New tyres for my Scorpio

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Hello ACI forum members.

I own a 2008 Mahindra Scorpio Vlx and i have to upgrade my tyres. My budget is around is max. 7000. Please suggest me some good tyres. Right now i have the stock Bridgestone tyres. I dont know the size, but my wheel is a tubeless alloy wheel of 16". Thanks in advance

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hello prashantroxx, As i know scorpio's stock size is 235/70 R16. I suggest you check tyres from Yokohama, MRF, Appolo or Bridgestone. MRF is ideal for indian condition. And other details you will get on google.

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Hey Prashantoxx!! Are you interested in going for an up-size tyre..?

If you are, then i would suggest the 255/65 R16!

Remember, performance might go down a bit (almost negligible), but handling and ride comfort would surely improve by a huge margin!

Well, here is a list of tyres, i feel suitable for the Scorpio:

- Bridgestone Dueler H/L 683 (Link:

- Michelin Latitude Cross (Link:

- Michelin Latitude Tour HP (Link:

- Apollo Hawkz A/T (Link:

- MRF Wanderer (Link:

- Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S (Link:

Bridgestone's Duelers are very capable tyres & so are the Michelin's Latitude Cross. They are the best among the lot!

MRFs handles rough and wet roads with greatest of ease.

Apollos are good too, but best suited for day to day highway and city runs.

Yokohamas in the past have had some issues with side walls, hence it is not advisable!

Visit the links given above and select one as per your requirement!

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