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Found 2 results

  1. While it's convenient to access many secondhand car offering via used portals, one problem is the misleading information regarding the car condition. Sometimes, customers might be scammed for a car which is claimed to be no-accidental. However, in fact, it was restored to look like new. To keep you from buying cars of this type, here is a guideline on how to check accident history of a used car in India. Check Service Record Service record is an important document that you must check when inspecting a used car. y looking at the service history record, you can tell how the previous owner of the car has maintained and taken care of. Check Windshield crack A crack on the windshield might be the evidence of a past collision. Check for panel gaps or door gaps Body gaps can tell you something about the condition of the car. If the exterior parts are affected, it is likely that some internal parts might be damaged as well. Here are just a few guides. For the sake of the post, I will not post the full guide because it would look lengthy and boring. To be a wiser car buyer, you can visit my article how to check accident history of a car at for detailed guides and tips on buying a used car. Thank you Link to the article: If you know of any other tips, please comment below!
  2. I was browsing through websites such as CARWALE, CARDEKHO , CARTRADE etc... and found so many attractive choice of cars within budget of 4 Lakh rupees. If we look for brand new cars within budget of 4 Lakhs there are very limited choices available with cars having very limited features and facilities. If you are given a choice to buy 2nd Hand Car with budget of maximum 4 Lakh what will be your choice ? my preferred choices are a) Honda City ZX Vtec - For it's looks Toyota Innova - For it's ownership experience, size and looks. c) Mahindra Renault Logan -Low running cost , big cabin and luggage space, best suited for highway as well as city driving. d) Toyota Corrola - Brand , premium feel and reliability. e) Maruti Suzuki SX4 - Peace of mind, interior space, reliability Though I love Tata Safari but because the ownership experience and after sales service of Tata Cars is not good I may stay away. It's like playing gamble. You may win / loose. Mahindra Renault Logan is preferred because of it's low running cost as well as less electronic equipment as well as build quality so even if it's pre-owned the experience to own the same won't be a mistake. But exterior look of Logan is very boring so before entring the car there will always be a feeling of a "compromise purchase" if opted for logan. Suzuki SX4 is best among the lot due to reliability attached to it and the look of car is also not very boring. Honda city ZX Vtec looks great but I have heard of honda cars having problem with its suspension. If you have any more suggestion please give your inputs.