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Found 1 result

  1. Here are our 7 main reasons: 1. Keep fit Our first reason for having an electric bike is obvious. Cycling, whether traditional or electric, is a great way to get in shape and tone your muscles. You do not just work your legs, you also strengthen your body, your shoulders and your glutes, just to name a few. All this without impacting your joints. In addition, electric bikes are an ideal way to work your cardio because you can select different levels of assistance, allowing you to build your own pace. Do you feel short of breath? Increase the assistance until you stabilize your breathing. 2.Roll longer and faster Gone are the days when traveling 75 km seemed impossible. This task will never be intimidating again. A fully charged battery on the electric bike will allow you to travel 80 to 100 kilometers. And of course, the distance is doubled by integrating a second battery, we are talking about 200 kilometers of bike rides! Redefine your limits with the electric bike. Besides, why not do it at a good speed too? Riding around at 10km / h is fun for a while, but who does not like to feel the wind in the hair? With an electric bicycle you can easily gain speed up to 32km / h with the help of the engine. There is nothing like going beyond traditional cyclists without effort! 3. Use on several occasions There is a wide variety of electric bikes: cargo, folding, mountain, urban .. Stopping to buy supplies on the way home from work, or picking up children at school, could become much easier with an electric bike - cargo electric bikes allow you to carry larger loads effortlessly ! Other bicycles, such as urban electric bikes , will not only reduce commuting time between home and work, but also make long trips and several day trips. Another amazing option that exists in the power-assisted bike industry is the foldable, ideal for city life where storage is limited, or just when you travel train / bus ... - it also easily fits into the trunk of a car! 4. Avoid traffic Tired of wasting time in a traffic jam while going to work? Today, most cities have integrated bike paths into their existing and future roads. On your bike, you get access to these bike lanes that cars and motorcycles can not reach. An electric bike also gives you a moderately higher speed advantage than a regular bike, which means you'll get to work faster! You avoid traffic jams and eliminate hills and headwinds, making the electric bike the most reliable and fastest way to get there! 5. Save money Cars can be expensive, when you consider the fuel, insurance, maintenance and cost of the car itself, the numbers may seem quite high. Yes, the electric bike also needs maintenance from time to time, but the price difference is important. In addition, electric bikes do not require a license or insurance, as well as parking and associated costs! So think about the savings you can make by switching to an electric bike for most, if not all, of your transportation. 6. Help the environment How much carbon dioxide is emitted by your car during the daily commute to work? On the other hand, e-bikes are carbon-free, use very little electricity to charge the battery and you only need a good old elbow grease to get you from point A to point B. You will be much more delighted with that. once you stop using your car (or bus) to get around on your electric bike! 7. It's funny ! Most important of all, getting around by electric bike is just fun! You will find yourself smiling all the time while traveling by bike. Being outdoors, relieving stress, saving money and being more efficient in your travels are all good reasons to smile! if you want more just look here: Ebike rental