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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I recently got my second service done at Global Gallerie, Thane for my VW Polo. It was just another routine service. I was so happy that my car has not had any problem in two years of ownership. As a gesture to honour my request I was allowed to witness the entire service procedure with irregular and brief explanation of processes by the mechanic. All was going good until the mechanic dropped one of the spark plugs on its head. As rudimentary as they are in their approach and thinking and I am not bashing anyone here but that's what he was like, he did not change the spark plug inspite of me requesting it. As many would have heard the standard response "Sir kuch nahin hota hain, yeh company wale aapko darate hain". I did not want to say much if the car was working fine so I waited for my turn to test drive the car. On start up I noticed increased vibrations and engine misfire. It was like engine was running out of breath. I immediately informed the advisor and he delegated the job to a senior technician. The customary search began with the on board diagnostics and within 5 minutes they found the culprit and it was the spark plug. Now I know that you are supposed to change the spark plug and not fix its head and replace it. As unfortunate as it may sound but the task to replace the plugs were assigned to the same mechanic who had sc***d up in the first place. To my surprise and shock he did not change the spark plug but tried to fix it with a hammer. The misfiring ofcourse was not noticable then. The very next day I start up my car only to find increased vibrations and continuous misfiring. I called up the advisor and he ased me to bring in my vehicle to change the plugs. They asked me to wait with my vehicle while the entire process is being carried out. Two dudes came over with a set of spark plugs and replaced all of them. They claimed the spark plugs to be new but I do not remember seeing a invoice for the same. Now if I recall the procedure, no mechanic is allowed to source any parts from the store without an invoice from the advisor. So anyway they changed the plugs and there was no misfiring that was reported by the OBD. I drove off without creating any fuss but filled with skepticism. The following 40 hours or so I did not get a chance to use my car. When I eventually gor the opportunity to use my car, I started her up only to discover that the problem is still not resolved. I took her for a drive and did about 5 kms as I was curious to learn the exact nature of the problem. To my surprise the car does not misfire as much on idling when its at its optimum temparature. Its been three weeks and three visits post service to fix this issue but it is still not resolved. Any advice on this matter is highly appreciated.