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Leaked pics: Isuzu MU-X SUV. Should this come to India?

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Isuzu is introducing the next gen MU 7 SUV in Thailand which is called the MU-X. The MU-X is a rebadged and slightly redesigned Chevrolet Trailblazer. It will be sold with 2 diesel engine options and to me looks quite an alternative to the Fortuner

dual front, front-side and side curtain airbags, traction control with ESP, ABS and air conditioning. High-end variants would offer satellite navigation, foglamps and 17-inch wheels. The MU-X will launch in five colors.

Do you think Isuzu should launch this in India? It could sell well for all you know


Source: Indianautosblog

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Correct me if I am wrong on this. The most important factor for a car to be successfully is its brand image.

Consider for example the Force One which is a really good considering that the engine, gear box and the chassis belongs to the dialmer (a mercedes benz subsidy), but still the force one failed miserably-------The reason being the brand image.

And also the much acclaimed TATA Aria, one would simply refuse to buy it because it belongs to the TATA's !! The problem being no one would want to spend so much for a Tata vehicle.!!

So before launching new vehicles in INDIA, i think the most important for any company is to make sure it has good positive image of the brand !!

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Nice find cars4life!!

Chevrolet will be launching the Trailblazer maybe by the end of 2013 or in the year 2014.

Yes, this car will be competing with the likes of Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour!!

It has a big hype around it. In the USA it has been classified as a mid sized truck!! It seems to me even more spacious than the Ford Endeavour. Chevy claims that this car has a 'authentic third row', and people can sit in it over long journeys.

Two diesel options you mentioned are the 2.5 liter 150 bhp and 2.8 liter 180 bhp engines.

If Isuzu brings the same car here with their badge on... Ammm, i might not actually opt for it over the Chevy!!

Yes britto, i agree with you. Brand name is a big deal in our country.

I would happily drive the Aria, but i would not like to be seen in a Force One or an Ashok Leyland's vehicle. Atleast not yet!!

When you buy a car that belongs to a reputed brand, your mind is at peace.

And you know that good quality materials have gone into building your car, you are not bothered about unavailablity of spares or your car's servicing and you know it well, that when you'll go to sell your car you will get a good price for it.

A car from reputed brand is also a status symbol!!

Hence I think these are the reasons why brands such as Force haven't done well in the Indian car market despite having a good car on their hands.

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Yes Shashank...absolutely true..

But the scenario in India doesnt seem to be like that.

Few days ago i went through a thread of an Audi q7 owner sharing his horrible experience of his car stalling while on the drive.

So i am not sure how much the technology will be trusted these days even by persons owning AUDIs.

Saying so ,i don't think so India is already ready for an ISUZU passenger vehicle keeping in mind their alomst zero service network across india when compared to a Maruthi or a Hyundai :)

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