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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all I am owning Ritz Zxi which I bought in 2014. I am having an issue related to mileage from quite sometime. I am getting mileage around 11 - 12km per litre. On highways it is around 15km per litre. I have mentioned this issue when giving the vehicle for service. There was no change after the service. I suppose, the mileage should be around 14kmpl. Is my expectation right? What should be the possible causes for mileage? Is it possible that it is not service properly?
  2. Hey guys i have a petrol igen i20,6 months old. first time when i checked its mileage in city it was around 12.5 kmpl. Sometimes i travel around 40 kms a day. before the first service when i used to travel 40 kms a day not even a single stick of petrol in the instrument console was consumed. But after first service if i travel around 35 kms a day also one single stick of fuel is getting consumed. please suggest me what to do? Or shall i take the car to service center and get it tuned for mileage?? Please help me guys... model is ASTA 1.2 petrol
  3. I own a Santro Xing XP 2007 model. The mileage until 2011 was 13 kmpl in cities and 15 kmpl in highways. But now, it has dropped to 10 kmpl and 12.5 kmpl respectively. The car is sent for service regularly. Any methods of improving the mileage other than the driving style?
  4. Hi All, I am having trouble with my new Maruti Ritz Vdi. Currently it is at 15000 kms and it has never returned me mileage above 15.5 even on the highway... I have complained regarding this to all MASS but they simply try to convince me that the mileage is correct and dont do a proper checking. The only thing they did was clean the air filter (which i have done myself many times) and loosen up the hand brake!! ?? they told me that a tight hand brake would slow down the vehicle and cause low mileage. How i checked my mileage: 1. I used full tank to full tank method. 2. I travelled from Bangalore to ooty via the longer salem route during early morning. No traffic, perfect highway for most part. Drove at around a constant speed of 120-130 for most part upto avinashi, and then in and around ooty. Total Mileage returned 15.5 kmpl 3. Travelled from Ooty to Bangalore via mysore, maintained constant speed of 80kmpl and some Bangalore Domestic Driving. Mileage returned 15.5 kmpl 4. During my day to day traffic stop and go within bangalore city, mileage returned is around 12 kmpl. Any idea why this is caused, anyone out there experienced the same, and please let me know a good service station who actually are not afraid of checking my car using some diagnostics.