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Found 8 results

  1. Planning to buy a car under 15L rs. Got super confused between Ciaz/Verna/City. We need top model Diesel variant. With City I have heard about the not good engine as compared to its petrol variant. Whereas Verna has bit less space and the suspension problem. So Ciaz was the top priority. But the problem is there is news that in Jan/Feb Ciaz is coming with a new model with more features. Can you help me with this should I wait or should I go ahead with Honda city diesel/Verna/Ciaz... Can you help me if Honda City in diesel is worth a buy or suspension problem is still there in Verna or is Ciaz coming in jan/feb? so that i can make me decision accordingly.
  2. Dear All Though I am familiar with Specs of popular cars, I request your suggestion for my New car. My car << a sedan I opt for a Diesel car as I feel that performer Petrol cars are restricted to Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda, by adding 1 lakhs to the budget. By doing so my list is extended with Ford, VW, Fiat,Skoda and you may add more like Mahindra Budget restricted to on the road 8 Lakhs with a tolerance of plus-minus 5% My Prime requirements are ; Fairly Safe, Fitting to my Budget, Decent performance, handling and fuel economy, Very good After - S&S, comparable spare part prices, Good looks, normal resale value Following are my short listing ( 1. Honda Amaze Diesel with minimal ABS 2. Swift Dzire 3. Hyundai..xcent 4. VW CL Polo 5. Fiat 90 bhp / Multijet 6.Ford Figo 7. Tata Zest. (please give inputs to like this Car) 8. Fabia with ABS with or without airbags
  3. I am looking for a new Diseal car, which is not more than 6 Lakh rupees. These days petrol are very costly and petrol cars not having big mileage so, I am planning to sell my petrol car and buy new diseal car. Right now, I am using Hyundai i10.
  4. Hello all, Joined this forum today and decided to write my initial ownership review of my new car - Ford Classic 1.4 TDCI I know a lot of people on this forum would disapprove of buying this car, even my friends suggested to look elsewhere as this is a aged car and going to be discontinued soon, but I listened to my heart and went ahead and bought this car Usually my heart rules my head always, so went ahead booked the car with 10K at cauvery ford and then started to look at other cars I test drove all C segment sedans(proper sedans not sub 4 meter cross breeds) on sale except Fiat Linea(as I don't like FIAT cars) and here is my opinion 1. ETIOS - Good car but driving experience is nothing to write home about, the test drive vehicle had done around 20K and I literally experienced what it is like being a taxi driver....the driving exp. and the feedback from the car dynamics was too bad. The interior had space but not much quality and really Toyota could have done a lot more 2. Hyundai Verna Fluidic - Build Quality is like always excellent, and having owned Accent CRDi in the past I knew there would be no quality issues. The only worry was the handling department and it has gotten from bad to worse on the Verna fluidic. Its feels very detached from the road grip, like riding in a air balloon at high speeds and its very scary. Individually I am a very spirited driver and this character of the car made me stay away from Hyundai again. Rest all is good with the car and also the service bills are expensive 3. Honda City diesel - The car build quality is a step down from the out going model. Nevertheless this times it comes with fully loaded features, Space inside is class leading and the touch AC looks cool. But the car is very expensive for what it offers, the same features on other cars can be had for nearly two lakhs less. The test drive was short one but noticed that engine clatter was way too much inside and there were absolutely no offers on the car. Since I had already liked Ford classic....this car with similar features On the S variant made it look very expensive (8.6 lakhs vs 12.5 lakhs....45% more expensive) even if I considered the new new model, more space and more top end performance....4 lakhs extra wont make economical sense 4. Skoda Rapid - The dealer tried to sell me a 2013 model, too shocked I left the showroom, but later found a friend with this car and test drove it...all feels nice but when he mentioned he was charged 16k for his fourth service, it turned me off 5. Volkswagen Vento - Good car, german engineering and powerful engine and performance, but too plain with not much features and looks plain, somehow I did not like the car as my neighbour who owns advised me against it 6. TATA Manza - Never wanted to buy a TATA, even then went ahead with a open mind....liked the space inside....its not too lengthy like Nissan Sunny....its a perfect chauffeur driven car but for a proper performance driver like me it would be suicide 7. Nissan Sunny/Renault scala - Nissan Sunny as everybody knows has plenty of space but the seats lack proper thigh support and is unusually long for a city car. And the car was not exciting enough, I thought hard over the scala(as it is better looking) but later got to know update is on its way with much better improvement overall - I did not wanted to wait so I moved on 8. Chevrolet Sail - Did not like it from the word go.Even refused to take a test drive. No comments So finally coming to the Ford Classic, I found it to be reasonable and worth buying the car even if its old and main point was that supposedly there is a law in India that car manufacturer should provide service, spares and support up to 10 years from the time they discontinue a particular model, I was not sure of this so called the customer care of the Ford and they confirmed it, so most of my worries were put to rest. Also a friend working at ford factory in chennai told me they would discontinue this model only next year in June Why I finalised on the FORD CLASSIC 1. Value for money and was getting good discount too 2. Its a proper sedan for the price of a hatch with a boot 3. Fantastic Driving Dynamics 4. Feature loaded - for 8.6 lakhs on road i get ABS with EBD and two airbags-it just wins my heart and mind too 5. The maintenance costs have actually come down with ford, and most of all ford has introduced happy pocket service for 2199 net and the service centre is closer to home I booked the car on 30th May and on 5th june the showroom called that car has arrived and I can come and see the car, I went quickly and the car was being unloaded from the truck, I checked the VIN and I was surprised that the car was manufactured in may 2014 itself, even checked the tyres they were made between april 3rd and 4th week, did the PDI and it was too my satisfaction. The dealer had asked for 20 days to deliver the car so I had not got my cash ready, it took me a while as I was going for full cash, Finally took the delivery on 24th June, a good 20 days later, nevertheless the car was maintained well till my delivery. The showroom was cauvery ford in magadi road, bangalore. The SA was helpful and good but the manager was shrewd, they declined me the free accessories worth 10k if I buy the insurance outside, as I wanted the side body moulding to be done from showroom only(as there will be no colour difference) which costs 6k I budged for it. Went for the bumper to bumper insurance from reliance. And I used the F and F (friends and family) price listing for buying the car which got me 40k discount(no showroom discount of 20k, so effective discount on selling price was only 20K) Went with family to take delivery, very normal process nothing to write about. Coming to the car I bought it in MoonDust Silver, Which I am loving it. The car feels nice and good to drive. Power in the first and second gear is low, thats the only thing I hate write now and I have to down shift to 1st gear even for a small slope and in bumper to bumper traffic I have to keep juggling between the two gears which is a concern right now, will anything change after first service? I need inputs who have owned fiesta. Rest all are to my liking. The music system is just too awesome, great sound quality and also bluetooth functions very well with phone book features and redial, dialled, received and missed calls. Also bluetooth music streaming is very good with no loss in quality, even 320kbps and 480kbps songs stream well with zero lag. The USB takes a lot of time to read if its fully loaded with songs and its bad that it does every time the music system is restarted but it picks up from the place and song it left last time even after switching off and restarting the car. Rear lamps are very well lit and with the front map lights the car is totally lit if you want it to. The glove box and the boot are illuminated as well. Boot space for me is good at 430lts. Coming to the engine bay the showroom guys have sprayed some paint kind of thing all over the engine and other parts to avoid rats. Headlights are good and too my satisfaction and fog lamps are way more powerful than expected. Lots of storage options in the dash and other places. Coming to the suspension its kind of weird and I am still not able to make a opinion on it. It feels bumpy on some patches on the road and sometimes its too good absorbing all irregularities on the road, and with big road potholes it makes a thud noise from the front....please anyone tell me about this suspension The windscreen has the dashboard reflection if you are riding in direct sun light, not distracting but intrusive of course. AC is a gem, I am very happy with the performance, hope it stays the same always. Haven't tested the wipers yet. Sound Insulation is decent and with AC on it gets reduced. with windows down its noticeable only if u want to hear it otherwise its nothing to bother. Have to yet get the under chassis treatment and paint protection treatment from 3M and any suggestions on affordable transparent sun films? CR70 and CR90 from 3M are way out of my budget I think it was a long read. Thanks for staying till here, Looking forward to connect with you all BEST, Safe Driving
  5. Hello everyone, So, Finally I am all ready and excited to buy my first car. I need guidance on which one to select. The cars I have in my mind are : swift ZXI Swift ZDI i10 grand Ford ecosport Trend Petrol ford ecosport trend Ambience The budget I am going with is 5 - 7 lakh. Swift, I am aware is a stable option, as this car has proved itself in the whole world (and not just Indian market). I am confused about Ecosport and Grand i10. My focus is to own an amazing car with reasonable cost of ownership. (.. Again I have heard Ford cars go heavy on pocket when it comes to maintance etc...) 1- My current driving will not be more than 10kms every day. 2- I can go for ZXI, but I have heard ZDI has a lesser depreciation than petrol model. 3- Shoudl I go for a diesel model or a petrol one ? Please suggest. Thanks.
  6. Hi Guys, I booked a Renault Duster on the 30th of October 2013 from RENAULT THANE under the offer of 30,000 Exchange Benefit - 4 yr Warranty - Road Side Assistance - Gang of Dusters Membership. He asked me to submit my old car by 31st of October which was not possible as within 12hrs. decision couldn't be made. He later called me up and said the offer is over and I wont get any of those despite me booking the car in offer period. I sold my old car later on 12th of November and found on 14th the same offer has restarted in Newspaper. I had to give him the full payment but didn't give as now since I waited this long I wanted a car with a manufacturing year of 2014 since only one month was left in 2014. I told the same to the sales person and he said that the new lot will arrive in mid March or April. Just to confirm the same I called Renault Andheri and they said that it will come by end January. I had to bow down to his demand and promised him to give full payment by Tuesday 3rd December. Hearing this he yesterday i.e. 30th November gave me call at 7pm saying that Renault is hiking car prices of Duster by 30,000 - 40.000 and only way you can save yourself the money is by making the full payment by tonight (which bank is open at 7pm). I said that I couldn't do it and he replied by saying "sorry sir then its out of my hands now".I did the same as earlier and called the Renault Andheri showroom and the sales person there said that "the customer who has booked a car at earlier price is given a weeks time to do the payment at earlier price after the announcement of the price hike". As a matter of fact my sales person gave me 2 hours to do the same. Now neither I can buy a 2014 manufactured car, nor get away from paying the increased price. So here I think I ended up being a loser. GUYS PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW.
  7. Hello, I am planning to buy a new car and I have some options to buy a OCT 2012 model brio or OCT 2012 RITZ and there may be further 20K-30K discounts on these cars. The query I have is - is it a good idea to buy a car which is in showroom stockyard for 6-7 months? - Since the engine has not run but engine oil is just sitting there, does it damage the engine in any way? - Should the engine oil be changed while taking the delivery? - What are the further precautions I should be taking for a 2012 model car - In terms of car value, how much a car depreciates in 6-7 months time? For example brio V MT costs 6.65 L on road in BLR but the actual value of OCT 2012 model car is shown on car wale to be about 5.1 L only as the car has depreciated (not much resale value for a honda) In such cases how to bargain more with the showroom. Any other inputs would be really helpful. Thanks.
  8. Seek advise from automobile experts. Can a brand new car (Toyota Corolla Altis) be driven on a 600 KM journey straight from the showroom? What precautions need to be taken to ensure that engine and transmission longevity be preserved? Thanks.