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Found 2 results

  1. Buying a car, new or may be old, nevertheless is a pride for every family in India and many yearn for that significant day to have a joy ride with their dear ones. The days of warmth and welcome reserved only for the new cars has extended to the used cars as well and these days it is being hailed as a smart decision to invest in a second hand car. Sometimes, this is viewed as a purchase fraught with risk, a genuine concern, but it is addressed beyond reasonable terms with a studied and professional approach. To simplify matters and reduce the risk component, it is essential to follow a check list for a trouble free purchase and going home with the satisfaction of making a worthwhile investment in automobiles. The second hand car industry in India has grown multi-fold and corporates are holding sway over the deals with their well-researched and value added service, thereby removing the pitfalls linked with involving a middleman or an agent. The following gives you a head start on the process of buying a second hand car in India in an authentic manner. Decide your budget Fixing up the amount you are ready to shell out for the prospective vehicle is the first step in buying a second car, though the same would be applicable for a new car too. Once you know the range you are looking for, it is easy to settle for the category of cars and brand. You can also determine the maximum age of the vehicles you are willing to buy to prevent potential troubles in the long run. When you have the budget in place, you could also thwart being enamoured by cars that might not fit into your range and thus avoiding being spoilt with options. Checking the car condition The topmost priority needs to be given to the condition of the prospective car and it needs to be in good running condition offering the best deal for your money. Have a trusted mechanic accompanying you and take the vehicle for a test drive to gauge its condition in real time and have the major systems like cooling, engine, transmission tested, not to miss out on the wheels. It helps you to ascertain the maintenance level of the car and save yourself from unnecessary repairs or faults in the future. A thorough check is always mandatory to ensure a fault free purchase. Registration Documents Verify the ownership of the car, by scrutinizing the vehicle documents in detail. Ensure whether all the dues, taxes have been paid in time by the owner. The seller needs to show you the original invoice and obtain a NOC from the car loan provider. The ownership of the vehicle takes effect only when you and the seller sign on the RTO Forms 29 and 30. Alongside, the seller of the car has to submit Form 28 which is the actual NOC for transfer of the vehicle ownership. Insurance Ascertain whether the car has been insured for the right amount in the policy as it is a useful yardstick in negotiations. Check the No Claim Bonuses in the past couple of years, as frequent claims simply imply the car being involved in accidents necessitating repair and maintenance. The insurance policy has to be transferred in your name or you need to buy a new policy in 14 days. The Convenience of car dealers Buying a second hand car from professional car dealers removes most of the problems from you baggage. The car dealer approach is by far the intelligent way of purchasing a second hand car as it involves the complete bundle of expertise and relieves you from the tiresome paper work. Their multiple quality checkpoint assessment offers a car as good as the new in terms of condition and be ready to be surprised by the guarantee most of them tend to offer. Carkideal is the best car dealers in Delhi NCR to get the best deal for the sell used car in New Delhi.
  2. hey guys, I am planning to buy a second hand MARUTI SUZUKI A-STAR. Its a 2010 model with good condition and 23000 km driven. So is it worth to buy it for 2.5 lac