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Found 1 result

  1. The Story - Friday, 21st September 2012 Yes, after having the Qualis for around 12 years - we finally decided to let it go. The Qualis has served us very well and we were now looking at a modern MUV to replace it. The Qualis was bought in 2000 for the main reason that (1) it is a Toyota and (2) we needed a people mover (6 people in the family then). It served us well in all these 12 years - with not even a single problem or even a breakdown. And am sure it will run for another 100,000 kms the same way - thanks to its bulletproof reliability. But its been long now - and we are now looking for a modern replacement. An MUV which will offer the same reliability and comfort. The Qualis is a comfortable vehicle for 9 people - but it tends to get too stuffy and hot on the mid and last rows - due to the absence of a/c vents. The side facing seats in the last row - although comfortable for 4 adults - were not good for long drives. You have to sit upright and you dont have the luxury of being cool. So once again we were on the lookout for a worthy replacement of the Qualis. Requirement Our main requirement was Space - loads of space (especially the last row). It should seat atleast 6 people comfortably. Basic requirement like a/c vents on all the rows. Basic standard equipments like Power windows, Power steering, storage space etc Decent amount of power. Refinement and Reliability. Brand New Options We were looking at a budget of around 7-8 lakhs for a brand new vehicle or a 6 lakhs max budget for a used vehicle. Option 1 : Mahindra Xylo : Possibly the D4 (mid) or the D2 (base) version - since they were priced close to 8 lakhs. + Points The Xylo is a true 7 seater and would fit our needs very well. With the captain seats in the mid rown there is enough room for my niece to walk from the first row to the last row. In the Qualis she has to jump over. We took a test drive of the Xylo D4 and were totally impressed by the sapce the car has to offer. We 3 brothers were seated in the last row - and I couldnt believe I was so comfortable in the last row of any car. At all time I felt that I was in the middle row - so much so that when the car stopped I was searching for the door handle to open the door. The middle row was extremely spacious (this one had captain seats installed). And even with my elder brother driving there was a LOT of space between my knees and the driver seat. The interior space here is something thats the most important deciding factor and hence fell more in favor of the Xylo than the Ertiga or the Innova. - Points The only problem is that it shot our budget if we go in for the mid version. The base version fitted the budget very well - but does not have any features (not even power windows). The D4 comes with a mDI engine and with the 95 BHP, it did feel a bit sluggish with 7 people on board. Mahindra products are well known for low quality. Option 2 : Mahindra Quanto : The C4 version was a possible option and fitted right into the budget. + Points Loads of space in the middle row. I sat in the mid row with my mom and aunt and there was still enough of place left. Leg room was comparable to the Xylo. The high end / fully loaded model fitted the budget well. - Points Last row of seats are very cramped (tooo cramped). Its very rare that we our cars go full house for a long distance But whenever it does - my brother and me are the last row occupants. Did not fulfil Requirement 1 Option 3 : Chevrolet Tavera : I really like the Chevrolet Tavera - and given a small buget - I always thought that the Tavera would be the ideal replacement to the Qualis. It could seat 8 people more comfortably than the Qualis. Had a more powerful engine than the Qualis (thanks to the Turbo). + Points Very spacious. Built on par with the Toyota. Bullet-proof reliability. Good Quality. Powerful engine - compared to the Qualis. - Points The Tavera looks as old as a Qualis. Its more than a decade old model. Not too many features as compared to the newer cars in the market. We would get bored of it sooner than later. Option 4 : Toyota Innova : Just like Toyota pulled the plug on the Qualis and replaced it with the Innova - so did a lot of Qualis owners. The Innova was the ideal and the best replacement to the Qualis. But again there were a lot of - points (more towards our requirement rather than the vehicle) which made us keeping this option out. + Points Bullet proof reliability - Toyota. Excellent overall build quality. Powerful engine - Points Priced very high (even the base version was more than the Xylo top version) Last seat was good enough for 2 Option 5 : Maruti Ertiga : The only thing that was not in favor of the Maruti Ertiga was the last row. I read the official review and was not impressed with the legroom in the last row. Also the engien sie and the size comparision pic did help us in ruling out the Ertiga. adults - but still cramped. Option 6 : Nissan Evalia : I love vans (especially the Toyota Hiace, Previa, Mercedes MB etc). There were a lot of reasons to rule out the Evalia. + Points I love vans Another Japanese product so high on reliability and quality. - Points Last row too cramped. I saw the pic of Vid6639 sitting in the last row and there itself the decision was made to rule out the Evalia. Small Engine. Mid-row windows are not roll-down ones. I hate being in the last row of the Qualis because it gets very hot there (ours is a single blower model). The butterfly windows are useless and do not let any air in. I cannot live with a butterfly window in the middle row. Other Alternatives One option I thought was to retain the Qualis and to make it look more modern and more functional on the interior. A good paint job, alloys, tyres, spruce up the interiors (nt that it needed it), good music system, leather seat covers etc etc. But this option was ruled out since it would still remain a 12 year old car. Another option which I suggested dad - that if we need a big comfortable people mover - nothing beats the Tata Winger. To which my dad just gave me a one liner "I dont want to operate a school bus". Discussion closed. One more option was a 2nd hand imported MUV - like a Toyota Previa / Estima or even a MB140D. But I did not even dare suggest that - since my dad is totally against buying a 2nd hand diesel vehicle.