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Found 11 results

  1. Stated to be the replacement for Linea, The all new sedan Aegea has been caught without any disguise, and oh boy it looks like a typical Italian beauty !! Fiat fans, have fun
  2. Stated to be the replacement for Linea, The all new sedan Aegea has been caught without any disguise, and oh boy it looks like a typical Italian beauty !! Fiat fans, have fun
  3. passion for automobiles has been working inside me 24X7, that added with lots of free time resulted in this.1:18 scale model of Fiat Linea made out of thermocol and paper,completely hand crafted..
  4. Can any one post the spareparts and body parts price list of Fiat vehicles; Linea and Punto or please post your experiences with spares; Thank you
  5. Dear Friends, I have a Fiat Palio Stile slx 1.1 petrol driven car. From last few days I am facing unusual sound from my front shock absorbers. There is no unusualness with the ride and ability of bump absorbing by the shock absorbers. But the sound coming is very irritating. My friends suggested that, just replacing the shock absorber bushes will do the job. I visited my mechanic, he says the whole shock absorber assembly needs to be replaced and it may cost approximately Rs 20 000 /-. I am confused whether just to replace the bush or to do a complete replacement of shock absorbers. Friends and experts please guide me. Thank you
  6. The Italian racing car makers, Abarth makes its way into India in 2013, via Fiat. Fiat Chrysler India has recently announced that all Abarth models will be sold through their specially nominated Fiat dealers in India. Despite a difficult economic situation prevalent across the globe, the Fiat India has announced its optimistic plans for the future wherein they hope to see enhanced sales. Fiat Group is also bringing in the Fiat brand into India in the coming year and Abarth is also scheduled to be launched around the same time. Initially, the company will be offering 500 Abarth and Grande Punto Evo which will be sold through Fiat dealerships. The 500 Abarth possesses a 1.4 liter 16 valve, 136 bhp turbo petrol engine. It weights 1035 kgs and almost matches power to weight ratio of a BMW 325i. There is also a Sport mode which enhances maximum torque peak from 19 kgm to 21 kgm while power is also increased correspondingly. Prices and other details will be announced closer to launch dates in India. (Source :
  7. Im super thrilled that the Jeep brand is coming to India soon. I remember the time when way back in 1993 the Cherokee was supposed to enter the country through Mahindra. I still dont know why that didnt work out. Now its coming for sure with the Jeep and Chrysler brands now owned by Fiat. But I do have my concerns. Fiat makes great cars but their After Sales Service and Spares network has a bad reputation. Thats the reason for the dismal sale of Fiat products in India. I just hope this is not the case when these two American brands are launched here. Fiat have a lot of work to do on that front. Do you think the launch of Jeep and Chrysler will change Fiats fortunes in India? Will owners get good service? I think only time will . But I cant wait to see the Grand Cherokee officially sold here What do you guys think?
  8. Fiat Linea facelift is bound for Indian auto industry by the last quarrter of 2013. Production of the new Linea is scheduled to start from Sep 2013, at their Ranjangaon facility near Pune. Specially tuned to the Indian market, 2013 Linea will receive a new front fascia with new bumpers and grille. It will also receive a new lip spoiler, restyled rear bumpers and tail lamps along with chrome fittings. Interiors have also to be upgraded and will be seen in lighter tones with premium looking upholstery while there are three layered dual colors seen on the dashboard. In Turkey, Linea possesses a 1.3 liter Multijet II diesel engine and a 1.4 liter Multiair petrol engine while buyers in India will have to wait even more as the MultiAir is not going to feature in the new Linea. The current Linea model in India, comes with a 1.4 liter turbocharged petrol engine offering 114 PS power and 207 Nm torque. In Turkey, Linea facelift is priced between TRL 35,950 (Rs 10,94 lakhs) to TRL 55,440 (Rs 16.86 lakhs). Linea did not get its deserved sales numbers in India. Sales suffered primarily due to not so premium sales and service network in India, which was under the Fiat-Tata joint venture. As per recent updates received, Fiat will now be setting up their own sales and service networks through Fiat Exclusive Sales and Service networks which will enable the company to provide more personalized services directly to their customers in the coming year. (Source :
  9. The all new Fiat Grande Punto will make its debut in 2014 and hopefully come to India in the same year. Grande Punto though being a good car has not able to turn Fiat’s fortune in India. The lack of after sales service and marketing by Fiat has costed the beautiful and well built car suffer in competition with half baked Japanese, American and Indian cars. The next generation Grande Punto will have a much more dynamic design and come with latest technologies from Fiat. The more advance Multi-jet engine is also expected to come through the new Grande Punto. With a good design, more interior space and higher ground clearance, the next generation Grande Punto has something promising for the future in India, and of course Fiat has to work really hard on the marketing and after sales service. Fiat recently split from Tata to open their own chain of dealership franchise in the name of Fiat Cafe. (Source :
  10. The Fiat group is arming its arsenal to fight against the mighty VW group in the world leadership battle. With brands like Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep under its umbrella, the Italian auto major looks evenly poised to go head on with the VW group brands. The Fiat group has announced an exhaustive product plan for the next three years. Though we would love to discuss the entire 20 products that constitute the onslaught including Maseratis and Alfa Romeos, we will highlight only the products that are relevant to India bearing in mind that in the next three years we could see the arrival of Jeep brand in the sub-continent. 7 seater version of Fiat 500L by 2013 What started as a celebratory retro model is now being leveraged to reiterate the success of the iconic original Fiat 500 and Fiat has plans to do it by spinning off derivatives. The 500L was a compact crossover based on the Fiat 500. Fiat will stretch the 500L even longer to accommodate the third row and bingo, you have a Maruti Ertiga rival! Finding it a suitable diesel engine will be least of Fiat’s worries in India. Jeep compact SUV ‘baby Wrangler’ by 2014 The Jeep compact SUV is Fiat’s solution for the ever increasing significance of the compact SUV segment. The compact SUV is likely to be based on the Jeep Wrangler. Media reports suggest that the Jeep brand is going to set foot in India sooner than later. The baby SUV will be a very good company to the Cherokee and Wrangler SUVs. All new Fiat Linea by 2015 There is no denying the fact that the Fiat Linea is one of the best looking sedans on sale from any segment, in India, but with the arrival of much younger rivals, the car started showing its age especially on the interiors. The all new Linea is planned for a 2015 launch and is expected to undergo a through redesign. The car will benefit from platform and parts sharing with a Dodge counterpart, perhaps the Dart. Fiat Linea hatchback by 2015 It’s almost unbelievable that Fiat’s product planners gave the new Fiat Punto a miss but they did announce a hatchback based on the Linea sedan. The hatchback is most likely to be the next gen Punto and will share most of its components and design cues from its sedan brother, again a time proven formula in India. Both cars could be powered by the next generation MultiJet diesel engines. New compact crossover to replace Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot by 2015 The Crossover SUVs Compass and Patriot will be replaced by a new entry level compact crossover. The mini crossover SUV is likely to be positioned in a way to rival the likes of Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport globally. Being a global model, it might not be a sub four metre SUV, but is expected to bear the needs of emerging markets in mind. The car will sit below the baby Wrangler and will be the most affordable Jeep. Jeep Grand Wagoneer 7 Seater by 2015 The Wagoneer brand will be resurrected for the 2015 model year. With 7 seats and luxury features, it’s expected to become the flagship vehicle of the Jeep brand, sitting above the Grand Cherokee. Fiat could consider bringing this vehicle to India if the smaller Jeeps manage to build a brand value high enough to accommodate an expensive and huge 7 seater. The aggressive product plan is Fiat’s reaction to the current do or die situation and if executed well, it could bring the Fiat and Chrysler brands back to where they used to be. Platform sharing, economies of scale in production and joint engineering are the key points of this plan. Good luck Fiat! [source:]
  11. After the success of the Maruti Ertiga, Fiat has been studying the option of launching a seven-seat version of its 500L micro-MPV. Based on a modified Punto platform, this extended version of the five-seat 500L will have a large rear overhang, flat folding seats on all three rows and some really clever packaging. The car pictured here is only a computer-generated image based on the recently shown 500L. What’s immediately evident is that this car’s neo-retro styling works well, despite the slightly ungainly MPV proportions. The non-aggressive, round-edged details lend this MPV a cheerful demeanour. The nose is pure Fiat 500 (albeit with elongated headlights), the big wraparound glasshouse looks stunning, the surfboard-like roof is super cool and the elongated tail-lights match the long lights at the front. The big, squared-off wheel arches look a bit out of character though. Interior space will be maximised by compacting internal fittings and fixtures, and the insides will have coloured inserts on the dash that match the colour of the car. Fiat has used slim pillars and wrap-around glass to lend an airy feel to the cabin and the neo-retro look has been carried onto the dash of the car too. Fiat is likely to use the updated 90bhp version of its 1.3 diesel (called Multijet II) to power this car. The updated engine features advances in areas of injection, turbocharging and internal friction. This extended seven-seat version of the 500L is expected to replace the Fiat Idea in Europe, and Fiat is expected to sell it in other grown-up markets like the US as well. That will mean the 500L will be engineered to meet global crash-test norms and that certainly bodes well for India as well. If Fiat fully localises this car, expect nothing more than an Ertiga-matching price of between Rs 8 to 10 lakh. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thats the post on Autocar Exclusive. Now, what I feel is that Fiat will be weary of adding any new models to their Indian line up. Punto and Linea, howsoever beautifully crafted and running on the famous 1.3 multijets, they have been too low on sales figures. Even the 2012 editions have not seen roads enough. Fiat had already played this card once with the Fiat Adventure which was basically a stretched Palio/Petra, which did not work. That size is ideally suited for a 7 seater but the Adventure was only an estate with a seating capacity of 5.