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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  2. Hyundai unveiled the i20 N performance hatchback late last year and the model came with a 204hp, 1.6-litre turbo-petrol engine. The i20 N is based on the newest generation of the i20 hatchback (also available in India), though it comes with a host of mechanical and visual changes to improve performance and sporty characteristics. I have attached some real-life images of the new Hyundai i20 N showcasing the exteriors and interiors, below. What do you guys think of the sporty hatchback and would you like Hyundai to launch it in India? You can read more about the Hyundai i20 N here - and about the India-bound i20 N-Line here - IMAGE SOURCE
  3. Hello everyone, I want recommendations as which car is the best buy here? Looks - i20 is a lot better as I simply dislike flat front and rear of amaze Features - Both are on par. i20 just adds 4 extra airbags and projector headlamps Price - i20 asta is cheaper by 40K than Amaze but i20 Asta (o) is costlier by 40K [on road] Drive - Both are equally good and refined. Engine/power/torque almost identical. i20 feels peppier. Please provide feedback. The car is to be driven by my sister. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have booked a TATA Nexon XZ+ petrol in last week of January'18 and waiting for delivery. However, I visited Auto expo 2018 in greater Noida to see the new Elite i20 launced by Hyundai. Post this I am in a state of confusion whether to consider Nexon as my next car or not. Prior to booking of this new mini SUV of TATA, I was told by few of my friends that although the car's specification is good including its drivieability, but the service level of TATA still requires major improvement and I will have to face issues later on. On the other hand, the i20 has been a great car and now Hyundai have launced a new facelift with addition of few new features once again including a 7" touch screen inside. The overall looks of car from front and rear has also been made aggressive. Against 2 nos. airbags of TATA, the Elite i20 has minimum 4 airbags and appears to be safer. Moreover the after sales services of Hyndai is supposed to be far better than TATA. But looks wise, NEXON still imprss me a lot. I am thereofore confused and unable to analyse my decision on opting TATA car in front of i20. Please guide me.
  5. I want to ask you about a strange problem in my Hyundai i20 2013 - Sportz petrol(7000KMS). When the car is running at the speed of 40-50Kmph if i blink the headlight, car engine is getting stopped and restarts again(It is similar when we fails to press the cluth in first gear, the car is geeting stopped with the small pull).When this problem occurs, in the center console "ABS", "Handbrake" & "Door open" light starts glowing. I gave the car to the service center and waiting for their feedback.(Service team said they'll check the ECM). Before this problem occurred, a week ago my AC stopped working.if i on the AC, no air flow is observed.When the temperature gets decreased to the low, heat air started coming out of the AC vents.Stragely this problem is not occurred until now. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. For those who have'nt had a look at my previous thread please do its called TO WAIT OR NOT TO where i had a dillema whether to wait for my ecosport or just get another car i had booked an ecosport on 25th june 2013 with delivery being promised in august.On august 10 i decide to call my dealer about my car and his reply was negaitive.Ok waiting another month was not going to hurt me then in september i recive an email stating that my model will be delayed by a couple of months and that the price has been incresed by 50000k!!!.That was the last straw when to the showroom got the booking cancelled and started my search again now the cars remaining were i20,amaze and polo. went to volkswagen showroom and had a look at the polo(1.6 tdi)and right next to it was a vento.Spoke to the SA and the price difference was about 1L. booked the car and left the place happy.3 weeks later i got a call saying that my car has arrived and i can take delivery within a week it was fine by me but i had to check the car or atleast the 13 calls i got my decoded it and found the car to manufactered in june 2013!.Called the dealer up asked him when the car was made to which he replied october a differnce of 4 months i asked him to decode it and call back which he never did.waited for a week still no response went and met the head of the showroom.he said that he wasnt even aware of my booking and that that was the only vento they had.So there goes the second booking.Cars left amaze and i20. Amaze was out cause it was bland for 9L.So went to DSC motors booked the i20 asta maharaja red they quoted a waiting peroid of 3 weeks and as promised the car was delivered to me on the 15th of november.I've only driven the car for 30 kms so cant really comment on anything except the quality,its very good and so is the feature list. thank you for reading and here are some pics will upload more soon
  7. A big hello to eveyone and this is my first post on autocarindia form I had recently booked an ecosport(well on june 26) and theres still no news on delivery of the car.I have waited for it for a whole 2 months.If the vehicle does not arrive by the second week of september i will be looking at other options.So i request every single member of this form to help me in the purchase. My budget is between 8L-10.5L(ON ROAD) my priorities are The car has to be diesel,Good Space,ground clearence to clear those big pothholes,ABS and Airbags are a must,and finally and and the most important a nice after sales serivce The cars ive short listed are i20 polo and Honda Amaze
  8. Hi, Our i20 has completed 1 year just few days ago. So before starting the review I am going to write a bit as to how we narrowed down on this. Search Begins - At first we had a budget of 5lacs but then we thought its not sufficient. Then we increased it to 6lacs. Then we shortlisted the listed cars - Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, VW Polo, Toyota liva. After taking TD we had came to conclusion to buy the Hyundai i20 because its features, space and Comfortable ride. Booked on 15sept 2012. Waiting Period was not much long. Just a few days. Got the delivery on 18th sept. We found the Hyundai dealer very good and friendly. The Freebies we got are - 1.Mats 2. Mud flaps 3. Pen drive 4. Some DVDs and 5. Leather Seatcovers. Driving Experience Ride and handling – Its ride is very smooth with a very light handle helps easy manouvering in the city. The highway driving is not that good. But its good at 80-100 after crossing 100 the steering feels like holding nothing. Space - The space in is great. The Front legroom is very good. And at the rear is same. Its very comfortable inside. Engine –It comes with a 1.2 litre VTVT petrol engine. Its very silent. Its soo silent that sometimes our car is started and my dad is starting is again and again. Then he says something is wrong with the car. Now, Check some pics of our car. Electric ORVM Will post more soon.
  9. I want to upgrade my i20 magna opt with alloy wheel. Any Suggestion on which alloys to choose?? My Budget is about 30k for 5 tyres. And my tyre is 165/80. Do i need to change the tyres. if so then what size you prefer. And what brand? My tyre size is 175/70 Post Edited: 3 posts merged.
  10. Hi, I am thinking of fitting fog lamps for my i20 magna (o). I want the OE ones and what will be the cost?And I want to know that do I need to change the bumper if I fit fog lamps. And can I not fit it without changing the bumper? Thanks in Advance.
  11. Hello I had done a test drive on i20 Diesel yesterday and found okay with it. Before going further would like to ask you regarding some drawbacks?. Does any body here feels any uncomfortable incidents with this vehicle?. What is the Ground Clearance of this, i actually forgot to ask. Nothing found in Hyundai web page also. Please let me know your positives and negatives of this vehicle. Thanks
  12. Hyundai i20 v/s Honda Amaze: Honda Amaze comes with all the essential comfort features like power windows, power steering, music system, central locking, and a powerful AC. The dashboard again has a striking resemblance to its sibling in Brio with the same central console containing all the essential controls. The look of the steel arches from the side, gives Amaze a sporty look. The back is proportionate to the front part of the car differentiating it from the other compact sedans. The chrome panels on the back, gives the car the occasional premium touch. The fluidic design gives the eye-catching effect to the i20. The multi reflector front fog lamps, built in the lower section of the bumper and the 8 spoke alloy wheels give the car a very sporty look. The flush mounted headlamps near the front grille give a very clear vision for a better driving comfort. Like all hatchbacks, Hyundai gives the extra bit of boot space with the i20 too. Looking inside the bonnet of Amaze, the power does not betray Honda’s name with the car reaching 100 km/hr in a mere 13 seconds. Honda Amaze boasts of 25.8 kmpl for the diesel variant, again the best in class, hence balancing the two ends of the balance very well. The i-Vtec engine is pitched as the most powerful and fuel efficient engine in the segment, leaving its competitors miles behind. Hyundai i20’s engine, on paper is one of the finest hatchback engines on paper, with great power and a decent mileage. But when compared to the compact sedan, Honda Amaze, which is built on the platform of a hatchback itself, the frugal engine of i20, seems not so economical. Here also, the i-VTEC engine of Amaze, leaves the i20, far behind. Renault Duster v/s Honda Amaze: The exteriors of the both the cars are good, Duster gives you the feel of a sporty off-roader. Honda as always goes with the premium classy look. The exteriors would always command for a look from the people if you sit in any of the cars, as they are both extremely stylish and good looking cars. When we take a look at the interiors, we are actually disappointed watching the Duster losing the battle to Amaze. The black touch to the interiors gives a sporty look to the car, but the plastic is not very impressive. While on the other side, Amaze is all through a premium looking car, also inside out. Honda stands firm on the premium brand image it owns and maintains and gains a brownie point against Duster here. The torque produced by the 85bhp Duster is good and its actually enough at least for city driving. The problem with automobile companies all over the world has been, ‘with great power, comes lower fuel economy’. But surprisingly, both the cars we are talking about seem to have balanced the two ends very well. Which car would you choose and why?
  13. Hyundai has revealed and launched the i20 sedan in Brazil. It has been named the HB20 S.. At first glance, the Fluidic design philosophy is evident and it does look good for sure. It looks like a proper sedan and not a boot paste job. While the wheelbase remains identical, the boot is massive at 450 litres. Should it come to India? I dont think so and for the reasons Its not a sub 4 meter car and will not gain from excise benefits. If there are no price benefits, it will eat into the sales of the Verna. Hyundai cant have two cars in the same price range else one would canabalize the sales of the other. Seeing everyone going for sub 4 meter cars now, Hyundai should prob think of a sub 4 meter Verna
  14. Hi Guys, I am in a fix regarding a Petrol or a Diesel Car. Please help me in choosing the right kind of engine. With rising fuel prices, I'm a bit concerned. I am rooting for a Hyundai i20 - Sportz Variant. I travel for 30kms/day. I clock not more than 800-900 kms in a month The BIG Question is should I go for a Petrol or a Diesel??? i20 Sportz On Road Price in Hyderabad. Petrol - 6,75,000 Diesel - 8,25,000 There's a huge difference of 1.5L between the Petrol & Diesel Variant. I even heard that the maintainence, Spares of a i20 CRDI are Higher than i20 VTVT. What do you suggest? Cheers, $@!
  15. Hey guys, this is the first time im going to buy a car. im very much confused whether to buy a petrol or a diesel one!! i chose car manufacturer as Hyundai i20. I travel around 45kms everyday.Monthly running will be 1200 kms. Please help me guys. if you have any other car choices please let me know..