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Found 1 result

  1. Few weeks back I took delivery of my BMW M340i XDrive in the stunning shade of Tanzanite Blue II Metallic & here's a Delivery Video I made on & before the collection day describing the entire experience from Dealership Stockyard to Showroom; Video Link - After spending about 12 Days with the car, here's a summary of my thoughts in the form of this Quick Review; Exteriors & Build Quality; The G20 in flesh is a very handsome looking car. One of the primary reasons for me buying the M340i other than the 6 Cyl Engine is the way the G20 looks. Very impressive in flesh. The Panel Gaps are minimal & have a good consistency to them. The Paint - Not sure that is it the Individual Paint (Given as a No Cost Option for India) i.e. Tanzanite Blue II Metallic (Paint Code: C3Z) or just a new car vibe, but the overall Paint Quality seems to have gone up v/s the F30 too. This colour has a multi personality to it, there is a violet, a blue and green in the sun & a overall Very Rich Metallic Content. Front; ^ I personally love the new Mesh Designed Cerium Grey Grille reserved for the M Performance models. It is a proper sized BMW kidney grille and not as polarising as the G80 M3's. It is encouraging to see the Vertical Vents (finished in Cerium Grey too) in the bumper to be functional. These small touches make the M340i incredibly special. The Laser Headlamps are such a looker. Haven’t really done a Highway Night Drive yet, will report on this later. They do support the Cornering function i.e. move with steering inputs. Side; ^ Particularly for my car, is dominated by those lovely 19" 792M Wheels which adds to the entire much needed differentiation over the regular M Sport kit offered in the 330i with the 790M wheels which came OE on my M340i. I Also love the way the 19s fill up the wheel well area & offer decent ground clearance for Indian roads & speed bumps. Rear; Coming to the rear, I love the entire rear stance of this gen 3 series. For the M340i it is enhanced further with the help of the trapezoidal exhaust (Finished in Cerium Grey), Sporty Diffuser & distinguished badging (Also in Cerium Grey). The Spoiler (Rear Lip) is humble and will need to be replaced with something sportier in the future. Overall the rear stance is helped with an aggressive negative camber (M Models Have more negative camber, so does this M Performance) of the Rear Wheels & 255 Wide Tyres. Interiors; ^ BMW has worked on the Interiors of the G20 very well it has a very modernised F30 feel to it. Definitely more spacious (Front and rear). Love the way the dashboard is tilted towards the driver, typical BMWness. ^ Also love the newly designed short Gear shifter Few noteworthy features for me are the Large Head-Up Display (really grown in projection v/s the previous model), H&K System (Very Crisp) & the Digital Instrument Cluster (Love It). The Cabin Noise Levels are vastly improved over the F30. Quick negatives about the interior is that i was expecting an Alcantara style roof liner, which would have complimented the same material used on the seats. Driving the M340i; (Engine Performance, Gearbox & Exhaust Note) The Primary reason for my buy decision was the M340i's engine. The B58 Motor which it is but this is the upper limit B58 Motor. Allow me to elaborate. B58 came in some years back & was available on the F30 340i (Note. It was just 340i then). BMW gave an Technical Update(TU) & it derived 2 variations; - B58B30M1 (BMW X7, X5 + Z4 & Supra - At launch) - B58B30O1 (M340i, X3M40i X4M40i) Let's break down the B58B30O1 engine Code; B = BMW Group 5 = In Line 6 Cyl. 8 = TVDI (Turbo Valvetronic Direct Injection) B = Petrol, Longitudinal Installation 3 = ] 0 = ] Both these numbers are the aprox. displacement, which in our case is 3L O = Upper 1 = 1st Revision Coming to the practicals, well the power & torque output is a lot. I am still running in the car so trying to abide by the running in guidelines hence haven't redlined the car yet nor tried an out and out 0 - 100 run. But with 50-75% throttle input & manually shifting well before 5.5k RPM mark the performance feels strong enough. Looking forward to explore the 382 hp & 500 nm as soon as the running in is complete. The Gearbox is simply fantastic & very quick shifting. Love the Downshifts too. In City its never jerky in Comfort or Eco. Overall really impressed with this ZF8. The Exhaust Note in Sport+ is good & starting to start louder as I clock more kms on the odo (Presently just about 500) & the soot accumulation starts in the Pipes. But the balance of the exhaust sound is very good as its just enough "Not" Loud & also makes the Engine Sounds Audible. Braking Performance is sharp & confidence inspiring so far, I'm sure it'll get better as the optimum braking is yet to reach. Ride Quality & Handling; The car is very intuitive & predictable. Suspension is firm expectedly as its an M Sport Suspension (Adaptive not provided for India) but i am very satisfied with the ride quality thanks to my performance summer tyre setup in the form of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S' which are very soft and grippy. Currently running 39 Psi all around in accordance with the TPMS recommendations. Still experimenting & have a strong belief that there is potential to get even better ride quality. Back to the handling, the stiffer chassis of the G20 is very rewarding and the car overall feels like a TIGHT handler even with the added weight of the XDrive system. Braking Performance is sharp & confidence inspiring so far, I'm sure it'll get better as the optimum braking is yet to reach. BMW has been trying hard to tweak the settings of its Variable Steering since a while now & many brand enthusiasts have been not liking it still. I Personally dont have much complaints for sporty driving on highways or in city speeds too. Maybe once I track the car the steering system may show its negatives/positives more transparently. In the meanwhile I am loving the entire Ride & Handling balance. Booking/Buying Experience; I had booked my car at BMW Navnit Motors, Mumbai. The overall dealership experience was smooth & guys at the dealership were transparent throughout the deal. Also thanks to BMW India for launching this car in India at an accessible price for the enthusiasts. The Car So Far; These are just my Initial Ownership thoughts after a few days of Driving in the City of Mumbai and two 500+ kms Road Trips driving on the National Highways. I have been running the car on Shell V Power (91 Octane + Additives for India) since a couple of tankfulls but will experiment 97, 99 & 100 Octane too very soon & report back on the changes/performance benefits. In the coming days I intend to drive my M340i a lot more to complete the Running/Break in period & will keep this thread updated. Until then thank you all for the Reading & Enjoy the Delivery Experience Video Posted above.