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Found 5 results

  1. Future is driven by Sustainable practice. India’s effort towards a Sustainable Living environment is finally taking a realistic outlook with Government initiatives on curbing air pollution becoming stringent with the activation of several reforms and laws that can secure a Green future for everyone. With the replacement of coal-fired power plants with renewable energy sources and the introduction of several policies for keeping a tab on the air quality, the urgency for e-mobility has never looked so much important before. According to the 2019 World Air Quality Report, 17 Indian cities rank among the world’s 25 most polluted cities, to safeguard the future Government has implemented steps towards a cleaner environment with strong policies related to the transportation department. The transport minister has stated that India would adapt and move to 100% electric cars by the year 2030 in consonance with the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan presented by India empowering electric vehicles that meet customer performance and cost possibilities through collaboration among Government and different industries for the improvement of infrastructure, consumer awareness, and innovation to progress the future of EV Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler market on the sector. The complete adoption of EV will lead to a healthier environment due to their beneficial factors: · EV’s are environment Friendly with Zero Carbon emissions · Help in upholding health benefits with reduced harmful exhaust emissions · EVs are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution · Enabling Energy Security with reduction of dependency on foreign oil. EVs are easy to power from local and renewable energy sources · EVs improve local air quality by centralizing emissions at power plants, and they are more efficient overall than vehicles powered by fossil fuels · EV Charging advances Sustainability Charging stations can run on renewable energy to keep pushing down emissions and electricity costs related to charging. Following the Leap: As e-mobility strengthens its root in the Indian landscape and increase in Government reforms are visible: 1. India plans to offer $4.6 billion in incentives to companies setting up advanced battery manufacturing facilities as it seeks to promote the use of electric vehicles and cut down its dependence on oil. 2. India plans to retain its import tax rate of 5% for certain types of batteries, including batteries for electric vehicles, until 2022 but will increase it to 15% thereafter to promote local manufacturing. 3. Launch of Smart Cities program for enabling the adoption of EV and other e-mobility options, and EV charging and parking bays. 4. The 2020 National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) proposed by the Department of Heavy Industries in 2012 set its goal to encourage the faster adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country through government-industry collaborations, to allow India to emerge as a leader in EV manufacturing by 2020. Conclusion As EV adoption takes a faster pace in the mobility sector, quicker approach in assembling the components to establish the charging solutions is the need of the hour and must be acted upon on an immediate basis. As the manufacturers of lithium batteries increase day by day with established EV battery providers switching to lithium instead of lead-acid for backup support, many newcomers in the industry are setting up their assets for entering the highly competitive market with the best product. VSL Energy Storage located in Kolkata is one among the many manufacturers of EV Batteries, who are all set to launch their first Lithium-ion batteries for EV 2 Wheelers and 3 Wheelers which will be equipped with the latest chemistries and technological advancements required in the field.VSL Energy Storage
  2. I have a 2007 Wagonr which has run 42000 kms, the car was taken out for a drive and then parked in the parking. when i tried to start the car the starter motor spins, but then goes dead. it feels like the battery doesn't have enough juice to start the battery. But the central locking and ICE and the headlamps are working fine and the battery has a voltage of 12.3 volts. The battery is 4.5 years old and is Exide make. Experts Please help.
  3. I need some information on this specific technical issue. Seek your help and comments. Does the DDIS (Digital Drive Information System) / DDAS (Digital Drive Assist System) has it's own in-built, rechargeable, button battery/batteries ? This data is needed by me as my Xylo E8's DDAS is behaving funny now, for the last one week or so. The car's batter is perfect. No issues with that. No starting trouble and no other electrical issues. The Date/Time on the DDAS is getting reset whenever the engine is switched off. It is asking me to key in the date/time every time I start the engine. All the other parameters are OK. The fuel indicator, the mileage-to-empty, gear indicator, inside and outside temperature etc., are shown perfectly. Becuase these parameters are calculated on-the-fly whereas the date/time are `carried over' from the memory. So, I feel that this DDAS must have a rechargeable, button type of battery (one or more) built-in. What's your say on this ? Has any ACI'an faced similar problem/glitch ? And, how it was resolved ? I did not talk to any M&M Dealer or Service Personnel, so far. Anyway, I have to take my Xylo for it's annual servicing this month-end (max by mid-Jan'13). By then, I should have sufficient info/data on this. (oops ! there's a typo error in the title. Please read " it'w " as " it's ". Sorry for that)
  4. I've been riding my Mahindra Rodeo for arround 2 year now! Almost 80% of the time I've to kick-start it! There is no problem with starter or rectifier, It's all about battery! When my vehicle was in warrenty, I've replaced my Exide battery 2 times & each time they took arround 2 months to replace it! & even after that if the vehicle is on stand for 3-4 days, battery gives up & I'd to send it to the service center, those guys used to clean my ride, recharge it & give it back to me with 300-400 Rs. Bill & are unable to reason this problem! One day, I got frustrated & took it to an expert local mechanic he examined the bike properly & told me that only problem is due to battery! There was a similar problem with my old Kinatic (I still own it & love it!) & after fixing it with Amaron Pro-rider alpha battery, it's working absolutely fine! So I went to Amaron's showroom & asked for Rodeo's battery, but then they told me that they don't make 7 Amp, 12V batteries! Exide, Sonic SF, Amco & Tata Green (I'm not sure about it!) Manufactures such batteries! I'm very upsate with exide & Sonic is also their brand, but local mechanics told me that they are way better than AMCO & Tata Green! So Now I have to choose between Exide & Sonic SF! which one is better & are there any other better options? Please help me with this issue!
  5. Do any of the numerous boarders of ACI shop for car batteries online , if you have done that before and have had a pleasant experience with the online batteries store , do share a link here . Online stores like that of Exide sell their batteries at MRP , i am looking for a bargain in Delhi,