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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I have been driving the Corolla Altis for sometime and am not satisfied with the audio quality of its stock stereo setup. It was alright initially but now when I sit in my better-half's Swift, I feel her after-market stereo which I only got installed throws out the sound quality which seems miles ahead of what I experience in the Altis. I have observed that the stock stereo sounds crisp and clear at low volumes but gets rattly at even medium or high volume. Another thing is that it seriously lacks rich low frequency bass. I intend to keep the car for one more year at most and hence I am not wanting to fiddle/ replace the stock setup. Since I do not like listening to loud music, I am looking to add a sub-woofer to at least make it sound reasonable. I have been looking online for some solution in this regard and came across a product by Blaupunkt (see link: http://www.blaupunkt...ts/single/4247/ ). This one is an active under-seat sub-woofer and from what I could gather, would require minimal modifications to the stock setup or wiring. I have read a couple of reviews online, the sound quality is also reasonably good. The best part is that it saves all the boot space that a typical sub-woofer setup usually occupies without compromising much on the sound quality. Need some advice on whether this product is worth spending and does it deliver what it promises. Also if anyone is aware of a similar but better product, please let know. Thanks and Cheers!!!
  2. I bought a new swift zdi on march 15,2013. i'm satisfied with the sound quality which is offered by my company fitted stereo,But it lacks Bass , i wanted to put up a 12' inch subwoofer with an amp for deep an rich bass, i usually listen rock songs sometimes classic oldies. My budget is around 10-11k for both, (subwoofer and amplifier) Please suggest for which model/company i would go for! regards. Abhinav
  3. Has anyone tried putting sub-woofer in there Figo titanium? I want to keep the OEM headunit and maybe door speakers as well and add a AMP and sub-woofer . I feel the treble and mids of the door speakers and ovals are fine only missing is the audio refining of a good amp and strong thumping bass, maybe tweeters too. Can someone suggest me a good combo of AMP and sub-woofer, I am kinda inclined towards Rockford , My budget is 15-20K.