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periodic maintenance

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Hello. I have a Hyundai Santro Xing and it doesn't get used much - it has 50,000 km on the odometre. Between every 6 monthly service, I do around 2000 to 2500 km. For the last two services, I received a whopping amount on my invoices. The following items were common in the invoices. Do all of these need to be done so frequently? What will happen to my car if I stop them from doing all these? Also, is it necessary for me to get my car serviced every six months given that it doesn't get used that much?

Items on invoices

Wheel balancing

Wheel alignment

Throttle body cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning

Engine oil

Battery water

Wheel weight

Filter Assy - Engine oil

Brake shoe cleaning

Caliper pin greasing

Engine flushing

Super charge


Engine decarbonizer: they insist on this with every scheduled service

Differential and trans treatment

Gasket oil plug

Plug-oil drain

Any help to understand this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Your car is doing some Km amd so it think so u should get it serviced. For santro i think so it is recommended at 5000km or 6 moths and you do have the distance. You should service your car or if any problem comes, the workshop can accuse the non-regular servicing

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Don't do engine decarb no car needs it and it is not manufacture recommended. Engine decarb is needed if the car barely passes the PUC or once in 1 lakhs kms, its a rip off technique by after Sales . Also engine flush is not required unless the engine oil wasnt changed since long time and was very dirty and thick.

Get the transmission fluid changed and change the rear brake pads because often people tend not to change them saying that the rear brakes are hardly used (I keep a rule change the rear along with the front every alternate change of brake pads). Yes get the brake serviced it might have some rust.

Throttle body cleaning and fuel injector cleaning is alright for a 50k km service. Get you headlamp alignment and do the wheel balancing and alignment aftermarket because they are cheap and better than A.S.S.

Also ask them to check the timing belt for wear and hardness due to age. Check the suspension bushes and replaced them if there are some cracks on the rubber it will help you ride and last the suspension longer.

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You don't need a engine decarbonizer. Even you do not need a oil flush if you change the oil regularly. Differential and transmission treatment there is nothing like this in the maintenance and as you drive a Santro Xing it does not have a differential. So just check out with the guy you serviced your car.

Throttle body and fuel injection system is to be cleaned after every 50k km for the smooth running of your engine.

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can any one tell me a good wheel aligment garage near Colaba, Navimumbai or Chembur in Mumbai

Gateway Auto Services

Behind Regal Cinema, Shivaji Maharaja Marg, Colaba, Mumbai - 400005

Ph. No. - 9321577774

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Thank you LeoRahi. I just contacted the guy . the moblie number is correct.

I want to go for a tyre replamenet also. What is the best tyre opted, for a little heavy hatch backs like Fiat Punto. Appolo, Goodyear or Bridgestone. Are there any grades/codes for durability, performance, etc if any

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