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Found 3 results

  1. When you associate the word joy with driving, it’s either the long romantic drives you take along the countryside once in a while or the odd wild night, when you took out your car at midnight, just to step on the gas and roam about in the city. But how often, in the life we lead, can we afford to do that? For me, the joy of driving came back to me, when recently I bought my new Honda Amaze. Frankly speaking, I was not expecting much when Honda announced the new Amaze, but the long trust on the brand and the great price they have put on the car made me apply for an advance booking and I got my first own car delivered to me. It was delivered to me on a Monday morning. Even though that could have been a buzz kill for many, it was just the opposite for me. Being a proud owner of Amaze meant that I could start enjoying it right away, which, might not have been the case in other cars. I was ready, swirling the key in my hand, I climbed down the stairs, took out my car and went into the gushing and whistling roads of Delhi. The start was beautiful, the car was more comfortable than I imagined, the leg space was enough for me to stretch and the head room was enough not to make me crouch. But my illusion of space ended soon, when I entered the main road connecting my home to the office. Buses, cars and rickshaws and more buses, the traffic looked like an impossible mess, through which I had to take my brand new car. If I am not wrong, a stretch of 2 km witnessed the cha-cha-cha among the brakes, accelerator and the clutch. But then I realized why the car has been named Amaze, really amazing it was, when the traffic honked me to move the 0.4 meter space available in the front and my car made a smooth transition from one gear to another. When the guy on the bike next to me, wiped his sweat off the already wet handkerchief and the brilliant AC of my car gave me an allusion of the seventh heaven. Amazing indeed. Well, the ride and the joy, did not end there obviously. When I reached the office I had one more problem left. Where space is a luxury, Parking is a delight to have. The lane that leads me to my office is like all other lanes and I need not explain anymore. But the surprise Honda had packed for me in form of this car hadn’t ended till then, for a sedan, Amaze has an Amazingly short turning radius and the parking was just another joy in the experience and not the problem anymore. That is the joy of driving Amaze gave me in a totally hostile environment for driving cars. I am happy I trusted Honda and I believe it would keep amazing me in the future.
  2. Just heard that Lewis Hamilton will be heading to Mumbai and will be driving his Mclaren Mercedes F1 car on Marine Drive on 16th Sept. While it all sounds exciting, the Marine Drive roads are far from good condition at the moment. Its extremely bumpy all around. I think the Sea Link would have been a better option anyday. Not to mention the glasses of the buildings which could be shattered due to the engine noise. What do you guys feel?
  3. Hey guys, I'm planning to drive down to Matheran during a weekend in December. Its going to be a 120 odd kms drive and I'll be hitting the expressway after a very long time. Quite excited actually. I did have a few questions here and would appreciate if you could address them. The last point where you can take your vehicles is Dasturi Naka. Quite an open park and you're expected to park your car midst trees. I've also read on a website that monkeys often tend to damage your car (scratching, denting the roof, going away with the mirrors etc.) This has made me quite skeptical to take my car up to Dasturi. Is it safe to park your car at Dasturi? Has anyone experienced any of what I mentioned here? Thats about the drive and safety. Now, I also see that there are as many number of points to visit on Matheran as Mahabaleshwar. How many of these are "really" worth visiting? Activities that one may suggest for a winter visit? I will be staying at Matheran for a couple of nights. Looking to spend some good leisure time there. All responses/suggestions appreciated []