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Found 12 results

  1. Compact SUV sales have exploded in the car industry over the last few years and are continuing to grow. Customers who want the feel of big chunky SUV but cannot afford the price tag can live their dreams with the compact SUV Segment. And it is no surprise to see companies like Ford are bringing small cross-overs in the market. Ford needs to compete at this small scale to remain competitive. The SUV's footprint is very similar to B segment cars like Fiesta. The new Ford Ecosport stands truly on its name. It is sporty, a compact crossover with a lot of storage spaces and a snazzy side-hinged rear hatch which is perfect for a small mid-size family budget. The 2017- Ecosport carries a new set of technology that makes driving more safer and convenient than ever. It has a BLIS ( Blind Spot Information System) with traffic alerts and use sensors to alert you for your blind spots. Ford Ecosport 2017 Exterior:- From the moment you look at it, you can immediately tell the subcompact SUV is a “Ford”. The front fascia in fact shouts “Ford”. It features a horizontal slat with Ford's signature grille. Something fairly unique to this front end is the way the A-pillars are curved at the bottom to give it a more sleek and muscular look. Moving towards the sides we see the mild Body-lines starting from the front quarter panel and merging with the tail-lamps. It also features an electrically operated sun-roof. Ford Ecosport 2017 Interior:- When you see a compact cross-over, it’s easy to imagine that it would be difficult to find a comfortable space, but Ford has done a commendable job of finding passenger space. The rear seats are particularly impressive for the class. Ford has used a basic instrument cluster with a large speedometer and tachometer. The model also gets an 8- inch display with Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment system, which is mounted on top of the dash. The center console has a simplistic design with the BVAC controls front and center. Ford Ecosport 2017 Competition:- Ford Ecosport 2017 will compete in the Compact SUV segment against the Honda WR-V, Hyundai Creta and the Renault Duster. Tata Nexon Renault Captur Honda WRV Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Thank-You very much if you like this please comment and share your views.
  2. Hello everyone, My 2016 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCi is due for 40,000 km service. Ford recommended oil is 3.8 litres of 5w30 ACEA a5/b5 wss-m2c913-c. I have following options, none of which is wss-m2c913-c - 1) Amsoil Diesel Signature series 5w30 acea E6,7,9 API CK4 - 3800 for 3.78 ltr 2) Amsoil Turbo truck Diesel oil 5w40 API CK4 - 2700 for 3.78 ltrs 3) Amsoil Signature series 5w30 a5/b5 API SN+ - 3900 for 3.78 ltrs 4) Mobil 1 Newer Vehicle formula 5w30 - 3000 for 4 ltr (-100 discount on Flipkart) 5) Liqui Moly New Generation 5w30 - 3500 for 4 ltr 6) Motul 8100 X-cess 5w40 - 2700 for 4 Ltr Or should I just go with the only wss-m2c913-c option available in market i.e. 7) Mobil Super 3000 X1 5w30 - 1600 for 3.5 ltrs
  3. Hello I joined today , we own Ford ecosport 1.5 Ti-vct 2017 (pre-facelift model but received minor facelift in 2016) and I had a doubt about the headlamps brightness when incoming traffic partially blinds me in night on single roads or highways. The headlamps are ok to use in city and on roads that have street lamps, but out on highways especially on single roads , when a vehicle comes from opposite direction , ecosport's stalk headlamps feel a little less bright even in Upper so as to see the road ahead. Did you find such an issue throughout your ownership experience? Or am I wrong ? Also , is there any specific halogen projector / LED projector headlamps set(Brand name) that you suggest for ecosport?
  4. I look forward to hear from you guys on the ford Ecsport. I plan to buy Ecosport but am hearing a lot of rumours on 2017 Ecosport coming very soon so wanted to know from you guys in case i shoiuld be waiting for the same.Also a question on the diesel engine is that i am looking for peppy and enthusiastic engine will it be good choice to go with this vehicle.
  5. We were the first to tell you about Mahindra developing a range of new SUVs, including sub-compact models, and now here are the first ever pictures of one such model undergoing testing. This new baby SUV (codenamed S101) will be the second offering from Mahindra in the sub-four-metre SUV segment and will sit below the Quanto. Mahindra plans to aim the S101 at the likes of sportier mini-SUVs like the Ford EcoSport. As you can see from the photo, this heavily camouflaged test mule is at a very early stage of development, and features dummy head- and tail-lamps. The car’s profile reveals a sporty, crossover-like stance with high ground clearance and a slightly raked rear windscreen. Mahindra is reportedly planning to share interior components with its other models to keep costs down. What’s more, seeing as how it managed to squeeze seven seats into a sub-four-metre footprint with the Quanto, the company could pitch this new SUV as a six- or even an eight-seater. The carmaker is also reportedly considering developing an upmarket version of the S101 that will be codenamed S102. I personally think this could be a segment changer if positioned below or on par with the EcoSport. High time for Tata and Maruti to jump into this segment.
  6. hey everyone , new to the forum and going for a new car but totally confused . the only thing clear is that i want a diesel engine . the shot listed cars are terrano from nissan , its sibling duster , the ecosport and i like the new city as well . help!!!
  7. For those who have'nt had a look at my previous thread please do its called TO WAIT OR NOT TO where i had a dillema whether to wait for my ecosport or just get another car i had booked an ecosport on 25th june 2013 with delivery being promised in august.On august 10 i decide to call my dealer about my car and his reply was negaitive.Ok waiting another month was not going to hurt me then in september i recive an email stating that my model will be delayed by a couple of months and that the price has been incresed by 50000k!!!.That was the last straw when to the showroom got the booking cancelled and started my search again now the cars remaining were i20,amaze and polo. went to volkswagen showroom and had a look at the polo(1.6 tdi)and right next to it was a vento.Spoke to the SA and the price difference was about 1L. booked the car and left the place happy.3 weeks later i got a call saying that my car has arrived and i can take delivery within a week it was fine by me but i had to check the car or atleast the 13 calls i got my decoded it and found the car to manufactered in june 2013!.Called the dealer up asked him when the car was made to which he replied october a differnce of 4 months i asked him to decode it and call back which he never did.waited for a week still no response went and met the head of the showroom.he said that he wasnt even aware of my booking and that that was the only vento they had.So there goes the second booking.Cars left amaze and i20. Amaze was out cause it was bland for 9L.So went to DSC motors booked the i20 asta maharaja red they quoted a waiting peroid of 3 weeks and as promised the car was delivered to me on the 15th of november.I've only driven the car for 30 kms so cant really comment on anything except the quality,its very good and so is the feature list. thank you for reading and here are some pics will upload more soon
  8. A big hello to eveyone and this is my first post on autocarindia form I had recently booked an ecosport(well on june 26) and theres still no news on delivery of the car.I have waited for it for a whole 2 months.If the vehicle does not arrive by the second week of september i will be looking at other options.So i request every single member of this form to help me in the purchase. My budget is between 8L-10.5L(ON ROAD) my priorities are The car has to be diesel,Good Space,ground clearence to clear those big pothholes,ABS and Airbags are a must,and finally and and the most important a nice after sales serivce The cars ive short listed are i20 polo and Honda Amaze
  9. Guys My bother needed a car for himself, to go to office and run daily errands. His budget was upto 15 lakhs, and the car was only meant to be driven alone. i.e. very rare family travel. So he was looking for diesel options. He decided in favour of the ecosport as it looked young and fresh. He found everyhting he needed in the car and after comparing all the cars in the segment ( From POLO to Vento/Verna/Duster), it was the ecosport (Ofcourse!!) . He has booked early with delivery slated next week. Now he had a soft corner for an automatic diesel but Laura ambition DSG was out of his budget. Now These has been an interesting development. My brother got a call from Skoda Delhi today and the SA offered him a flat cash discount of 3 lacs on any laura model (2012 make). Now this puts the base diesel model( 2.0 TDi Ambition) very close to ecosport. ( about 2.8 lacs difference) and the AT Ambition aroung 4.5 lacs more We were discussing it and could not conclude what to buy. Money is not an issue and we are also few of the lucky ones to get an ecosport this early, giving it up would mean insanity to few :|) Ecosport is new whereas laura is old (soon be replaced) but from a segment above. so more comfortable and powerful. As he shall be driving alone he dosent mind any car. First it was like "Laura!! so many on road, so old.. not special but after a few minutes, it was like by the end of this year, there will be more ecosports on road, HAHA ) Its almost final to go for the new car (ES) but but just incase "should we give laura a second look" ( Incase of laura, we would look at the Automatic Ambition mostly, would cost about 4.5 lacs more, again this is just an idea as of now, lets see how it goes). Help PLEASE !!!
  10. Hi everyone So, another decision. THis one needs to be made by the end of this week. The budget is 12 lacs. Car needs to be a diesel. My brother will drive it alone. No family travel. although little practicality is welcome. Both City and Highway commute. Just one question. What is the absolute best car in the segment? For people considered about waiting periods on ecosport, he had already booked the ecosport early and the car will be available in 15 days (titanium +). He likes the ecosport but he also likes the germans. haha Any help is appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi, I am looking to buy an SUV and have a budget of around 8-9 lacs. I had almost finalised buying a Duster owing to its proven performance and a number of awards but the imminent launch of Ford Ecosport has now confused me. On researching, I have found a number of pros and cons but I am not sure on which car to finalise. Here are my observations: Ford: The Ecosport boosts of an award winning petrol Ecoboost engine. But if I am getting an SUV, I should get a diesel engine, right? (My daily commute is around 40-45 km). The Ford does boast of a number of gadgets and a fresh design... Duster: Duster has a proved performance record and is capable of delivering. It has a wider rear space and more boot space (which is essential for my wife ). It has a classic and rugged look rather than the different Ford design.I have also read in a review that the diesel engine of the Duster is much better than the diesel one in Ecosport. I am a bit inclined towards buying Duster as a bigger rear space is more important to me. However, I would love to hear your suggestions / opinions and take an informed decision. Also, are the above observations correct? What other factors should I consider? Thanks.
  12. Ford is currently showing the final, production-ready version of the EcoSport in select locations across 12 cities in India. A launch date for the car has not been announced just yet, but the company has confirmed that it will commence bookings once the customer experience drive is completed in May, 2013 with first deliveries to commence in early June. The manufacturer however confirmed that the car will be launched in four variants with three engine options – the 1.5-litre diesel and petrol engines from the current Fiesta saloon and Ford’s much acclaimed 1.0-litre EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine, capable of putting out 123bhp, which will make its India debut in the car. All three engines will come mated to a five-speed manual gearbox while the 1.5-litre petrol will also come with an automatic gearbox option. The Ford EcoSport is expected to have atleast 85 percent of local content when launched. Source:,ford-showcases-india-spec-ecosport.aspx The pictures below are of the production ready vehicle