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Found 10 results

  1. Volvo Buses India, for the first time, will export buses manufactured at its Hoskote Plant near Bengaluru to Europe. Previously Volvo was exporting India made buses to South Africa & SAARC countries. This move by the Swedish Bus Maker is in accordance with 'Make in India' program. It will be a very proud moment to see European Buses badged as "Made in India".
  2. Guys, I am planning to buy a change for the Koleos. Looking at a price range of 50 - 55 lac(55 being max i can stretch) Usage will be around 1500 kms a month. Occasional highway trips. Looking at both petrol and diesel options. As of now havent short-listed any. What would youll suggest ?
  3. Guys, I am planning to buy a new car, changing the Koleos. Budget - 50 - 55 Lac. 55 is max, putting the extra five over 50 is also stretching it a bit too much. Looking for a sedan this time round. Self driven. About 1500kms a month. Once a month used on the highways. Looking for - Driving dynamics, Engine, Handling. Not shortlisted any as of now, but I am pretty interested in the New C class(both petrol and Diesel). What else can you'll suggest ?
  4. Hi, Im new to this forum. Seeking advice on buying a luxury sedan around the 50 lac range. Already own the new honda city and fabia, now looking for a replacement for my ford endeavour. Looking for a diesel vehicle with the good rear comfort, safety, good ride handling and latest technology. Have shortlisted the new benz e class, bmw 5 series, jaguar xf and the volvo s80. If there are better options, please add those too.
  5. Volvo has gone all out and is giving its whole model range an overhaul. They call it “the most extensive development of existing models” in the firm’s history. The S60 saloon, XC60 SUV and S80 saloon all get a new family look and improved equipment levels. These 3 models are on sale in India apart from the XC90 SUV. Volvo's updates aren't limited to just exterior changes, however. The S60 models benefit from new interior trim and adaptive cornering lights. The S80 saloon is available with a new luxury 'Executive' interior package that provides bespoke trim options. The XC60, Volvo's best-selling model, is now devoid of black trim and torque vectoring is standard fit. A key addition to the firm’s BMW 3-series-rivalling S60 and V60 models is the option of a lowered sports chassis for all variants. A new multimedia system has been introduced across the six revised models. Called Sensus Connected Touch, the system includes full internet access, internet radio, Google maps and search and internet music streaming. Internet access is obtained through 3G/4G from the driver’s mobile phone. The seven-inch touchscreen can also be used while wearing gloves. The TFT instrument panel from the latest V40 has been rolled out across the revised Volvo range. Steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters have also been added to automatic models, while a heated steering wheel can be specified on the S80, V70 and XC70. Additionally, a fast-clearing heated front windscreen has been added to Volvos that are equipped with a rain sensor. The overhauled Volvo range will go on sale worldwide soon.The V40 Cross Country will be the newest addition to the India lineup in the next few months. Volvo makes fabulous cars but they really havent taken off in India. I really hope these revamped models get the sales going and are marketed well. IMO it would be a good opportunity to expand dealerships & service outlets in the country as well on an aggressive note Do you think this will change the image of Volvo cars in India once the new models arrive?
  6. In the last two weeks, we have seen two Volvo buses catching fire (one in AP, near Mahboobnagar and the other in Karnataka, near Tumkur) resulting in loss of numerous lives. Both cases involve scrapping of the fuel tanks by road dividers or culvert walls. In both cases, the plastic fuel tanks exploded giving hardly any time for the passengers to realise the danger and exit safely. In the first instance, almost all the passengers were burnt alive. In both cases, the buses were being driven at more than 120 to 140 kmph on average quality roads. Both accidents took place between 2 to 3 a.m. How come, no one in the forum is discussing this ? When two Nanos were on fire (remember, there are no loss of human life in those cases), every member here and on all the other automobile forums contributed liberally and gave a dressing down to the Tata Motors. Even from those who never had driven a Nano. Or, even by those who never sat in a Nano. In fact, the vociferous complaints also came from even those who never touched a Nano, leave alone sitting or driving one. But now, when almost all of us, at some time or the other, had travelled in these Volvos (either the conventional Volvo or the multi-axle Volvo) many times, I am surprised to see that no one even talking about it. Even the national press (except the local editions of vernacular press ) seems to have given this sort of cold-shoulder to these two gruesome accidents. The media, now seems to be eager to worry about Rahul-Modi or about Sachin. And, nothing else. Ooh. I have decided to avoid travelling by these super-luxury death palanquins till some sort of safety measures are placed in position. Why not the Volvo scale down the HP ratings of these buses ? Why not the RTA guys insist on speed limitors for these buses ? ..... Please contribute your ideas. Let the members become aware of the danger lurking in these uncontrolled speedsters.
  7. Hello All I am new to this forum and in a bit of a soup at the moment. I am from Delhi and looking to buy a new car for about 25 Lacs. I can stretch to 26 lacs max. Note: These are on road costs. I have always loved driving and currently drive a Ford Fiesta (Classic now). I will be buying in the month of July and have shortlisted a few cars. Also, I am 25 years old, single and will be using the car for my self, driving to office everyday in gurgaon and ocasional long trips to Chandigarh with Mom dad, but very less often. In all, I know i want a Diesel, irrespective of my daily running. 1. VW Passat High-line: I visited a local showroom that had this car on display. They had both the Comfort-line and High-line on display, and some how the high-line with its black interiors felt more premium by leaps and bounds than the beige comfort line. I never thought i'll feel so for black interiors. Anyway, the car has the best interior in the segment. It also had a lot of party tricks like auto park assist and ventilated seats with massaging (Yes!). It has a 170 HP engine that is good and frugal. Only problem is that its a big car and i'll be driving it on daily basis. Does that look good ?. Another thing i forgot to mention is the top class driver visibility. The car gives such a good view upfront, something that you hardly get in a luxury car. I hated the Jetta (No offence!) after sitting in the passat. Actually I had gone for the Jetta to VW Showroom . We worked out the on road cost for highline and came to about 27.xx Lacs after 2.5 lac discount (2012 model). 2. Skoda Superb: Again, I will be driving so idea of a limousine like superb dosent sound very attractive. Also Passat has better engine and more classy interior. So SUPERB but No SUPERB. 3. Mercedes A class (UPCOMING): This the car that convinced me to spend 25 lacs but I was put off by the recent scoops of a underpowered 110BHP Diesel. Also India spec car does not have AMG pack as reported by some websites. The BUMPERs are not AMG on the display cars I have seen. Anyway, I believe in brand value and am open to the A class depending on pricing and test drive experience. I am open to it as dont need too much space. BTW I am 6 feet tall, still I struggle for good outside visibility. So I use the seat Height adjustments very generously. 4. Volvo S60: Havent seen the car yet, but had a talk with a sales representative, He is giving the S60 D4 kinetic for 25 lacs ex showroom, after discount. was put off by the idea of thin sales network and really old inventory. But still its a strong contender that I am willing to consider. I am not looking for SUVs as they are too big for me. I am yet to see the BMW 3 and AUDI a4 but I'm sure they will be out of my budget (anyone!) as I dont want the base models, still can anyone give me more detail on this. Anyway, I am open to a discussion if anyone finds any other car more suitable. Please help me here. Thanks
  8. Volvo has confirmed its new V40 Cross Country will make it to Indian shores by March 2013. This new contender in the premium crossover/soft-roader market will compete with the likes of the BMW X1 and Mercedes B-class. In my opinion it looks the best of the lot. I love Volvos a lot personally. This looks awesome Full story here: http://www.autocarin...ndia-bound.aspx Link to Paris Motor Show Gallery: http://www.autocarin...ew-gallery.aspx
  9. According to reports, Swedish luxury car maker said it is conducting a feasibility study on setting up car manufacturing facilities in emerging economies, including India, as it targets to nearly double its global sales to 800,000 units by 2020 from present 440,000 units. Source : What are your views on this?
  10. Volvo has been offering the 8400 low floor city bus in several cities and what we see here could be the evidence of the new version/next generation version under testing. readerJishnu had sent in these spy shots earlier this week. He hopped out of one bus to take photographs of a Volvo bus testing in the thick traffic of Bengaluru city. The test mule is fully camouflaged and our extensive research suggested that there is no existing Volvo bus in the global portfolio that is a perfect visual match to the test mule. The 8400 came close, leading us to speculate that it could be the next generation version of this city bus. The Volvo 8400 city bus is operational in several cities in India and is aimed at converting car commuters into users of public transport. The front fascia of the bus has new headlamp clusters with the triple lamps stacked horizontally. The 8400 city bus has numerous features that set it apart from competitors like the electronically controlled air conditioning and the hydraulic control for the floor height which gives easy access to senior citizens and the physically challenged. The city bus is powered by a rear mounted six cylinder 7.0 litre diesel engine which pumps out a healthy 290 bhp of power and 1,200 Nm of torque, coupled to a six-speed fully automatic gearbox. A 8.3 litre 6 cylinder Ecolife CNG powertrain which generates 280 bhp and 1,151 Nm, was a part of trail runs for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC). The air suspension ensures that the ride quality is supple and the brakes are aided by a hydraulic retarder system which is connected to the output shaft of the gearbox thereby reducing brake pad wear. The 8400 has a much longer service interval compared to its rivals making the cost of ownership affordable on the long run. The new version of the city bus is expected to have improved efficiency and comfort level. (Source: