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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everyone we have a few popular accessories that we'd like to share! Let us know what you think! Patented technology Laser Shades Easy to install and remove Custom fit to your vehicle Block UVA & UVB rays Reduce interior temperature Durable metal frame with powder coating One year warranty
  2. Škoda Vision IN SUV revealed at Škoda Auto Volkswagen India Media Night. Made in India, for the Indian market. Find out more about it here
  3. Found these pictures of the Skoda Superb facelift being tested. Visible changes include new headlamps which look similar to those on the new Octavia and a new rear with all new LED tail lamps and boot. The number plate is also mounted on the boot now. Looks like the facelift Superb could be launched after the Octavia which will be launched around Diwali Pics Source: Moto Daft FB page
  4. Hi, I wanted to know how the Skoda 4 year service care works or even for that matter how does the annual service packages work? Considering that one starts using a Skoda vehicle and within the service period, it requires a part change, will Skoda do it for free? Or chances are that they will prolong the maintenance of the particular parts until the service contract is over so they can milk the customer later? And if as a customer we figured out that something is not working properly as it should be, will Skoda do the said repairs within the purview of the agreement? Anyone with experience on this can guide me on this please
  5. Hi, I'm looking to buy a car in the 15-20 lac range and my options are dwindling between Octavia, Jeep Compass and Corolla Altis. I do know that while there are two sedans and one SUV, I'm really okay with anything provided they meet my requirement which is mainly: After sales maintenance / service costs Drive quality after 4-5 years as I intend to keep it for a long term. My daily driving routine is just around 2-5 kms from home-work-home and I've been driving the Honda Civic since many years now and been in love with the ride, comfort, quality, maintenance and after sales service. I've owned a Chevrolet earlier and owning it was a pain! Any owners of the above cars (except Jeep of course) can shed light on what has been their experience owning these cars?
  6. Guys My bother needed a car for himself, to go to office and run daily errands. His budget was upto 15 lakhs, and the car was only meant to be driven alone. i.e. very rare family travel. So he was looking for diesel options. He decided in favour of the ecosport as it looked young and fresh. He found everyhting he needed in the car and after comparing all the cars in the segment ( From POLO to Vento/Verna/Duster), it was the ecosport (Ofcourse!!) . He has booked early with delivery slated next week. Now he had a soft corner for an automatic diesel but Laura ambition DSG was out of his budget. Now These has been an interesting development. My brother got a call from Skoda Delhi today and the SA offered him a flat cash discount of 3 lacs on any laura model (2012 make). Now this puts the base diesel model( 2.0 TDi Ambition) very close to ecosport. ( about 2.8 lacs difference) and the AT Ambition aroung 4.5 lacs more We were discussing it and could not conclude what to buy. Money is not an issue and we are also few of the lucky ones to get an ecosport this early, giving it up would mean insanity to few :|) Ecosport is new whereas laura is old (soon be replaced) but from a segment above. so more comfortable and powerful. As he shall be driving alone he dosent mind any car. First it was like "Laura!! so many on road, so old.. not special but after a few minutes, it was like by the end of this year, there will be more ecosports on road, HAHA ) Its almost final to go for the new car (ES) but but just incase "should we give laura a second look" ( Incase of laura, we would look at the Automatic Ambition mostly, would cost about 4.5 lacs more, again this is just an idea as of now, lets see how it goes). Help PLEASE !!!
  7. Which is the best entry level sedan in the country and why? - Honda Amaze - Volkswagen Vento - Swift Dzire - Skoda Rapide - Or any other car?
  8. Skoda is working on a new crossover SUV called POLAR & will be based on the Volkswagen Taigun Concept. The Polar will be underpinned by the VW MQB Platform and will be positioned right under the Yeti Will be available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants. Expected to hit the market in 2015. Source:
  9. The Skoda Rapid with the new logo and lettering was caught testing in Pune. Globally, nearly the entire lineup of Skoda models (except for the Yeti) bears the new logo as well as the brand lettering, with the Citigo small car being the first vehicle. Now, with the spotting of the India-spec Rapid with the new logo, it is likely that Skoda India’s current range of models will soon wear the new branding. However, as is the case globally, it is unlikely for the Yeti and the pre-facelift Superb (sold here in India) to come with the new logo. Here are the pics Source:
  10. Hello I m going for a diesel sedan...and the final selection I have got to is new Ford Fiesta Diesel and Skoda Rapid Diesel. My usage is a mix of 80% city driving plus 20% of outstation driving. While I have been driving Ford Ikon for 10 years previously, I feel the new Fiesta is overpriced. I have liked the Skoda Rapid overall but am too much worried about the after sales services. Owners dread sending thier Skodas for Rapid...has this changed or still the same. Help me please with choosing between these.
  11. Skoda is all set to pull the plug on the Fabia and will stop selling its only hatchback in Indian the market. However, Skoda will finish assembling Fabia kits before stopping production and hence the Fabia will continue to be sold, possibly till the end this year, until stocks are exhausted. Skoda’s decision to withdraw the hatchback from the market was prompted by the huge losses the company has been incurring on the Fabia. Successive price cuts over the years to prop up demand has seen this car shedding almost 40 per cent of its price tag since its launch in 2008, which badly squeezed margins. The Fabia’s relatively low level of local content made it very expensive to produce and this problem was compounded by the Indian Rupee depreciation of 36 percent since 2008 which pushed up costs even higher. According to industry sources, Skoda was losing as much as Rs. 1.5 lakh per car and hence the company was deliberately refraining from aggressively marketing the Fabia which sold a meagre 3,343 units in the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Last month Skoda sold a paltry 115 units. Earlier this year, Honda withdrew its premium hatchback the Jazz, for similar reasons as the car was just too expensive too produce. Read more here: Fabia to be discontinued I think this is a good move by Skoda. I was never really a fan of the Fabia, never liked the front end especially and always found it to be overpriced. The Polo outsold Fabia by a huge margin really and to be honest Im happy to see it go.
  12. Skoda has revealed pictures of the face lift Superb. I really like the new look and the rear looks awesome. The tail light treatment is sweet actually. On the outside, the new Superb gets a new grille, logo, head- and fog-lights, bumpers, front fenders and bonnet. Skoda has also added bi-xenon headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights, and the rear lights have also been redesigned. The changes in the cabin include a new four-spoke steering wheel, a new gear lever, new colour schemes and the front passenger seat can also be moved from the rear electronically. There’s also an automatic reverse parking system. The facelifted Superb will continue to be offered with the same engine choices when it is launched here. This includes a 1.8-litre TSI petrol engine, a 2.0-litre TDI and a 3.6-litre V6 petrol engine. The TSI motor comes with the option of a six-speed manual or a seven-speed DSG auto ‘box, while the 2-litre diesel and the 3.6-litre V6 is available with a six-speed DSG only. “The Skoda Superb is the pinnacle of our model line-up and proves its capability as a manufacturer. The present comprehensive facelift has made our top model even more attractive,” says Skoda CEO Winfried Vahland. “The Skoda Superb offers comfort beyond the middle-class standard. This means lots of room, excellent functionality, high comfort, top safety, great value for money and timeless elegance. We are always intent on offering our customers a little bit extra car.” An official launch date hasn’t been announced yet, but the facelifted Superb is expected to hit showrooms here by end-2013. Would you still buy a Passat over this?
  13. Yes you read it right but its not the company that is giving you a free car but a dealer in Gujarat whos offering a free Fabia if you buy a Rapid. However, the dealer Torque Auto will give you the Fabia 5 years later.But all taxes (including VAT, road tax etc.) and insurance will be borne by the owner. If you'd rather have cash instead of the car, Torque Auto will pay you Rs. 350,000 in the year 2018. You dont have a choice in variant either, it will be the base variant but you can chose a petrol or a diesel. Looks like this dealer must having lots of Fabias lying around since anyways it doesnt sell well at all. Any member from Gujarat has more info on this? Next is what? Buy Vento and get Polo free?
  14. What you are seeing in this pics is the new facelifted Skoda Superb, which is expected to land on indian shores by end of this year! The car with light camouflaged were caught testing in europe! After Octavia & Rapid, It is now the Skoda Superb’s turn to get the new family face & it's going to serve in both saloon and estate body styles! Externally, it appears that the lightly camouflaged test car features a new and wider waterfall-style grille (it's shown clearly in 2nd pic!) along with mildly revised headlamp and bumper designs at the front, and a different styling for the rear bumper and possibly, new tail lamp clusters as Skoda engineers covered the lights with faux decals. To talk about the interiors, one of the component maker has said that it is expected to remain the same except for new audio system, instrument panel and other electronic gadgetry that will be borrowed from the new Skoda Octavia. While powertrain options are expected to continue with some minor tweaks, for European countries a new variant which offers the 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine with 4×4 system and DSG gearbox will be offered. The current Superb offers 4×4 system with the 2.0 litre TDI but it is available only with manual transmission. Finally, Skoda is getting ready to lock it's horns with it's german rivals, will it succeed in retaining it's success story? Do share your views about it! (Source -,,
  15. Hi, I am planning to buy a new Diesel D-Segment Sedan... Well the choices are many like - Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra Chevrolet Cruze Toyota Corolla Altis Skoda Laura Volkswagen Jetta Renault Fluence But out of these I shortlisted the following: Hyundai Elantra 1.6L CRDI SX (M/T) 14.85 lakhs Chevrolet Cruze 2.0L VCDI LTZ (M/T) 14.77 lakhs Toyota Corolla Altis 1.4L D-4D 15.3 lakhs *ex showroom Delhi Now there were initially only the first two cars which i like but seeing the brand reliability of toyota, i considered Altis... VW and Skoda are too expensive and featureless and Fluence too is price and styling is too french which i dont like... From the above three which car should i go for? Main criteria: Fuel Efficiency, Features, Space & Comfort... Chevrolet cruze because of the sunroof has a headroom issue for which seats need to be lowered as its not comfy else... Elantra appeals by its style, features and tremendous space inside while altis is too old and dull... Also Elantra pampers me with ventilated seats, bluetooth & hell lots of features along with safety... Cruze offers less than elantra but one good feature i.e sunroof which creates headroom problem and altis looks too plain... Also i am wondering that many say cruze fuel efficiency is quite low around 10-12 in city... Which one should i go for?
  16. I am buying a skoda rapid next month. Petrol or diesel is the question. Monthly running is 500km. Please help. Suppose I buy the diesel, and don't drive it much, what would be the negative impact on my car.
  17. Skoda is planning a long-wheel-base version of the Yeti for the Chinese market. If launched, will this work in India, if they make it a seven seater?
  18. The DSG gearbox used in all VW cars (skoda, audi, vw) has some serious issues - it is irrepairable! The smallest problem with it and you have to replace the entire gearbox. The ATF oil cooler in my 2006 Laura leaked after they changed the tranmission fluid because my car had done 65000 km. Obviously the leakage can not be attributed directly to the oil change but the net result was that the car started giving a shudder when moving off from a standstill position. The problem did not go away after the skoda dealership replaced the oil cooler and left me with a 30,000 rupee hole in my wallet. After spending 2 weeks in trying to figure out the problem the answer was that Skoda has no solution for the problem and recommends that the gearbox be changed. Cost of gearbox: Rs.5.5 lacs! this is more than the current market price of the car. On doing some net search I was shocked to find that the DSG gearbox has acquired quite a notorious reputation worldwide. To save their reputation, in China VW has now offered an extended warranty of 10years on the DSG gearboxes. But what about India? Another point, how come one never reads about such things in Autocar magazine or any other auto mag in India?