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Found 6 results

  1. I am in market looking for a cruiser, i'm a newbie to long distance riding and i require an easy bike to maintain and DIY'ble. I stand at 6ft3in and comfort is of upmost importance and so is handling, So far i have gone thru RE stable and Bajaj. I have narrowed it down to avenger / thunderbid but i'm open to suggestions as i stand. I have heard a lot about thunderbird as capable tourer but nothing on avenger so any avenger users that can shed light on its performance for day to day long tours? Also i came across a news stating avenger 400 in pipeling by bajaj? is this true? if so are there any tentative dates so far? should i wait for 400? As far as RE is concerned, i'm convinced that RE are wallet hoggers, and require deep pockets to maintain , well thats my experiance so far from my current daily runner classic 350!, so is this true? is thunderbird in the same category as other RE's? how good it is for touring? and what of himalayan? thanks, Regards, APSingh, Punjab
  2. Guys, I am planning to buy a change for the Koleos. Looking at a price range of 50 - 55 lac(55 being max i can stretch) Usage will be around 1500 kms a month. Occasional highway trips. Looking at both petrol and diesel options. As of now havent short-listed any. What would youll suggest ?
  3. Hi people, Im planning to upgrade from a Spark(2009). My budget is around the 10 - 11 lakhs. Im looking at performance and handling. Going to be for personal use, mostly for me alone. I would prefer a sportly drive and dynamic handling more than ride and comfort. Any suggestions or advice ? I dont mind any fuel choice, P or D. I was waiting for the new fiat linea and the fiesta. I find both very good. what else can i look for ?
  4. Guys, I am planning to buy a new car, changing the Koleos. Budget - 50 - 55 Lac. 55 is max, putting the extra five over 50 is also stretching it a bit too much. Looking for a sedan this time round. Self driven. About 1500kms a month. Once a month used on the highways. Looking for - Driving dynamics, Engine, Handling. Not shortlisted any as of now, but I am pretty interested in the New C class(both petrol and Diesel). What else can you'll suggest ?
  5. I recently bought a new Tata Aria as I posted earlier and, it had a temporary registration when it came, now since the car has to get a registration the dealer which is called as Wasan Motors is demanding Rs.8000 as adjustment charges to the RTO. As my proof I have submitted- 1. Latest electricity bill 2. Latest property tax reciept 3. House Agreement 4. Posession Letter The reason he said for the same is that electricity bill as an address proof wont do the whole job so I need to give some adjustment charges. Please Advice that is it necessary to give such charges.
  6. I am looking for a MUV/SUV and have finally bought down my choice to Tata Aria in Pure LX guise and wanted to know if its a good buy or not or should I wait for any new launches. My budget is quite strict at under 10 lacs.