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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody.. This is my first post on the website (apart from the introduction) and I shall attempt to write a brief review of my Racedynamics tuning box that is matted to my new Dzire Zdi. I've been following a lot of threads and articles (albeit silently..) on the website and thought its about time I'd post. Anyway, I will get to the point of the thread. I've been a ‘petrol head’ and used to despise diesels till very recently. A few months ago, a good friend of mine had a ‘Race Dynamics Dieseltronic Pro’ tuning box installed in his Punto. This was my first experience with a tuning box and was plesantly surprised to see how phenomenally different a diesel car felt with a box installed. I've driven the Punto (75 bhp), Swift and the Scorpio 2.2 with this kit. After driving these cars and pushing them and the kit for numerous kilometers, I’ve been convinced about the capability of modern oil burning engines and Le Mans is proof of that as well. In fact I was so keen on having the kit installed, that I got it hooked up to my new car just a couple of days after it was delivered. The performance gains with the kit installed (especially in ‘P2’ mode) are best experienced, than written about. But heck, I'm going to try and explain it in words anyway. The unit is basically a piggy back unit that comeas preinstalled with four 'maps'. Economy (E) Stock (S) Performance 1 (P1) Performance 2 (P2) The Modes : 1) Stock - Does exactly what you think it does...nothing. Keeps your car factory tuned. 2) Economy - This mode tends to give your diesel car a more "linear" feel. The turbo doesn't kick in as "sharply" as it does in the stock avatar. To be honest, the drop in performance is quite jarring,but that can be overlooked considering the 10 to 30%(claimed) savings in fuel economy that it promises. Personally, I have managed 22.8 km/l in the Dzire in this mode. Most of the driving was based on the highway with not too many instances of heavy footed driving. Under 'S' mode and similar driving styles and conditions, I manage about 20 km/l. When do I use this mode? Bumper to bumper traffic and the end of the month. Personally, this is my least favorite mode.(My Dad's/Most Dad's favorite.) Performance 1/'P1' : The mode I use the most! This mode gives you a decent 10ish percent improvement in torque and quite an improvement in the general driveability of the car. The throttle response is much sharper than stock and the turbo feels "larger" when it kicks into full song. The turbo lag isn’t as bothersome as it is in the stock setting, since the revs tend to rise quicker in general. My down shifts have reduced considerably when in this mode. On the fuel economy front, it ranges from stock to about 10% better economy than stock. This is due to the fact that not having to down shift often helps in improving FE. When do I use this mode? Most of the times. Gives me a good balance of an increase in performance with no compromise on the FE front. Performance 2/P2 : The colours around you get brighter, the weather gets warmer or colder (however you like it) and your general sense of well being increases by 54.72 percent (yes, I measured it with a well calibrated well being meter). Silly humor apart, this mode has to be experienced. Every time you press the button, some sorcery occurs so that your car grows an extra cylinder. Considering there is no real "hardware" that has been modified or added, it’s phenomenal to see what some electronic wizardry can do to your diesel car. On the Punto, in this mode, you get some superb in gear acceleration and very decent outright performance. On the Dzire diesel, what you get is a tiny nuclear device matted to a gearbox. The shorter ratios ensure that every droplet of diesel is converted into sheer fun. I can safely say that the torque in this mode is bumped up by about 25 % (I could be wrong cause my mathematical ability usually goes for a toss while I'm grinning from ear to ear every time I extend my right foot in this mode). I can only imagine what this might do to let’s say a Chevy Cruze. To be honest, I've experienced a FE drop of up to 20% at times in this mode. Well worth it though. When do I use this mode? Expressways; In between signals and as therapeutic medicine. The modes are changeable on the fly via a remote control unit that can be carried with you. The change in power delivery, throttle response and a huge gain in torque (Especially in P2 mode) is felt instantaneously. The box connects to your CRDi engine's Fuel rail and has direct fitting wiring harnesses depending on your car model. This saves any warranty issues that might arise from spicing the wiring. I'd read a post on the internet that spoke about tuning boxes controlling turbo pressure and the issues that might arise from it. This unit controls only the injectors and not the turbo pressure. Note: The cars I have mentioned here, which are the Punto, Swift and the Scorpio all belong to my friends who have the kits installed. I’ve driven each of these cars over varied terrain and for considerable amount to kilometers to have a fair idea on how well the kit performs. There are a lot of diesel tuning kits out there and all of them improve your performance considerably. From reliable reviews and sources, I’ve heard Pete’s box is superb when it comes to outright performance. I personally loved the flexibility this particular kit offers and the option to remotely change ‘maps’ is quite a party piece. Has anyone else on the forum installed the ‘Dieseltronic Pro’ kit in their cars? Would love to hear from you guys. There is more about the product on Racedynamic's website. The Unit retails at Rs. 19,999 inclusive of installation and a 2 year warranty. Also, you could ask me any questions you might have about the kit and I’ll try and help you out to the best of my knowledge. Please excuse any typos that might have occurred. Cheers and thank you for reading