicles, emphasis 'Sport'. The Endeavour and the Fortuner, both are really capable off-road. The Fortuner comes with features like rear axle diff lock, Hill Start Assist Control, Hill Descent Control and Active Traction Control. The Ford Endeavour also comes with roughly the same features, it gets 225mm ground clearance, 5 mm more than the Fortuner, though. What the Endeavour also comes with is a Terrain Management System with three settings: Snow mode keeps RPMs low for greater control, while enhanced ABS and torque control help minimize wheel slip; Sand mode provides you with a more aggressive torque transfer, a more sensitive throttle response, and even wheel slip to keep the momentum going; Rock mode keeps 4WD in first gear for greater control and maximises ABS and torque transfer to help you navigate through gravel, rocks and the kind. However, what actually sets the Endeavour apart from the Fortuner is this: Ford Endeavour's specifications are something which are yet to be seen in a SUV of this budget. The top-end Endeavour comes with a 3.2-l diesel with roughly 200hp and 470Nm of torque. The Endeavour is higher than the Fortuner by 5mm, has 25bhp more, and an extra 20Nm of torque. The final nail in the coffin is the fact that the Endeavour is also lighter by 340kg. Add to this the 800mm water wading capability of the Endeavour and it is clear which SUV is winning off-road. But, there are things which even the Endeavour doesn't do well. Interiors of the Ford Endeavour are elegant, just like its exteriors. They are in no way flamboyant. And as for the touchscreen infotainment system, it does not get Apple CarPlay OR Android Auto. The best thing about the inside is the neat instrument cluster. It has screens on either side of the speedo which sits in the middle, providing you all sorts of information. Even the tachometer appears among other readouts, which can be seen one at a time. And then there's the little issue of fuel economy. The 200hp 3.2-l diesel unit burns a liter of fuel every 10.9km, which is roughly 16% lesser than that of the Toyota Fortuner, which gives 12 kilometers to the liter. Which one is for you then? If you want a product which is classy and elegant, then the Ford Endeavour makes a lot of sense. If you need something which shouts 'Look at me!', you might go for the Toyota Fortuner. Ford Endeavour is your no frills SUV, it will get you anywhere, even in some places where the Fortuner might not, because of its higher torque and bhp figures. The overall fit and finish of the Endeavour is better, however, the interiors of the Fortuner impress more. If you live in the city rather than the suburbs, then your choice may be different. Actually, here's the truth. Neither of them fit in with the city environment. The low mileage is only expected to fall further in the city, and their enormous proportions are exaggerated in traffic. Moreover, flyovers don't require Hill Descend Control or 4x4. Sure, you can go for the less powerful variants of these SUVs, and can use them as limos, but since these are driver oriented machines, the concrete jungle is just not their habitat. However, that has not stopped people from buying them. In fact, they have been selling pretty well. However, there's a game changer among us. With dimensions similar to that of the Tucson, and priced with the Fortuner and the Endeavour, and made to target the luxury segment, the Volkswagen Tiguan seems to have it all. It's rivals help define what IT really is. If backseat comfort is your priority, then the Volkswagen Tiguan is for you. Moreover, despite being a crossover, you can not call it an overpriced hatchback by ANY means. It is loaded with features not seen on either of the previous discussed SUVs. The Toyota and the Ford look like what an American football player would buy, the Tiguan however, looks like it is the daily vehicle of choice of some model, who happens to tackle some mud and bogs on the way to the location of the photoshoot. It makes the large SUVs look absolutely brash, that's how good it is. And its strongest point is its pedigree. Thanks to the tech which has been derived from cars like this: Tiguan's specifications are its strongest point. You can pretty much be assured that the Tiguan is really capable. It looks soft on the eyes, seats just 5, and moreover is low slung, and it is in fact a crossover. But don't be fooled by its resume. The Tiguan comes with the 4motion technology, which transfers torque according to grip levels to individual wheels in real time. It always helps that the Audi S1 Quattro was a part of the Volkswagen group. AWD has been a strong point common to many cars, right from the humble Tiguan to the big Bentleys. It also has a Drive Mode Selector which allows you to choose from four presets- Normal, Offroad, Offroad Individual and Snow. It also comes with Hill Descent Control. But there's more. It also comes with a panoramic sunroof, 6 airbags, ABS, ESP, and despite being loaded with way more features, it weighs just a tad more than the Fortuner. A 2.0-l TDI diesel enable the Tiguan to produce 141bhp and 340Nm of torque, which is quite sufficient for it. Where it trumps the bigger trucks is its mileage, returning 17 kilometers to the liter. That is hatchback territory. Here's the bottom-line. If sales figures are anything to go buy, the Toyota Fortuner is your choice of ride, hands down. It largely dominates the market. It is no doubt, a great SUV. If you need some flash and dash, there is no better SUV in this price segment that attracts eyes quite like the Fortuner does. However, if you really need to go off the road, the Endeavour is the SUV to go for. After beating around the bush, the little fact that Endeavour is lighter, more powerful and equally equipped, has finally surfaced. The Fortuner is great, no doubt, it is just that the Endeavour is a tad more capable. So, how does the Tiguan fit into the comparison? As discussed earlier, the Tiguan too is well-equipped for off-road use. However, its weight and ground clearance bring it down when it comes to mud bogging. It is the ideal car to go for in the city, that is for sure. If your daily runabout does not require a massive SUV, then the Tiguan is for you. What the sales figures show is that the market is not yet ready to pay this amount of money for a Volkswagen yet. Price is what made the Volkswagen Phaeton a flop in the Indian market, and that trend seems to have infested the sales of the Tiguan too. However, if you are able to look past the price, it is a really capable machine. Here's a link to the original article:
  4. Video about Toyota New Agya Toyota is arguably very good at guessing consumer wants and needs!! They have made long achievements since introducing Kijang, Innova, Avanza , now through Calya and Agya. The last name got a new concoction after it was officially introduced today, Thursday (19/3/2020). The introduction of the Toyota New Agya had to be done via YouTube live streaming because of the corona outbreak that broke out in the country. Various refreshments and improvements are offered by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) through its flagship LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) hatchback. For the second edition of the facelift since it was launched for the first time, Agya comes with the tagline "Start to Never Stop", with a more sporty appearance and more complete features. But when I was studying in China this year, I rarely heard people discussing this car. In short, I think this car is pretty. So I post this page.
  5. Toyota Urban Cruiser's brochure has been leaked. It gives us a first look at the upcoming sub-four metre SUV's features. The Urban Cruiser gets LED projector headlamps, DRLs, fog lamps and tail lamps. Also on offer are keyless entry and go, auto air conditioning, automatic wipers, cruise control and a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As the Urban Cruiser is a badge-engineered Vitara Brezza, the equipment list is shared with the Maruti Suzuki, except for the brown upholstery and a brown exterior paint shade. Booking commence on August 22. You can catch all the details here:
  6. I have just come across some spyshots of the Toyota Innova Crysta equipped with the TRD Sportivo kit in Indonesia. The MPV features sportier bumper, side skirts and blacked out alloy wheels. The body kit is more aggressive than the Toyota Innova Leadership Edition or Touring Sport available in India. What do you guys think of the Toyota Innova TRD Sportivo and would you like to see it come to our market? IMAGE SOURCE
  7. It is the sports car among luxury crossovers, the most dynamic looking car in the class and inspired in all the right places - chiefly performance. As the best-selling model in Infiniti's European range, it is also the car that has introduced the luxury automotive brand from Japan to more people in Europe than any other. It is the Infiniti FX, the perfect fusion of sports car and SUV and the car that created a whole new product category. In just four years the FX has become not just the brand icon in Europe but also the standard-bearer for the driving pleasure, peace of mind and hospitality on which Infiniti is founded
  8. Here are the first images of a new Toyota Willander SUV for the Chinese market. The SUV is based on the RAV-4 SUV but it has been majorly re-designed with new front and rear bumpers, new headlights, new taillights, new front grille among other changes. The SUV in these images is a Hybrid variant. What do you guys think of the Toyota Wildlander SUV? IMAGE SOURCE
  9. Toyota has confirmed that it is developing a new small-sized SUV for the European market, based on the TNGA-B platform. I have come across some new renders for the SUV. What do you guys think of Toyota making a small-SUV? You can read more about it here - IMAGE SOURCE
  10. Toyota Corolla is one of the company’s longest production car, the first car came out of the factory back in 1966. Since then it is known for its reliability and longevity. The Toyota Corolla is up there behind the Volkswagen Beetle. We’re talking 50 years and 40 million cars, a milestone that's being marked with a 2017 Corolla. It is also one of the most important products of the Japanese automaker in India with an ever-increasing price tag. This Year Toyota has revealed the 13th Generation Corolla Altis in India. In its new avatar, the Toyota Corolla Altis is now better equipped with a number of quality features. The well-cushioned seats with ample leg space and headroom and the strong suspension system with McPherson struts at the front and torsion beam suspension at the rear will give you a comfortable and luxurious ride quality with elegance. Toyota Corolla Altis Engine Variants:- The new Toyota Corolla Altis will be powered by the same set of engines which were powering the previous generation. A 1.8 Litre DOHC Dual VVT-i Petrol Engine with a maximum output of 138 bhp and 173 NM of Torque. And a 1.4 Litre Diesel Engine with Variable Nozzle Turbo and Inter-cooler producing 86.79 bhp of power and 205 Nm of Torque. The Petrol Engine is available with 2 transmission option a 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic. But the Diesel is available with only a 6-speed manual transmission option. 1.8 L DOHC Dual VVT-i Petrol 138 bhp and 173 Nm 1.4 L D-4D Diesel Engine 86.79 bhp and 205 Nm Transmission 6-speed Manual And 7-speed CVT For Petrol and a 6-speed manual for diesel. Toyota Corolla Altis Exterior:- The new Corolla Altis features a much bolder and sportier-looking front bumper with wider radiator grille and new fog lamps. It has Halogen front lamps for the base variants and Bi-beams LED headlights with daytime running DRL's. The side profile is fairly the same except this time it gets a new set of 16-inch alloy wheels with 10 spokes and 15 spokes options. The car also gets electrically adjustable, retractable and auto-fold rearview mirrors. Toyota Corolla Altis Interior:- Toyota has also worked upon the quality and finish to be better than its predecessors. Inside the car, it gets a Dual Tone interior with 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel and 10 - Way Adjustable Power Driver Seat with Limber Support. It also gets a 7.0" soft Touch Screen with steering mounted Audio Controls, MID & Bluetooth Switch. Luxurious Features like Cruise control, Dual rear power sockets and smart entry with push start button are also pres Infotainment System Toyota Corolla Altis Mileage:- The Petrol Variants gives an economy of 13.64 in city and 15.49 with manual and 12 in city and 14.3 with automatic. Whereas the Diesel Variants gives 19.2 in city and 21.4 on Highway with the manual Thank-You very much If you like this please comment and share your views. Please visit my blog for more Automotive related articles:-
  11. Toyota will unveil an all-new compact SUV on November 5. This new SUV will be a global model and will be built at multiple locations. Here's a computer-generated rendering of what it could look like. What are your thoughts on this compact SUV? IMAGE SOURCE
  12. Maruti Suzuki is going to be supplying its mid-size sedan Ciaz and MPV Ertiga to Toyota in India and Africa according to a joint release made by the two manufacturers. What do you guys think about this partnership and the cars that are being shared between the two carmakers? SOURCE
  13. These are the first leaked photographs of the next-generation Toyota Corolla.Toyota had showcased a saloon concept called the Corolla Furia at January’s Detroit Motor Show, which was believed to preview the new Corolla’s styling. From these first pictures it seems that although much of the aggressive detailing has been toned down for production, the car’s basic shape and sharp lines have remained faithful to the concept. The styling also appears to be heavily influenced by Toyota’s other recently launched international models – the Rav4 and Auris, and there are hints of the new Camry in there as well. The front looks very Etiosish to me really. Read the whole story here:,new-2014-toyota-corolla-leaked.aspx