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Found 17 results

  1. Joe_M

    BMW X7 India

    BMW's brought its range-topping X7 to India with a pair of six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines under the hood. The diesel is the familiar 3.0-litre unit developing 265hp and 620Nm while the petrol unit also displaces 3.0-litres and is good for 340hp and 450Nm. And there is plenty of goodies inside as well... 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with gesture control, multi-zone auto climate control, BMW's Laserlight headlamps, a three-piece glass sunroof and more. Click here for more details >> The model you see here is the M50d - the iteration with a 400hp/760Nm quad-turbocharged version of BMW's straight-six diesel. This variant though is only arriving later in the year.
  2. Hi All, Looking to buy a new car and replace my existing hatchback Fiat Punto petrol. My wife currently uses this car and my daily commute is a honda city. Punto is now 7 years old and has served us well for the duration that it has been with us. Punto has done 8k kms (overall 56k kms) in the last 2 years since I started using the city, while city currently has around 12k kms in the last 2 years. Initially discussions have been around buying a SUV / crossover car in the range of 20 lakhs or so. Options that I had shortlisted were Ecosport, S Cross, Creta (less preferred as compared to S Cross, consider it to be over priced). Also in consideration are the new Endeavor and thew new Fortuner. (not considering Tucson, Hexa (Tata name and image)) Meanwhile, there have been recent advertisements about discounts on high end vehicles including the BMWs and Audis, while most of these are still out of my budget, we came across an ad for Volvo V 40 in the local newspaper being sold by the dealer which is a demo car and has done 700 odd kms on the odo. (T4 petrol, 2015 model, not sure of the month of manufacture, sales person will get back today with the details. So here's the deal, current price is 38 lakhs OTR and dealer is offering, 30 lakhs for the same with 2 years unlimited kms warranty and comprehensive 0 dep insurance covering the car plus tyres plus the keys are also covered in the insurance. The car looks in good condition and drove really well. Did not find any real niggles with the car. The left ORVM though was not working and did not fold / open on its own. I am confused now as to what should be go for. I have told the dealer that I was expecting around 25 lakhs for the V 40 cross country model (the price of the car advertised with similar running in TOI Kolkata) and this is way higher than that. He will possibly get back today as to what is his offer. Any thoughts on the volvo and the car that I can choose around the 20 / 25 bracket? Thanks again.
  3. Got my new Swift DZire ZXi last month (sorry for posting this late ) In late June we found that another car was required for our local needs. The car would have been used by mom who's office is just 1 km away. So we focused on getting a petrol car. The cars infact the Hatches which we had in mind 1. Hyundai i20 i20 was a very capable car but was expensive even keeping the goodies the offer 2. VW Polo Polo, a tough build car was our second option. No one except me liked the cars looks so the idea was dropped 3. Nissan Micra Micra was a good car but my uncle owns a sunny, and the brake and build quality issue put it down In these three cars, we chose to go for i20 Sportz Line in 1.2 kappa petrol But later, when my dad saw the expensive price tag, he told me to search for sedans as he can go more for a sedan. The choices in the segment were 1. Honda Amaze This car was a very efficient car with a promising engine. The car was very loud and the interior quality and looks were extremely cheap 2. Toyota Etios My dad travels to our office in a Etios cab and liked the car because of its large boot and spacious interiors. But the taxi operator told that the car was the worst car he ever got from toyota's stable. Plus the visible cost cutting let it down So the last car was Swift DZire This car was the one which everyone liked. The only problem was the small boot but lived with that the car has got the best interiors in the segment and was better build than compitation While booking, my dad thought to took the car to his office which was 50km one way. So we got confused either to go for VDi or ZXi. ZXi was around 20000 cheaper and had all the accessories. And even if we would have chosen the VDi trim, we would have got alloys which cost 20000-30000. So finally decided to go for ZXi Delivery period: The waiting period was a week or two but we delayed the delivery due to some reasons. Hospitality: The people there at the showroom were very friendly and treated us well (in fact better than BMW's ) The D-Day Some of the pics at the delivery are attached Will write more about the first month service
  4. A recent report just said that the Oil Ministry is planning to hike diesel prices by a minimum of 10 rupees over the next few months. That means diesel will no longer be the cheap fuel that it was. Car makers have also reported that the demand for diesel cars has gone down as well, they say due to the fact that buyers fear that diesel cars will be taxed more. So what do you think? Will the demand for diesel cars stay or will it fall further. Will buyers move towards petrol cars more? What would you do as a potential buyer?
  5. Hi, I have been driving a Swift ZXI for 5 years now. Have a very very old ligament injury in left leg. And have found my left leg talking to me very often when it peddles the clutch especially in city traffic. Planning to take a car under 12lac under my employer's car scheme. Car on-road has to be under 12lac under the scheme and I have the below choices: 1. Honda City 2014 Petrol. SV automatic or V manual. 2. Vento TSI automatic or Highline Manual 3. Verna SX automatic or Manual. Most of my drive will be city bumper to bumper traffic: Monday to Friday... Quality and safety conscious. Ruling out Honda due to its high price tag. Vento TSI is out of budget since it will cost > 12lac. Verna SX automatic: Like for below reasons: 1. Its automatic 2. Loaded with features. 3. Looks good Concerned about: 1. Engine quality ~ Korea make. 2. Mileage. Manual Verna gives 10-11km/l in city. Automatic may only give 8-10km/l ! 3. Ride and Handling Quality, especially highway drive. Car unstable when you hit upwards of 80km. 4. Braking. Is it true that breaking is not effective in Verna automatic cars since the gearbox not sending torque to the wheels and hence lack of braking pressure ? 5. Suspension. read poor reviews for verna. My friend is also complaining about this back ache... 6. Above all concerned about resale and maintenance of automatic car. Heard Vento automatic gear box is not really the best with only 4 speed transmission. Vento Highline Manual Petrolke Like 1. German quality 2. Stable and comfortable driving 3. highway drive. Dislike 1. Its manual drive. Have heard clutch are (or get) heavy in Vento petrol. Not knowing how the India cities will be after 2-3 years, am highly inclined to buy a automatic car. Please advise !
  6. The 6th Generation Honda City is just around the corner and Honda dealers in India are clearing their inventory of the outgoing model by giving discounts of as much as Rs.40,000 on the vehicle!! The Next Gen Honda City will be unveiled in India on the 25th of November 2013. The unveil of the Honda City will be the global showcasing of this car. Apart from the Indian car market, Honda has plans of selling the Next Gen City in many other car markets across the world including many South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Previous generations of the City sold here in India have been made available only with petrol engines. As a result, the City lost a huge chunk of its market share to new diesel powered entrants such as the Hyundai Fluidic Verna and the Volkswagen Vento. Honda got a taste of success when it launched the Amaze with a diesel option. Hence, in an attempt to regain and maintain its leadership in the midsized sedan segment the Next Gen City will be powered by the same oil burner that powers the Amaze. However, it is expected that the motor would get a Variable Geometry Turbocharger and hence would have at least 118PS of max power and is likely to have around 225Nm of peak torque. Alongside the diesel, it is expected that the car will come with a 1.5 Liter 4 cylinder Direct Injection petrol engine option which was showcased last year. The new petrol motor produces 127 Bhp of max power and 154 Nm of peak torque. The new 1.5 litre Direct injection petrol motor comes laden with various new technologies such as High-tumble port, Low-tension piston rings, Patterned piston coating, Mass EGR, 2-stage relief oil pump, Lightweight engine block construction and Start-Stop system. This new motor comes under the banner of the much publicised Honda Earth Dreams Technology, and will have high fuel economy and low emissions. But as per Autocar India, the outgoing City’s 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine is likely to be carried over with some minor tweaks to improve power and efficiency. The Next Gen City will be built on the same platform as the upcoming next generation Jazz and both ot these vehicles will be locally assembled. The car could take some design inspiration from the new Crider sedan. It is also expected that the car would grow marginally in size. The Next Gen City is likely to be packed with a host of new features like automatic climate control, bluetooth connectivity, etc. as Honda will be trying its best to keep up with growing demands of the C-segment sedan buyers. Combined with the fantastic interior packaging efforts seen in Honda’s recent cars, the new City could very well set a new class benchmark for cabin space. The interiors will be upgraded too with a more upmarket ambience and more equipment, one of the current car’s shortcomings. Though the car will be unveiled on the 25th of November 2013, deliveries are expected to begin only in January 2014. Honda dealers have already started taking bookings for the Next Gen City, with a deposit of around Rs 50,000. Sources: http://www.autocarin...-25-363268.aspx
  7. Guys, I'm amid one of the biggest dilemmas in my life. I'm unable to decide between Polo GT TSI and the Polo GT TDI. Here are my struggling thoughts: Had a Test drive on the GT TSI and the auto DSG gearbox is absolutely delightful and fun to drive, but worried about the sub-par 12-13 city petrol consumption ! Had a Test drive on the regular Polo 1.2 diesel (not the GT TDI) and while the engine is decent, I didn't quite feel it amazing when compared to GT TSI. (Even the I20 1.4 diesel felt much smoother). Now my question is will the GT TDI, with it's much advanced 1.6 diesel engine (the one in the Vento 1.6 diesel model), be significantly better than the 1.2 diesel variant and comparable to the GT TSI's performance and fun? If Yes, then I can stick to GT TDI, as I'm a bit concerned about the fuel efficiency as well. If No, then TSI is the one for me. If anyone has driving experience on the Vento or Polo in general, please help me to decide !
  8. Folks, I am going for the top end petrol variant for Toyota Etios and have lot of questions. 1. There is a price difference of 1.2L between petrol and diesel variants. Is it worth sticking to petrol? How is the mileage for new etios in city limits. 2. Which is the best tyre for this car, mileage and balance being priority. Is factory tyres good enough? 3. How widely available are accessories like side skirts, front full chrome grill available outside of Toyota's service centers 4. please suggest a great audio setup (20k budget ). I am more of an unmodified neutral sounding audiohead than a basshead. 5. Is Nandi Toyota good (Bangalore, Hosur Road) Thanks in advance.
  9. hey.. i am driving vw polo petrol trendline. i bought it in sept 2012. i have been driving it only 3500km till now and assume 4000km till my first service. vw says it should be serviced 15000km or 1 year. so is it really a worth serving my vehicle as the running is very less. please suugest me the best.
  10. After huge hype including showcasing the car at showrooms and at the Buddh International Circuit, Mercedes has finally launched the cheapest Mercedes in their range in India. The B Class. It is the first Merc to be based on a new front wheel drive platform (MFA). The B will be sold as the B180 in petrol only and will be available in two variants: B180 : Rs 21.49 lakhs B180 Sport: Rs 24.87 lakhs (All prices Ex Showroom Delhi) The Sport in addition gets 17 inch alloys, chrome slats on the grille, twin pipe exhausts, sporty pedals, sporty leather-wrapped three-spoke steering wheel and bi-Xenon lamps. The B Class' direct competitors will be the BMW X1 and the Q3. The advantage the latter two have is that they come with diesel motors while the B come with only a petrol. Do you think this kind of a car will succeed in the market? What do you think about it pricing? Will the B Class change fortunes for Mercedes to make up lost ground to BMW and Audi? Lets hear from you
  11. The Aveo U-VA never really took off when it was launched. It was a very ordinary car with dull interiors and poor plastics. Wasnt fun to drive either so eventually it failed to gather a good sales figure for GM in India. Now Chevy is back in a second innings with an all new hatchback the Sail U-VA. (The 'Sail' name reminds one of the Opel Corsa hatchback) It is actually going to be the first locally produced and re engineered for India Chinese car. From the pictures, the looks are not very modern or new age . It looks just like an ordinary hatch. The same can be said about the interiors. However the Sail is going to come with the option of a diesel engine which was missed in the Aveo U-VA. No prizes for guessing what powerplant it will use. Yes, its our National engine the Fiat 1.3 MJD. The petrol will have a 1.2 liter unit. With competitors like the Swift, Figo, Liva and the Micra, the Sail will surely have its work cut out. Do you think the Sail hatch will bring in the volumes for Chevrolet, something which the predecessor couldnt? Or will it turn out to be another sales dud?
  12. I have a budget of 6 lakhs (max) & am looking for a Sedan car out of Etios vs.Ford Classic vs. Sunny vs.Manza club class. Pls tell which of these has better mileage, drivabiity & is best VFM car. My city drive is nearly 300 kms pm only and no highway drive. We are a family of 5 adults & 1 kid but we normally go only 4 persons in a car at a time. it is only once in 4-5 months that we all go together. I will keep the car for next 7 yrs or so.
  13. Hello Everyone, We are looking to buy a new car and what better place than this forum to ask the expert. I will provide all the details required to arrive at a decision. Currently we are driving 10Y old Maruti Baleno done 74000 KM with it and still Love it. It is bit old and so we want to add a new car to the aging Baleno. First of all, our usage is not more than 3-4km per day on weekday (yes, believe me, both our office and kid's school are just in 1km radius from home) and say 30km on weekend and once a month trip of 150-200km that makes an average 400km monthly. This makes us go for Petrol and Automatic. We have test driven Vento MT & AT and City V AT and we really want to go for Automatic. We have a budget of 10-12L. So shortlisted Vento Highline AT and Honda City V AT (Open for suggestion). We are inclined towards Vento because of good handling and safety features. Only thing negative for Vento is poor pre&after sales service. Please help me out of this confusion. I have spent many days researching and still the question remains. Thanks in advance.
  14. BMW is set to add another petrol model to give company to the 328i. The 320i petrol. This will be a base variant and can be yours for Rs. 28.5 lakhs (ex showroom Mumbai) which makes it Rs 8.5 lakhs cheaper than the 328i. Some noteworthy points of the 320i petrol Simplified iDrive The 8.8-inch widescreen infotainment display will be replaced with a smaller 6.5-inch screen The audio system will include a single-CD player with Aux-in and USB capability and no in-car data storage No reverse camera Faux leather upholstery 16" inch alloys The 320i will be powered by a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder petrol motor with 181 bhp mated to an 8 speed gearbox with some tweaks to the ratios. The 320i will rival the C200 CGI from Mercedes and the Audi A4 1.8 TFSI.
  15. I am buying a skoda rapid next month. Petrol or diesel is the question. Monthly running is 500km. Please help. Suppose I buy the diesel, and don't drive it much, what would be the negative impact on my car.
  16. Hi Guys, I am in a fix regarding a Petrol or a Diesel Car. Please help me in choosing the right kind of engine. With rising fuel prices, I'm a bit concerned. I am rooting for a Hyundai i20 - Sportz Variant. I travel for 30kms/day. I clock not more than 800-900 kms in a month The BIG Question is should I go for a Petrol or a Diesel??? i20 Sportz On Road Price in Hyderabad. Petrol - 6,75,000 Diesel - 8,25,000 There's a huge difference of 1.5L between the Petrol & Diesel Variant. I even heard that the maintainence, Spares of a i20 CRDI are Higher than i20 VTVT. What do you suggest? Cheers, $@!
  17. Hey guys, this is the first time im going to buy a car. im very much confused whether to buy a petrol or a diesel one!! i chose car manufacturer as Hyundai i20. I travel around 45kms everyday.Monthly running will be 1200 kms. Please help me guys. if you have any other car choices please let me know..