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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone I thought of sharing my experience with TOYOTA with all of you and to reconsider your decision of buying a TOYOTA in future. My vehicle Corolla Altis has given me more problems than a 10 year old Fiat Padmini would give and Toyota has been trying to wash off its hand from these problems by giving lame excuses. Here is a mail that was sent by me to TOYOTA. I shall Highlight the important lines as the mail is a bit long. THIS WAS THE 1ST MAIL, AFTER WHICH VEHICLE WAS INSPECTED AND IT WAS ADVISED TO GET THE A/C SWITCH CHANGED . COST Rs 22000/- My reaction was ( Is it the a/c switch of the a/c itself) . I REFUSED TO CHANGE THE BUTTON AS IT DIDNT MAKE ANY SNESE TO PAY SUCH A HEAFTY AMOUNT. Dear Sir/ Madam I own a SEP 2008 Manufactured ALTIS G Model(MH 04 DW 3910 ) with climat control A/C. The vehicle was purchased in Feb 2009. However, recently the A/C on off switch has malfunctioned and needs replacement this is really surprising considering the fact the the vehicle has just completed 3.5 years and the parts have started malfunctioning as soon as the warranty came to an end. The vehicle has started showing signs of old age. I purchased a Toyota thinking of the best in class Quality and reliability , I always believed Toyota Vehicles are built to last a lifetime but unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case. On the contrary my 9 year old Hyundai which has done more than 1 Lakh KM but there has not been any such instance which indicated poor quality. Regards, Kushal Goenka KUSHAL GOENKA <> 5 Jan (4 days ago) to voc Dear Sir/Madam, I appreciated your quick response to my trailing mail on 18 Dec 2012 soon after which you had called the vehicle for checkup at Lakozy Toyota. I was expecting my vehicle to be back with the A/C switch problem rectified, unfortunately I was informed that the part cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. I asked them to go ahead and replace the part but when the service advisor quoted the price of the A/C switch as Rs 22,000/- I was shocked at the exorbitant pricing of spare parts by Toyota and refused to get it replaced. The never ending list of problems that I have faced with this car has shaken my Trust of Q for quality in TOYOTA Brand. If I look back in history ever since I purchased this vehicle I have faced only problems with this car. 1) The Car had a brake pad issue during the 1st week of delivery from showroom which used to make loud noise. This was repaired by Millennium Toyota by cleaning and by repairing the faulty break pads. 2) The repairing of faulty break Pads turned out to be a costly affair for me because the pads were worn out at just 16,000km which is very very unusual and happened only because the faulty break pads were not replaced but repaired. However TOYOTA washed off its hands by claiming that this is a wear and tear part and hence it is debatable. 3) The Vehicle made a lot of body rattle which was due to the roof not being pasted properly, this was again repaired on complain. 4) The Vehicle had a Fuel pump Failure and I was stranded in middle of no where which a broken down vehicle, this was repaired the next dat at my residence. 5) The steering Column has rattling sound problem, this problem was tried to be sorted out several times and the steering column was also replaced but all in vain as the rattling noise continued. All these problems were not enough to reflect the TOYOTA Trust, Quality that the A/C switch joined the set of problems to prove the poor quality of components, at least this time I expect Toyota come forward and rectify its quality problems. If I had to suffer these never ending list of problems I could have gone for a SKODA product. I opted for Toyota only to stay away from the Horror stories heard from SKODA's customers on various forums . I am afraid Toyota poor quality is soon going to damage is reputation as a Reliable and quality oriented brand. I have never heard or experienced any car with these many never ending problems be it an Indian manufacturer or foreign manufacturer. In future I would like to stay away from such a problematic Brand as 'TOYOTA' and would also suggest my well wishers to stay away. Its high time Toyota wakes up and stops singing its song of Quality Revolution, as there is no revolution without evolution. Regards, Kushal Goenka