The Autocar Performance Show 2013 thread. Pics and meet discussions here


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Hi guys,

I'm back after almost a year! The life of a engineering student isn't easy by any means & to become a engineering student is neither! Due to hectic schedules of entrance exam preparations, heat of that 1st year's 1st semester of 4 months, really drains all of your energy & time & as a result you have to be inert from your 1st love! Now, as diwali & Christmas holidays (+PLs), I'm determined to deal with those triple digit notifications & all the stories appeared on the forum for last year & rebuilt my relation with my 1st love, the automobile world!

Anyways, I got a email from autocar containing a link to , where we could buy the tickets of upcoming Autocar Performance Show 2013 taking place @ Bandra-Kurla complex, Mumbai on 18-20 of October. & then I remember last year's discussion about arranging a group meet @ Autocar Performance Show, which didn't happen that time, so I decided to start early this time & make it possible!

I'm thinking to attend it on 20th, as it's sunday & will be most suitable to me (& to the majority also!)

@ Mods, expecting more info & free passes! ;)

Guys lets discuss & finalize this, so we can show to the world that we are not alone, there is whole army of Autopsyches with us! :D

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This must be from long ago. Now the press timings are on the first day in the morning after which the show is open to public. I suggest early Sunday afternoon

So, would it be interesting to attain it during press timings?

Can we?

Well Sunday afternoon also sounds fine, but I'm damn sick of crowd & huge ques!

Let's exchange our phone no. & real names in PM, so we can coordinate on that perticular day!

& @mods, you haven't answered about free passes!

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Let's exchange our phone no. & real names in PM, so we can coordinate on that particular day!

Well tried to do so, but just after sending single pm, I saw a error with the next, saying that I can't send next pm, by next 24 Hours!

@ Mods have a look at it!

If not possible, someone please take the responsibility of coordinator, to whom we could massage our details!

So, 11:30 Am on Sunday morning,

Is that fine?

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Isn't there a free entry this time if we bring the Oct issue Autocar?? Cause when I went there I got free entry due to it; the organizers were really great because I didn't know about the press time that time but they let me and my mum entry (I was in 11th std that time :P);also I got to meet Gautam Singhania and Mr DC.

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Rssh, I remember very well. It was November 07!! I was in 12th then.. And I was there at the same time as you were!!! 1st day morning at 10am!!

Only difference being that I didn't get an opportunity to sit it the Rolls!! :(

Entrance was free with the November edition, but its not so, atleast for the last 4 years now!!

And the door I had entered through was not guard at all!!!! No one asked anything!! I had my copy though!!

Yes, Mr.DC was at his modified Innova's stall, and Mr.Singhania was at his stall of clothing line up posing with his lambo!!

Mr. Anand Mahindra was also there during the afternoon time!

I also remember a luxury boat there.. Opposite the Phantom!!

I will be outside the city on that particular weekend. Hence I won't be able to make it.

But let's please make it a yearly get together sort of an event and i'll surely be there next year!! 100%!!

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