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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  2. Maruti Suzuki is going to be supplying its mid-size sedan Ciaz and MPV Ertiga to Toyota in India and Africa according to a joint release made by the two manufacturers. What do you guys think about this partnership and the cars that are being shared between the two carmakers? SOURCE
  3. Hi, I am from Mumbai, looking to buy Ciaz Zeta Petrol and was looking to reach out to Ciaz owners on the forum for the following queries - 1) Satisfaction with the car performance over all ? Any issues with those using it more than 6-12 months ? Stable at 100 KMPH or above ? 2) Actual mileage on Mumbai roads ? 3) What all freebies did one get from the dealers while booking Ciaz Zeta ? 4) Does Diesel version have high maintanance cost over Petrol or what are normal negatives of buying a diesel over petrol version ? Anything suggestions that I should look out for while buying the car. Thanks, AB
  4. Hi, Bought Automatic Petrol version of Ciaz last week, it has run 100 KMS so far however the average so far has been 6.5 kms. Getting me to wonder if this is normal or there is some anomoly here. I am aware that average does increase during the longer duration (1000 kms+) or post 1st service but not sure how far it will reach from 6.5 kms. Would be great to hear from Ciaz owners as well as experienced drivers. Also any do's and don't for maintaining are welcomed. Thanks, AB
  5. Hi, When is the 2017 model of Ciaz likely to be launched? The dealers in bangalore informed when i took the test drive early this year that a new variant is coming up in a couple of weeks. This will be called the 2017 Ciaz. I have put a hold on my buying until the new variant is up. Any info on this would be great.
  6. guys what do u think about installing sunroof . while we opt for company fitted sunroof , is it possible to get it done outside in order to save money? how much will the sunroof installation cost ?