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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  2. Hi Experts, I own Hyundai Verna Fluidic. Launched in 2011, it was feature loaded. But mp3 play over Bluetooth did not support change of tracks via controls on steering or audio system. Although there is a hack of Apple users to use iPod cable received with the same but it would be nice to have controls change songs via Bluetooth. Android users have no luck here. In 2014, Fluidic verna received a small upgrade where the same music system’s software was updated and supported the change track functionality. How can I update my system to this latest firmware? Firmware update requires USB / CD. We can check firmware by - Turn off radio Long Press 1. Keep 1 pressed and now press 6. To enter setup - Long press 1 and then press 4. Leave 1 and 4 simultaneously and immediately press 1 four times. Press 2 to update firmware OR press 5 to update Bluetooth. My firmware is : PA710RBIGBT S/W : v1.00.GEN EEPROM : RB20KG47 BT : 3.12.2 VERNA Can someone help me update the system? Also can someone follow same steps and post verions in their verna?
  3. Hi, I'm planning on buying Creta. Diesel or Petrol - undecided. My questions are primarily on the quality of exterior / interiors and drive experience. I've tried to find answers on the forum but guess my questions are a bit different. I own Verna (3 years old) and Honda Civic (7 years old). So my questions are a bit related to my experience using the same. 1. How is the interior material durability of Creta? Is it lasting enough for a long term buy? (My experience with Verna has been bad in terms of interior quality. The a/c vents knobs have all fallen off after 2.5 years, the handbrake on the Verna doesnt work as smoothly as it was at the begining. While Civic's has been excellent even after 7 years) 2. Is the front armrest comfortable enough to place left hand on while driving? Is it good enough for two people to place their arms on the armrest? 3. How comfortable are the seat belts of Creta? I've got trouble wearing Verna's seatbelts, it doesn't feel comfortable at all. 4. Do you feel comfrotable sitting on the driver's seat while driving? 5. How sturdy are the bumpers / exteriors of Creta in a bumper accident situation? (My Civic has been hit many times on the back, but the bumper just keeps going, while the one on Verna looks like it would fall of in a minor bumper accident too) 6. How good is the Creta on turns? Is it sturdy or does it feel like the car will roll sidewards on fast turns on highways? 7. How good is Creta on highways at high speeds? Is it smooth or feels jarry / rickety? 8. Any owners who own the car for 1 plus year - Does it feel creeky / rickety inside or does it feel rock solid as new in terms of noise from the interiors?
  4. Hi, I have been driving a Swift ZXI for 5 years now. Have a very very old ligament injury in left leg. And have found my left leg talking to me very often when it peddles the clutch especially in city traffic. Planning to take a car under 12lac under my employer's car scheme. Car on-road has to be under 12lac under the scheme and I have the below choices: 1. Honda City 2014 Petrol. SV automatic or V manual. 2. Vento TSI automatic or Highline Manual 3. Verna SX automatic or Manual. Most of my drive will be city bumper to bumper traffic: Monday to Friday... Quality and safety conscious. Ruling out Honda due to its high price tag. Vento TSI is out of budget since it will cost > 12lac. Verna SX automatic: Like for below reasons: 1. Its automatic 2. Loaded with features. 3. Looks good Concerned about: 1. Engine quality ~ Korea make. 2. Mileage. Manual Verna gives 10-11km/l in city. Automatic may only give 8-10km/l ! 3. Ride and Handling Quality, especially highway drive. Car unstable when you hit upwards of 80km. 4. Braking. Is it true that breaking is not effective in Verna automatic cars since the gearbox not sending torque to the wheels and hence lack of braking pressure ? 5. Suspension. read poor reviews for verna. My friend is also complaining about this back ache... 6. Above all concerned about resale and maintenance of automatic car. Heard Vento automatic gear box is not really the best with only 4 speed transmission. Vento Highline Manual Petrolke Like 1. German quality 2. Stable and comfortable driving 3. highway drive. Dislike 1. Its manual drive. Have heard clutch are (or get) heavy in Vento petrol. Not knowing how the India cities will be after 2-3 years, am highly inclined to buy a automatic car. Please advise !
  5. For those who have'nt had a look at my previous thread please do its called TO WAIT OR NOT TO where i had a dillema whether to wait for my ecosport or just get another car i had booked an ecosport on 25th june 2013 with delivery being promised in august.On august 10 i decide to call my dealer about my car and his reply was negaitive.Ok waiting another month was not going to hurt me then in september i recive an email stating that my model will be delayed by a couple of months and that the price has been incresed by 50000k!!!.That was the last straw when to the showroom got the booking cancelled and started my search again now the cars remaining were i20,amaze and polo. went to volkswagen showroom and had a look at the polo(1.6 tdi)and right next to it was a vento.Spoke to the SA and the price difference was about 1L. booked the car and left the place happy.3 weeks later i got a call saying that my car has arrived and i can take delivery within a week it was fine by me but i had to check the car or atleast the 13 calls i got my decoded it and found the car to manufactered in june 2013!.Called the dealer up asked him when the car was made to which he replied october a differnce of 4 months i asked him to decode it and call back which he never did.waited for a week still no response went and met the head of the showroom.he said that he wasnt even aware of my booking and that that was the only vento they had.So there goes the second booking.Cars left amaze and i20. Amaze was out cause it was bland for 9L.So went to DSC motors booked the i20 asta maharaja red they quoted a waiting peroid of 3 weeks and as promised the car was delivered to me on the 15th of november.I've only driven the car for 30 kms so cant really comment on anything except the quality,its very good and so is the feature list. thank you for reading and here are some pics will upload more soon
  6. I'm referring to the Autocar Comparison of the 4 diesel sedans here - City, Verna, Rapid and Vento. The comments in this article are quite stirring. While Autocar has crowned the City as the overall all rounder. Now, I agree that each one of us here would be looking for different things from the product they would choose to buy. But terming a very noisy, all aluminium diesel (I really have my doubts on this one. Can anyone pls explain how this is a good idea?), just a facelift - exorbitantly pricey, low quality plastics on dash and open wires in boot as a winner in this shoot out?? I just do not understand. Probably with the latest 2014 edition of the Verna, that sounds more like an all rounder save for the claustrophobic rear and less under thigh support there.. but that car ticks all the right boxes then. Quality, safety and good road manners coupled with reliability and good service should define a good product. Especially when you're in the market with about 10 lacs!! Agree, no one drives like a Schumaker in everyday traffic... Just because the Germans are quite understated and lack the gadgetry does not mean that they are no winners... I'm not taking sides here but rooting for something which offers fancy gadgets and bouncy rides along with undone parts (wires hanging in the boot and low quality dash) just does not make me comfortable enough to accept the verdict Autocar has posted. Any views?
  7. hello people i am new to autocar good to be here i am planning to buy a new sedan have short listen HYUNDAI VERNA HONDA CITY VOLKSWAGEN VENTO now i am confused as HONDA is considered as best in maintenance free & overall comfort car hyundai verna has the best looks but i am confused whether to buy it or not does it hav high maintenance & have heard that hyundai makes weak cars so in an accident its not as strong as an honda moreover volkswagen is another choice but in this segment verna & city are considered as the top 2 cars so help me out which car to choose among the 3?