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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow automobile enthusiasts, My wife drives a 2012 Fiat Punto diesel and I drive a 2014 Petrol automatic Skoda Octavia so she’s used to driving both manuals and automatics. My wife’s car has lived its life. I want to buy her a new car but something with a higher driving position. We’ve short listed the Hyundai Venue 1.0 DCT and the EcoSport automatic. There is also a 3rd option which is a used 2015 facelifted Skoda Yeti in immaculate condition with AWD available for a slightly lesser price than the Venue and EcoSport but with a manual transmission. Which one of these would be the best option considering I’ll have the car around for at least 5 years. Thanks in advance.
  2. Can someone pls share if Handa city is going to launched in diesel automatic variant. Currently they have automatic in petrol only.
  3. Folks as promised the Ownership Review of the Koleos. March 5, 2013 - Took delivery of a Peral White Koleos. That time it had only one fully loaded model - Automatic AWD. Car details - 2000cc, 150bhp@4000rpm 320nm@2000rpm torque Details About the Buy - Was shifting from a Skoda Laura TDI AT(2011). My dad who was going to primary use the car wanted a urban SUV more for city use and vacation use off and on. History of the Car - Renault Koleos is a car developed by renault in collaboration with Samsung Motors in Korea. Its produced at the Samsung Renault facility in Korea and also sold as a Samsung Motors QM5. However, there are quality, equipment and standard differences between the QM5 and Koleos. It also draws engine and technical part influences from the tie up with Nissan and shares a lot with the X-trail and Quanshi. The original Indian model, i.e the one available prior to the 2014 facelift was a fully imported model as a CBU. Deriving its produced as a french bound car not the QM5 bound. Note - I was against the idea of buying and using the Koleos after the Skoda for obvious reason. Cost - After discounts and deals the car cost roughly 27 lakhs on road. After Spending a lot of time with the car, I actually started liking the car and it grew on me. Till date the car as clocked 17k KMS on the ODO and done trips to Goa and Mumbai numerous times. Coming the the advantages and disadvantages Advantages/Pro's - Fully Loaded with all necessary features Cleverly designed - Mature, solid and Classy looks Rides a good wave of torque Very good cruiser Neat Sound system - BOSE powered Fantastic Ride. Can give tough competition to the likes of a X5, Q7, Q5, ML Handling - Its a master in this field, as good as a sedan. Minimum Body Roll Quality and Finish is great, not as flashy as people expect the stuff is solid and well come together Comfortable seats and enough of Space Easy going in and coming out. Ingress and Outgress is much better than the rest AC is very effective Steering weights up well and inspires confidence Disadvantages/Con's - Gear box is awfully slow and outdated Renault doesn't have the image of the 30 lakh car producer in India Misses the aggressive looks( popular demand, I'm happy with the classy looks) Some features such as hill decent control and electronic hand brake missing in the Indian version No HID lamps, only Projectors Report - Right from the day i drove the car to this day, I say, the SUV lacks the punch. It doesn't have the engine or gear box to cut through speed, go vroom through, but thats how the car is made. Its a fantastic cruiser. It takes its times to reach 3 digit speeds but handles even higher 3 digits speeds conformably while cursing. I have personally cruised at speeds over 140km/h and the car has been fantastic. No straining, no rattle, no vibrations. Renault has made a very good cruiser which is meant to be driven with a light foot but a heavy foot. You of flat down and it will disappoint very being of the living, but you drive it as light with a tap and cruise it, it will amaze you. That is really good even in the city. It manages to be calm and not seem over powered in the city. It handles the road, turns and traffic. Handling in fantastic, its a beauty to put through corners and turns. You hardly make out its a big SUV, it seems as a small toy car, which has minimal body roll. Can put a lot of sedans to shame as well. Goa and Mumbai trips were amazing in this manner, the engine will cruise and the handling makes you be able to cruise constantly. The steering weights up well and inspires the desired confidence making it even more worth the drive. Ride is another strong point, bumps, potholes, speed breakers anything and the Koleos loves soaking it up. Nothing comes through. Without being shaky. ICE is amazing as well, bose system with USB and AUX. FE is good with the AWD on auto it gives about 11 in the city and 14 on the highway. Views - The car is not for the people for want to show the world, speed or have the macho look. Its for the people who understand a car and the way it works. I agree the gear box is slow and needs a change, the 2014 one has the extra torque to cover that up but it still needs to change. On the other side, its made in such a way that you ride the torque in a linear manner not power, so the gear shifts are adequate for the torque. I would only advice the people who really know what they are buying and who know what and how a car works to buy this. Its not for the masses, its for the passionate. As i see it, its not competition to the fortuner/santa fe, its a cheap rival of the q3, x1 and volvo. From the handling to the service and to the ride, its all on the mark. I do miss the punch and power at times, but that when i realise its not a DSG and a sedan its a 2 ton SUV which is at home cruising and building speed, not punching.
  4. Hi, I have been driving a Swift ZXI for 5 years now. Have a very very old ligament injury in left leg. And have found my left leg talking to me very often when it peddles the clutch especially in city traffic. Planning to take a car under 12lac under my employer's car scheme. Car on-road has to be under 12lac under the scheme and I have the below choices: 1. Honda City 2014 Petrol. SV automatic or V manual. 2. Vento TSI automatic or Highline Manual 3. Verna SX automatic or Manual. Most of my drive will be city bumper to bumper traffic: Monday to Friday... Quality and safety conscious. Ruling out Honda due to its high price tag. Vento TSI is out of budget since it will cost > 12lac. Verna SX automatic: Like for below reasons: 1. Its automatic 2. Loaded with features. 3. Looks good Concerned about: 1. Engine quality ~ Korea make. 2. Mileage. Manual Verna gives 10-11km/l in city. Automatic may only give 8-10km/l ! 3. Ride and Handling Quality, especially highway drive. Car unstable when you hit upwards of 80km. 4. Braking. Is it true that breaking is not effective in Verna automatic cars since the gearbox not sending torque to the wheels and hence lack of braking pressure ? 5. Suspension. read poor reviews for verna. My friend is also complaining about this back ache... 6. Above all concerned about resale and maintenance of automatic car. Heard Vento automatic gear box is not really the best with only 4 speed transmission. Vento Highline Manual Petrolke Like 1. German quality 2. Stable and comfortable driving 3. highway drive. Dislike 1. Its manual drive. Have heard clutch are (or get) heavy in Vento petrol. Not knowing how the India cities will be after 2-3 years, am highly inclined to buy a automatic car. Please advise !
  5. Want to buy an automatic sedan or a hatchback Whats your Budget - Rs 12.00L Kms driven monthly - 1500 kms Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV - any City/Highway split - 00:00 Max No.of Passangers - 2 most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - Myself or Driver Safety - High Prime requirement - Fuel Efficiency / Low Maintenance / Passenger Comfort / Looks Shortlisted Manufacturer - How much mileage they give in actual in city / highway ( not the company claimed numbers) FORD ECOSPORT AT BRIO AT VERNA DIESEL AT
  6. A while ago, many Mahindra dealers across India stopped taking bookings for the automatic gearbox equipped Scorpio SUV. The pause in bookings reflected the trouble that Mahindra was facing when it came to sourcing the automatic gearbox from Drivetrain Systems International(DSI) Australia, an transmission maker from whom Mahindra used to source the 6 speed automatic gearbox for the Scorpio Automatic. DSI has now been acquired by Geely, a Chinese automaker. Mahindra, for its part, has turned to German auto parts giant Bosch, for sourcing an automatic transmission for the Scorpio. With the 6 speed automatic transmission’s sourcing from Bosch secured, the Scorpio Automatic once again becomes the only affordable automatic SUV to be sold in India. The Mahindra Scorpio SUV, in automatic guise, comes in two wheel drive and four wheel drive guises. The two wheel drive model of the Scorpio Automatic is priced at 11.47 lakh rupees while the four wheel drive version of the Scorpio Automatic is priced at 12.5 lakh rupees, both prices reflecting ex-showroom Delhi figures. The engine of the Scorpio is a 2.2 Liter mHawk turbo diesel motor that outputs a peak power of 120 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 290 Nm. The Scorpio Automatic is available in VLX trim, a fully loaded trim level of this SUV.
  7. Tata has finally unveiled its first AT vehicle by showcasing the Aria with a 6 speed autobox at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be launched in India later this year. Here is one pic for now directly from Geneva A couple of more pics source: indianautosblog
  8. Was just going through the Maruti website when I saw that the Ritz now comes with an AT box. Im assuming it would be the same box that comes in the DZire. Its strange that there hasnt been any announcement or ads in the papers yet. There is no indication of the price though. Here are screen grabs from the Maruti website
  9. Hello Everyone, We are looking to buy a new car and what better place than this forum to ask the expert. I will provide all the details required to arrive at a decision. Currently we are driving 10Y old Maruti Baleno done 74000 KM with it and still Love it. It is bit old and so we want to add a new car to the aging Baleno. First of all, our usage is not more than 3-4km per day on weekday (yes, believe me, both our office and kid's school are just in 1km radius from home) and say 30km on weekend and once a month trip of 150-200km that makes an average 400km monthly. This makes us go for Petrol and Automatic. We have test driven Vento MT & AT and City V AT and we really want to go for Automatic. We have a budget of 10-12L. So shortlisted Vento Highline AT and Honda City V AT (Open for suggestion). We are inclined towards Vento because of good handling and safety features. Only thing negative for Vento is poor pre&after sales service. Please help me out of this confusion. I have spent many days researching and still the question remains. Thanks in advance.
  10. A member ‘Mr Ace’ has brought forward images of the Honda Brio Automatic caught in what appears to be a stockyard. Considering the AT box is caught on a model with alloys and fog lamps, there is a very good chance that it will be only offered on a top-of-line variant. The Honda Brio is already offered with a 4-speed CVT in Thailand and Indonesia. We are expecting the same unit to hit the Indian shores. The Honda Brio AT will compete against the automatic variants of A Star and Hyundai i10. It will be priced at around Rs. 60,000 more than the manual version. (
  11. Hi All, I am looking for an diesel car (preferably a hatch) with an automatic gear shift, AT is a big preference for me since I get too tired in Delhi traffic, commuting daily to Gurgaon ( 50 km ) run. What all options are available in the market for the same? Which one would be best to maintain and give good fuel effeciency. Please provide ur expert opinion on the same. Thanks