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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All! I am a Bajaj rider in South Africa, currently fixing up my XCD 125. My main problems are the starter clutch and exhaust which needs replacing. Some cosmetics are also needed. I have access to a Bajaj XCD 135 complete engine though, and wanted to know if anyone has shoe-horned the XCD 135 engine onto the XCD125 frame. Has anyone done this? Is it a fairly simple procedure? Do I need a new loom if I do this? Finding XCD parts in South Africa is difficult, and I would really appreciate any tips or offers to help. My starter assembly is reversed. The ring-gear is furthest from the engine body. (Out-to-in: ring-gear, starter-clutch, magneto) TIA
  2. Bajaj has just brought back the Chetak name after a 14-year break. The Chetak is an electric scooter that has a 4kW electric motor and the scooter will sport an IP67-rated lithium-ion battery pack. Other technical details are yet to be revealed. The electric scooter will, however, have two riding modes - Eco and Sport which provide a claimed range of 95km and 85km respectively. What do you guys think of the new electric Bajaj Chetak? You can read more about the electric scooter here -
  3. The first Bajaj Qute autorickshaw has received RTO clearance in Maharashtra. The Qute quadricycle has been bought by an autorickshaw driver in Vasai for its additional features. Here is a video of the Bajaj Qute autorickshaw -
  4. I am planning on buying a Bike that will be used for travelling daily to my office. The total distance will be 16kms. My options are-Bajaj Pulsar 220 F 2018/Bajaj Pulsar RS200/Yamaha YZF R15 V3. Which one should I buy? Kindly suggest.
  5. Hey guys I want to know how do I clean the engine fins of a bike. The spaces between the find have acquired some sort of hard brown thing and I am finding it impossible to remove. I tried rubbing it with soap water and also kerosene using paint brush but in vain. What should I do now. Can I use the all purpose degreaser from Amazon by wavex? Or should I buy some heat resistant paint and paint the fins? The find are powder coated black from factory. Please help me out.
  6. I just got my Bajaj CT 100 completely serviced including changing of clutch plate, chain and sprockets, engine oil(total, don't know which one the mechanic put). Now I have having a "ghat" like clunk sound when shifting from 1st gear to second and from 3rd to 2nd. I always let go the throttle depress the clutch fully and upshift or downshift. Please tell me what is wrong and how do I eliminate the noise.
  7. Dear Members, Recently i started my hunting for my dream wheels, after watching first ride, review and impressions and so on. I need Solid Bike to be a beast. My Requirements are 1. Dual Channel ABS 2. Naked Look 3. Fuel Injector 4. Mileage around 30-40 KMPL 5. Low maintenance About me : My daily Usage in City Limit will be around 50 KM and 20 KM on highway, and Every 15 Days Road trip of around 500-600 KM My Inspiration From Some Premium Bikes 1. Suzuki Gixxer - Handling 2. Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS - Triple Spark 3. Yamaha FZ v2.0 - Rear Tyre, Fuel Injector, 4. Royal Enfield - Solid Feel 5. Honda Hornet - Look 6.Dominar 400 - Performance, Projector Headlamp My plan is about on June or July , ready to weight for right Beast, Please Help me To land on Right Path
  8. Bajaj RE60, a joint venture which Bajaj Auto had entered into along with Renault-Nissan, was recently caught heavily camouflaged on test on the streets of Pune. The vehicle was earlier seen at the 2012 Delhi Auto Show and judging from its alloy wheels which were apparent through the disguise, it was the top variant RE60 which was on test. RE stands for Rear Engined while 60 is the 60 g/km of CO2 that the vehicle emits. RE60 possesses a 200cc water cooled DTSi engine offering 15 to 20 bhp power and a top speed of 70 kmph. Mileage is expected to be at 35 kmpl and the company expects to launch this new RE60 by early 2013. RE60 weighs 400 kgs, can seat upto four persons and will be priced under Rs.1 lakh. RE 60 will be available in a petrol variant and also in an LPG and CNG option though there is no diesel or electric options scheduled as on date. RE60 is actually a product of a joint venture that Bajaj entered into through an Indo-German-Japanese venture which hoped to develop a small car to compete with the Tata Nano. Nissan Renault are no longer part of this project. Source : (
  9. Government today allowed a new type of four-wheelers called 'quadricycles' to ply on roads as public transport within city limits. Quadricycles are safer than the 3-wheeler as they have fully enclosed body structure with hard top and doors. But their maximum speed limit and engine capacity are lower than a that of a small car. A meeting under the chairmanship of Road Secretary Vijay Chhibber was held today to discuss the issue of amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) to include quadricycle as an additional category vehicle to be manufactured and registered in India. "A separate category has been proposed for notification to include quadricyle with specifications adopting present norms notified in the 3-wheeler category of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) or theEuropean Union quadricycle, whichever is more stringent," a Road Ministry statement said. The development is seen as good news for auto major Bajaj Auto which last year had unveiled the quadricycle codenamed RE60, which is powered by a 200 cc petrol engine with a top speed of 70 kilometre per hour (kmph) and with a mileage of 35 kilometre per litre (kmpl). As an identification symbol "Q" will be prominently displayed on the body of these quadricyles. Quadricycles will be recommended for registration under commercial transport category for intra-city movement within the municipal limits only and these vehicles will be permitted to be driven only by licensed driver after due registration. Source: Econiomic Times Read more on Quadricycle technology here: Quadricycle Technology While these are much safer options than the current 3 wheelers, will it be just a matter of time before are streets are infested with these? Infact Tata Motors had been opposing this move for quite sometime now
  10. We have a very very good News for those 150cc bike lovers in 2013, who always swear by a right mix of FE & Performance. 150cc is the most conjested market in India & the most popular amongst College goers. A typical 150cc will have around 15Bhp, Disk brake, 45ish Kmpl, awesome looks, some have mono-shock.... etc. And herecomes the 150cc killer, aka Pulsar125NS. In came the news, 2 Pulsars on Cards in 2013, so as we all know one has to be the 390cc Pulsar, so that makes us think, what the other is. If you think logically, KTM has only 3 engine option, 125cc, 200cc, 390cc. So there comes the result, it has to be the 125cc Pulsar NS, since it would have the same mounting points, engine block, various other components as Pulsar 200NS. So what this bike is going to be? 125cc, air cooled(to cut cost), 15HP, Perimeter frame, Mono-Shocks, rear disk(opt to cut cost), 125kg, stylish, Fuel efficient, Awesome looking,...... A killer Composition.
  11. India's most loved scooter maker lovingly called Hamara Bajaj who made legends like the Chetak and Priya is all set bring an all new scooter into the Indian market. This news is really exciting. Going back to these roots was inevitable at some point. Rajiv Bajaj is said to have stated that the company may explore and ride down this route again, as and when it decides the time is ripe. That’s happened now, for we can share confirmed news that Bajaj are burning the midnight-oil developing an all-new, exciting automatic scooter for India. It’s still early, with little information out in the open, but do expect contemporary, modern styling with universal appeal on the next Bajaj scooter, as well as an upmarket demeanor that will finally bring enthusiasts their scooter option that has barely ever existed here. In trademark Bajaj style, this upcoming scooter will stand out from the crowd, providing more than the current crop of Indian scooters, with healthy specifications including telescopic fork front suspension, as also an ample feature list. Bajaj’s upcoming scooter will be powered by a four-stroke engine, offering the conveniences of electric start and automatic transmission, its single-cylinder displacing somewhere in the region of 125-150cc. More here:,scoop-new-bajaj-scooter-coming.aspx
  12. A facebook page Named, "Bajaj Pulasar 220F", claims that this is the spy pic of Bajaj Pulsar 390 & the photos are taken by an automobiles testing team named Power Drift! Though the page is not the official one, but it has lots of pulsar meniacs & Mr. Rajeev Bajaj also said in an old interview that they are working on a 500 cc verion of pulsar & 1000cc+ super pulasar! Is this that part of devlopement? Is it real? Do share your views on it!