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Rendered-Rolls royce SUV

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Hi all,

Today i came across som einteresting rendered pics of what is to be an Rolls Royce SUV !!


Now, to be frank i was not a big of the Bentley SUV concept, which was displayed previously.

So do you guys think this is better look wise???

Because i really hated this one !! even more than the Bentley Suv !!


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Speaking look wise, is a SUV meant to look luxurious??

I guess SUV and rugged looks go well together :) unlike SUV and luxurious looks!!

When companies like bentley's and Rolls Royce(Both known for their sheer designing and elegance) cannot design a good looking luxury SUV, no other companies can do the same !!

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Why This Kolaveri Di?

English Translation: Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?

Girl refers to the Spirit of Ecstasy also known as Emily, Silver Lady or Flying Lady!!

Britto, the moment I saw the images posted above, the popular song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di?’ came to my mind!!

I mean, if the word Ugly in a Picture Dictionary required a suitable picture, this would be it!!

And yes.. The Bentley’s SUV too (obviously)!!!

I have just one question… WHY?

I mean, just because Bentley is planning on selling an ugly looking SUV does not mean that Rolls Royce should follow.

And who will take this beast off-roading in the first place..?

It will surely be more expensive than the Phantom and obviously much much more heavier!!

The Phantom weighs around 2.5 Tonnes, so this should be expected to weigh somewhere between 2.5 to 3 Tonnes (at least)!!

Phantom’s hood is as long as my Wagon R!!! Maybe even longer..

If the same length of hood is carried forward to this SUV, visibility and manoeuvrability while off-roading is a big question!!!

If I had that sort of money, rather than buying this,

I would opt for the New Range Rover (off-roading while sitting in the lap of luxury).

Plus a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with all off-roading equipments added to it (a pure off-roader).

And I might still have enough money left to buy the New Mercedes S-Class!!!!!

One Luxury SUV + One Authentic SUV + One Luxurious Sedan, all at the cost of one of these beasts above!!

But then, I am looking at it from a practical point of view.

Potential owners of this Rolls might not even know what that means!!

This might become just another status symbol for the Arab Oil Barons and the Billionaire Playboys!!

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the simple reason is to improve their customer base !

but the thing is that SUV's are not meant to look luxurious (if you get what i mean)

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word SUV is 'Sheer ruggedness'-Fortuner,Scorpio,Hummer,Duster,The Ford rangers in the US markets...all of these are examples of rugged SUVs :) which people love :)

So i guess bentleys and rolls royce should propably stick to luxury sedans :)

The hummers and mahindra, the toyotas will look after the SUV's :) and of course the hummers :)

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