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Found 7 results

  1. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has just made an announcement via Twitter that the popular online retail platform will roll out its fleet of all-electric delivery rickshaws in India. These rickshaws will be completely electric, will have zero carbon emissions and they will be used for the last mile delivery of products ordered via Amazon, making the delivery process that much more environmentally friendly. What do you guys think of this move to electric rickshaws?
  2. I read an article on autocar website itself, and i liked their business model very well. Lets hear views of other members. here is the article; Found the image via TeamBHP.
  3. As Of Monday, May 18, 2020, India has become on of six countries that produces high horsepower locomotives indigenously. This happened with the introduction of the Electric Locomotive dubbed WAG12 (number- 60027), which produces 12,000hp (compared to the current locomotives that produce around 6,000hp) and is the first high horsepower locomotive that can operate on a broad gauge track. Additionally the locomotive can also operate on regular rail tracks as well as special tracks present in dedicated Freight Corridors. The Electric locomotive has been built under the Make in India project and has been produced by Madhepura Electric Loco Factory situated in Bihar. The same facility will produce 800 such locomotives over an 11 year span. These locomotives are also designed to do speeds of up to 120kph though it has been tested up to 132kph. What do you guys think of the new most powerful Electric locomotive manufactured in India?
  4. I just came across a video of the Tesla Cybertruck, all-electric pick-up truck driving down what appears to be a freeway in LA. The Cybertruck has generated a lot of buzz around itself as it is Tesla's first pick-up truck and it is a major departure from the brand's current design language. What do you guys think of the Tesla Cybertruck? You can read more about it here -
  5. Somehow I am now convinced that going Electric is the only way forward Have spent months just plain talking about the environment , pollution , possible reforms , BS6 fuels and BS6 cars through my many threads Today I finally booked myself an MG ZS EV due to launch shortly The booking amount is 50K and as you might be knowing booking closes on 17 January , MG plans to have an further discounted price for these 1000 early bookings Word going around that launch is expected sometime around 18 Jan 20 and launch price could be around 24 L The discount could be 3L + if you combine both 1.5L Govt subsidy and another 1.5L on financing related tax rebate that can be availed if you decide to go the financing way The wall charger that I saw is labelled Delta , also on purchase of the vehicle MG installs this AC wall charger for its customers free of cost and the engineer would survey your location of installation and also decide on the length of connecting charger socket to be provided for you Getting a test ride for these EVs is really tough , they are so minuscule in numbers that you need to have a trick up your sleeve The trick I deviced was not to go in for online booking like I did for Kona but to ask them to take booking cheque from my home if they brought in the vehicle for test ride that very day Called the Showroom around 11am on 13 January 2020 and expressed my interest in the vehicle , they took my details and arranged for a call back , I was told to book the vehicle today and as the vehicle was not available now , they will arrange a test ride when the vehicle will be available in a few days , I offered them to collect the booking amount if they gave me a test ride of the vehicle in the afternoon In the meantime I kept constant touch with the sales representative and also sent him my location on WhatsApp well in advance so that they don't have an excuse for not showing up I also asked for their NEFT details to speed up the booking process to keep them on a short hook But as you would be aware , the addition of payees into your bank account is time bound and also bound by the transferred amount for the first day , few hours , so that was a fail as I would reveal further All my smartness seemed to have fallen flat when I saw them arrive in a Hector , I was in shock but they instantly calmed me down and said that the EV is in the workshop charging , they have come to pick me up and take me to their showroom where they are arranging the charged EV to arrive by the time we reach the showroom We reached the showroom and were given a car overview on a display vehicle parked inside the showroom , car looked ample in size was slightly bigger on height and more leg room in the back than the Kona Also another major thing I found disturbing in the Kona was it's centre console that rises as it leaves from the seats area and meets the dashboard , this somehow makes you feel more cramped and personally I did not like it , here in the ZS the centre console falls down as it meets the dashboard that gives a more sense of space also the front grille is less on plastic feel. ZS is more conventional in looks and these easily go down well on your eyes The test vehicle arrived shortly , the test ride was in a limited area could not try it out on all road types but made full use of the three riding modes and these can be felt instantly On switching between modes the surge in acceleration you get is easily noticible Car relatively new even sales representative not aware of a few things He could not find the switch to fold the HEATED OVRMS What it misses out is Android Auto and Apple Carplay , 360 degree camera , ventilated seats , much smaller sized AVN In the boot it did not have the charging cables , just a spare wheel tucked away. I remember Kona had two chargers In the boot. May be it's hiding somewhere else The hood had ample storage space , it was that empty 😉 A brief form filling , followed by failed attempts to pay by bank transfer , also as usual additional fees on card payment at the dealership , boiled down to the usage of the trusted no additional cost tool , the good old cheque Notibly online you pay nothing on Credit card usage as a payment method . On the way back , I joked about them coming in a bigger car to pick me up when the car I planned to purchase is much smaller in size , a certain red flag at least on the test ride day. They shared tentative dates of launch , expected price point ,estimated booking numbers of over 650 units till date They want to sell as many EVs they can before the auto expo because they know things become difficult for them hence on My biggest attractions was the 5* NCAP rating , you all must have seen how much these crash test rating mean to everyone now , I started a thread on crash test videos few years back. The other unmimiscible feature is the massive panoramic moon roof , it covers 90% of the roof area and the fact it's an EV Also having Green coloured Number Plate is high on my list now Car available in two variants - Exclusive and Excite Colour - White Red and Blue Blue is available only on the Exclusive variant Also they say MGs Red is the hottest selling colour , the EV in the showroom I visited was red , the test ride vehicle was red , few more Hector parked were red , it was a sea of red. I have booked the Exclusive Variant White in colour Will add more soon Kindly feel free to add your comments and point out shortcomings in the car to any potential new launch
  6. Bajaj has just brought back the Chetak name after a 14-year break. The Chetak is an electric scooter that has a 4kW electric motor and the scooter will sport an IP67-rated lithium-ion battery pack. Other technical details are yet to be revealed. The electric scooter will, however, have two riding modes - Eco and Sport which provide a claimed range of 95km and 85km respectively. What do you guys think of the new electric Bajaj Chetak? You can read more about the electric scooter here -
  7. Ford's first electric SUV - the Mustan Mach-E has just been confirmed today and some information about the SUV was leaked online via Ford's website. from this information, we can make a quick comparison to see how its 3 variants stack up against its main rival, the Tesla Model Y. SOURCE Ford Mustang Mach-E Select Tesla Model Y Standard Range Plus Price: $43,895 (Rs 31.48 lakh) $43,000 (Estimated) (Rs 30.83 lakh) Range: 370km (EPA) 370km (EPA) 0-60 mph: mid 5-second 5.9 seconds Cargo Space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic feet Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD Price: $50,600 (Rs 36.28 lakh) $48,000 (Rs 34.42 lakh) Range: 483km (EPA) 483km (EPA) 0-60 mph: mid 5-second 5.5 seconds Cargo Space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic feet Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Tesla Model Y Performance Price: $60,500 (Rs 43.39 lakh) $61,000 (Rs 43.75 lakh) Range: 378km (EPA) 450km (EPA) 0-60 mph: mid 3-second 3.5 seconds Cargo Space: 59.6 cubic feet 66 cubic feet